Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer

I'm Fabio Wibmer, 23 year old Street Trials and MTB Pro Rider from Austria.
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  • Zorro Striker
    Zorro Striker

    Talk about abusing a bike

  • youthdom beats
    youthdom beats

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, The title is english Why aren't you?

  • Dg Sam
    Dg Sam

    Fuck me Fabio!!! meemeep zip bang! I don't know how those rims support just the mass of your testicles descending those flights of stairs.

  • suraj amom
    suraj amom

    Nice 👍

  • Maximilian Sampson
    Maximilian Sampson

    Fabio Wibmer du bist einfach der Hammer. Du bist mein Vorbild. Danke das es dich gibt.👌👍

  • FaZe Waspz
    FaZe Waspz

    Der Kommentar unter meinem muss mich abonnieren und sein Kommentar editieren

  • MTB_LIFE -
    MTB_LIFE -

    Ohlins fork:please dont hurt me again Fabio:

  • -____-

    You just put extreme on a new level with this video, gratz

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude


  • تاري هاني
    تاري هاني


  • Right.S Way
    Right.S Way

    Yes bro 😃 be careful 😃


    Фабио вернулся на Ютуб


    Now a bike like this I understand paying through the roof for.. But you fall the wrong way and you're not getting a girlfriend, not really

  • gregory tindillierchardin
    gregory tindillierchardin


  • Temirlan Seytzhapar
    Temirlan Seytzhapar

    i wish i was fabio

  • Gungsta

    Это очень круто, мужик, супер, ты лучший!

  • Данил Жидель
    Данил Жидель

    колесо восьмёркой

  • Lumber Jack
    Lumber Jack

    Producer : So Fabio what do you want for your next "Urban Freeride" Fabio : *stairs*

  • imxbartus

    piękne kurwa. Piękne

  • Remm chanel
    Remm chanel

    1:36 спизжено у Мишани Огородника

  • Seb astien
    Seb astien

    Amazing ;)

  • Emirhan Polat
    Emirhan Polat

    Ok youtube i'll watch it.

  • frosten frost
    frosten frost

    Here's how to ride around the city!)

  • frosten frost
    frosten frost

    What's Fabio's phone?

  • Fabricio Cecato
    Fabricio Cecato

    -Amor tengo casa sola. +

  • Anonymous

    Yo... What bike are you riding? I mean the name, the brand.

  • I have to agree with you but
    I have to agree with you but

    These bikes probably cost more than my healthcare,and I’m living in the USA

  • Pierantonio Marino
    Pierantonio Marino

    Ciao tutto ok

  • YT marco_exes
    YT marco_exes

    Wallah der Typ hat Eier

  • j hORn
    j hORn

    what kind of Specialized is this?

  • Ben Bowman
    Ben Bowman

    As a kid, I used to imagine stuff like this in my head while walking through streets and driving in city's, but Fabio has made my imagination a reality, he is doing what I once thought impossible

  • frosten frost
    frosten frost

    Вот как нужно ездить на велосипеде по городу!

  • doufa1000

    Rare footage of the first ever flying bike Ladies and gentlemen...

  • Hell God GAMING
    Hell God GAMING

    You should cycle in India. It's a perfect place for you buddy..

  • Phoenix Of Furry
    Phoenix Of Furry

    Wie er das auto gestriffen hat XDDDDDD

  • Sonam Wangchuk
    Sonam Wangchuk

    Sir....my gear is damaged so badly and I need a 1by12 gear .....and if sir could giveaway me.

  • SkApe lp
    SkApe lp

    Wie viele Treppen ist der da runter GESPRUNGEN?

  • さくら

    Putain mais il est trop fort

  • Sonam Wangchuk
    Sonam Wangchuk

    Awesome video sir.....you are the best and you will always be on the top!!!!

  • paulo xxx
    paulo xxx

    i like this :))


    I am really afraid, when i watch this video (sry for grammer mistakes, i speak english bad :P)

  • Marius VIP
    Marius VIP

    Go bucharest for next video


    el puto amo. que nivelll

  • da flo
    da flo

    Die Stadt hat mehr Treppen als Einwohner

  • AkGuNzMaStEr

    He's using the worst navigation app!

  • Boost Adict
    Boost Adict

    Title should've been:"Riding down every staircase in Paris"😂 Great video

  • CodeNationBD

    Bike makes buggati sounds wow!

