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  • Samrong Khamso
    Samrong Khamso

    โม้..หลอกลวง การป้องกันตัวไม่มี ใช้แต่กำลังไม่ใช้สมองให้ใช้อาวุธมวยไทยครบสิจะรู้

  • akira fudo
    akira fudo

    Holy hell imagine if some normal asshole on the street attacked one of these guys

  • Bad News Tony
    Bad News Tony

    Wish I could learn

  • Alex Diez-Cowley
    Alex Diez-Cowley

    It’s so funny when he is in the rink and slips🤣🤣

  • Infinite Reality
    Infinite Reality

    Best martial arts

  • Adam Green
    Adam Green


  • Lorenzo Prejimmy
    Lorenzo Prejimmy

    This is what the next Indo-Chinese war will look like

  • Crocodrilu

    1:47 Saitama?

  • Mythical Gamer
    Mythical Gamer

    So this is what people spend years learning. Nice.

  • Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight
    Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    Why hasn't McGregor fought him Is he afraid 🤔

  • Ribbon of Time
    Ribbon of Time

    Amazing .

  • Alex Marti
    Alex Marti

    Other masters really ?

  • ThePP1982

    Chutiyanand chingis

  • Dedy Hanes
    Dedy Hanes

    Mma jitkundo best for street fight...

  • fun facts
    fun facts

    the drsquatch soap ads finally got to me... I gotta try this stuff

  • Dr. mohd Abu Thahir
    Dr. mohd Abu Thahir

    However, bruce lee is the greatest....

  • fun facts
    fun facts

    Covid Advisors: "Be careful about touching things in public" Me: 4:20

  • 高峰


  • EpicGamer League
    EpicGamer League

    HD thumbnail But poor video quality

  • Leetsuliangkk Production
    Leetsuliangkk Production

  • Leetsuliangkk Production
    Leetsuliangkk Production

    Very good action shot ... Hard work 👍👍

  • 100 Subscribers Without Videos challenge
    100 Subscribers Without Videos challenge

    They are making everyone's better day quarantine


    Do u remember Yi long lost to Buakhaw

  • Anarchy

    Nobodies gonna talk about the dude dragging a sand bag wheel contraption with his junk at 9:12 ? Lmao

  • Miguel

    Karate 2 wing Chun 4

  • Joel Dial
    Joel Dial

    You should have lowered the frame rate when fighting and take out one frame just before you hit

  • oldgunner 2.0
    oldgunner 2.0

    Yeah let's beat someone half my size what a load of crap


    Xu xiadong also watching this🤣🤣🤣

  • Ehsan Daryaee
    Ehsan Daryaee

    I Loved it , concentrated workout , awesome , please work more on knee stuff specially flying ones 😋 , tnx alot and God bless coach 👊🙏❤️

  • Eilyas Shafie
    Eilyas Shafie

    I wish ksi learn with the Kong fu monk

  • Kuma Bear
    Kuma Bear

    1:30 I think that the WC man only knows chain punch :v and I'm mad seeing it

  • Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight
    Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    he's not a monk lol but a fake one

  • Charles Betancourt
    Charles Betancourt

    Love that takedown at 4:51 remember seeing it in an old "inside kungfu magazine article 30 years back. I believe it was showing baji Quan. Now I know it works.

  • RS Themmarak
    RS Themmarak

    India started martial arts But Chinese took it to another level and made the kunfu and martial arts more famous.simple as that

  • Ricky Balboa
    Ricky Balboa


  • The Great Indian Warriors
    The Great Indian Warriors

  • The Great Indian Warriors
    The Great Indian Warriors

  • prem bhat
    prem bhat

    बढ़िया है किया

  • A 25
    A 25

    Muhammad Ali: Lucky you.

  • Peerapon Permped
    Peerapon Permped

    I see everything in this video is hilarious except the Bruce Lee fight.

  • Den Griffin
    Den Griffin

    "Shaolin don`t compete, otherwise we`d all be fucked" - Flint Westtree

  • Fiach O'Connor
    Fiach O'Connor

    Second fight was a horrendous mismatch.

  • Karen Galokale
    Karen Galokale

    Both fight like teakwondo fighting style

  • Ricardo Ramos
    Ricardo Ramos

    Click bait

  • Marco Rodrigues
    Marco Rodrigues

    Só com cabrinha do tamanho dele

  • Duke _of_Hell and brimstone
    Duke _of_Hell and brimstone

    Did you see the fight between the monk and marine ???? Monk got knocked out!!!

  • subscribe like
    subscribe like watch Anderson Silva Vs Chinese actor

  • Debra Parkerson
    Debra Parkerson

  • Debra Parkerson
    Debra Parkerson

    Much love and respect.... Macon, Ga ♥

  • Natural Born Hustler
    Natural Born Hustler

    Kerala's own martial art

  • socio sanch
    socio sanch

    These monks train the body, mind, AND soul.

  • Ajith Kumar
    Ajith Kumar

    Publicity of kungfu

  • Rizky Kristian
    Rizky Kristian

    Taekwondo, prioritizing kicks. So you are not taught punches and kickbacks and you are not allowed to kick your knees, feet / opponent's legs, so taekwondo is not taught to deal with attacks from your opponent towards your calves.

  • Ian Peddle
    Ian Peddle

    Awesome 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

  • Alex Mag
    Alex Mag

    " *Martial* " Arts, theatrics

  • thatguy

    dont mess with wing chun and karate and thats the first video?

  • Unknown

    These guys will never admit...they too embarrassed and traumatized to accept the fact that what they been taught was all for show lmao

  • Aaron Felipe Figueroa Reppo
    Aaron Felipe Figueroa Reppo

    Wing chun es MIERDAA



  • MECIDANA Studio
    MECIDANA Studio

    memag silat indah dan sngt mematikan. kunciannya yang ngeri

  • Daniel Arellano
    Daniel Arellano

    It looks like this masters need more practice.

  • Chandan Dey
    Chandan Dey



    That monk was actually saitama

  • Darwin LP
    Darwin LP

    Y'all talking bout the monk lifting the table with his teeth but no one mentions the guy who got kicked in the balls twice and barely flinched

  • g c
    g c

    wouldnt last 2 rounds with a boxer

  • นพรัตน์ บุญบํารุง
    นพรัตน์ บุญบํารุง


  • Kalagenesis Radio
    Kalagenesis Radio

    Horrible Wing Chun

  • Edward Yang
    Edward Yang

    GO TO UFC to prove Kung-Fu works! That’s not Kung-fu anymore, the skills he used are totally MMA.

  • พิทักษ์ สุกิจ
    พิทักษ์ สุกิจ


  • capt planet
    capt planet

    Ive seen people die on youtube but this video has a warning on it. Wtf

  • fra88

    Mma > both

  • Thanakorn Thanakorn
    Thanakorn Thanakorn

    Video Title: Saolin Monk destroyed Muay Thai What I see in this video: 5:10 , 5:18, 5:31 , 5:33 Btw guys this video is a clickbait in an actual match that Saolin guy lost in 3th match.

  • Penjahat Alim
    Penjahat Alim

    Taekwondo 80 % leg attack - 200 % leg defense

  • Bivek Zeon Rasali
    Bivek Zeon Rasali

    1:46 Bro they be breaking stones ,iron rods and drilling that skull those punches are like lil touches lmao

  • Martin Szoke
    Martin Szoke

    can you say 9mm

  • AgainstAll Odds
    AgainstAll Odds

    This gives me the same feeling as when I realised the tooth fairy was made up😱

  • kenneth andaya
    kenneth andaya

    I search cat fight wtff

  • Kketan Madlani
    Kketan Madlani

    Kung Fu kalari ki hi den hai 18 hands of Buddha jo kalari ka hi part hai.

  • PHPH

    Fake master! and you guys all believe that?

  • Nicholas K. Robert
    Nicholas K. Robert

    1:46 - Instead Of Hurting Him Those Punches Just Gave Him A Massage 😱

  • Robin Ong
    Robin Ong

    The monk who fought the Tekwondo opponent was the real deal. He went on to become the trainer for the Hungary police force.

  • Ninja Boonana
    Ninja Boonana

    you know whats funny kalari is too deadly that it is illegal on the arena. How shaolin kung fu not illegal tho

  • Naam Shah
    Naam Shah

    Wing chuna is an exercise not a martial art. Side kicks render the wing chun rigid square stance useless.

  • 1975multiman
    1975multiman this is real

  • 1975multiman

    ก็แค่วิดีโอขายของ ตอนเจอกับบัวขาวก็ตัดเอาตอนที่บัวขาวพลาดแต่ไม่ให้ดูจนจบเพราะอะไร ก็เพราะแพ้แบบเละเทะ เจอกับบัวขาวกี่ครั้งก็แพ้เละเทะทุกครั้ง แต่ก็ยอมรับนะว่าจิตใจเข้มแข็งดีมากพยายามจะเอาชนะให้ได้แต่ร่างกายมันทนแข้งทนหมัดทนเข่าบัวขาวไม่ได้จริงๆ

  • Penees Longchamp
    Penees Longchamp

    Are you gay?

  • Alexander Seibel
    Alexander Seibel

    unbelievable...dont you realize that this guy just gimmicks a monk?...look at his movements and his fighting style...everything is pure muay thai/kick boxing...this man is a really strong kickboxer, but no shaolin by any means...shaolin are skilled magicians that show off as fighters, but in the end you are what you eat, and you can what you do

  • ร้าน โตโฟน
    ร้าน โตโฟน

    Hahaha. No good.

  • Mike Nicolay
    Mike Nicolay

    This is why we invented guns!

  • Benson Lin
    Benson Lin

    She has good potential just needs to work on stance and blocking more



  • Hr Creative
    Hr Creative

    Watch me

  • Rudy James
    Rudy James

    The fuckkkkk....

  • Logan Velez
    Logan Velez

    Bruh the Muay Thai guy isn't even punching.

  • Penjahat Alim
    Penjahat Alim

    04:40 man black shirt not wingchun, its pencak silat

  • Raccooncity82

    I love this man. Absolutly incedeble human Power!

  • bolso66

    Pointless shit video

  • Bult Buble65
    Bult Buble65

    Wing chun nya bencong anjirr 😂

  • Sam Navas
    Sam Navas

    He should fight Buakaw

  • 치우칸

    허접이 대리고 쇼하네