  • Filip Mlckovsky
    Filip Mlckovsky

    Nice video

  • Snoopy les
    Snoopy les

    gopro bike and man. perfekte troika. toll, toll, toll.

  • Abraham Luzon
    Abraham Luzon


  • Marlon.01 Sch
    Marlon.01 Sch


  • Mack Speed
    Mack Speed

    try to go back way up 😬

  • Panama Red
    Panama Red

    This testosterone fuckwit is going to seriously injure or kill an innocent pedestrian one day

  • Chaos Ente -Brawl Stars
    Chaos Ente -Brawl Stars

    WOW! Richtig geiles Video richtig viel Mühe so wie immer.Ich feier deine Videos soo und bin auch schon seit anfang an dabei😉

  • Martin- Lgnx
    Martin- Lgnx

    1:59 vu suis passé ce matin c à lyon

  • Paul Reichel
    Paul Reichel

    Ich glaub der hat kein langes Leben :/

  • Vepex HD
    Vepex HD

    Der fabio

  • Bikelife_Joel

    fire great shiit sick

  • JoJoBra 10
    JoJoBra 10

    Bestes Video was ich je gesehen habe.

  • costa kevin
    costa kevin

    🔥🔥🔥 i live Défense 👌 good production💪🔥🔥

  • Warrior

    what kind of bike do you have?

  • Bright Kalonda
    Bright Kalonda

    You. Are. Gue

  • Scooter Boy
    Scooter Boy


  • jason ross
    jason ross

    I appreciate this was heavily edited, but wow. Danny Macaskill...hold my beer.

  • Bright Kalonda
    Bright Kalonda



    Just wow

  • prathamesh chavan
    prathamesh chavan

    Teacher : hey do not try this at home!! Fabio : This is life

  • Mountain Bike Addict
    Mountain Bike Addict

    Oh man you're gonna fuck yourself up one of these days. You got skills for now. 👍

  • MrPooschi

    Toll was er macht. Aber ich hoffe er säuft das Redbull-Gift-Zeug nur für die Kamera in sich rein.

  • prathamesh chavan
    prathamesh chavan

    Hardwork pays off love from India

  • Mhand Ham
    Mhand Ham


  • Hugo Riche
    Hugo Riche

    I’m french but I hate lot of french people 😂 It’s the best bike video this year🤘🏻

  • alejandro casillas
    alejandro casillas

    This is done until Sergio Bamburen, we are going to make videos and mount them making it look like a complete video, often heroe crack.

  • riki wahyudi
    riki wahyudi

    really cool action

  • aho4fun

    Geil.... ohne worte....2 oder 3 pillen ? aha 8.... ja

  • Tywan McDaniel
    Tywan McDaniel

    That was bad ass!!!!!

  • Alfred Weiermann
    Alfred Weiermann


  • Farmer Sepp
    Farmer Sepp

    Herzzickzack beim zuaschauen ...

  • treinen van uit mijn zolder raam
    treinen van uit mijn zolder raam

    Wieso machst du das Das ist sau gefährlich Trotzdem habe ich dem wideo einen 👍nach oben gegeben

  • mehdi montazeri
    mehdi montazeri

    Boy was so cool !!!

  • Teilzeitpvper

    woher denn die ganzen Dislikes

  • Piotr Hyjek
    Piotr Hyjek

    Super !!!!!!!

  • Marvin Jung mtb
    Marvin Jung mtb

    Wie elias sagen würde :Ja bischt du det woarnsins

  • Piotr Hyjek
    Piotr Hyjek


  • Vedprakash Prakash
    Vedprakash Prakash


  • Z gamerZ
    Z gamerZ

    You should go to madeira (its a portygese island) it has lots of down hills

  • Bryan Bischof
    Bryan Bischof

    Incredible riding but it looks like it was directed by a 14yr-old boy. Jesus, just let the dude ride and stop all the “accidental encounters with randos”. It takes away from the video.

  • MrDuda250

    King of stairs 👻 .. cheers man 🍷

  • umountable

    Abgesehen von der bescheuerten Szene mit dem BH, ziemlich geil. Ich find vor allem die sprunghöhen krass.

  • BlackWood

    Ehre alla!

  • Lena 04
    Lena 04

    Wenn man diese Videos schaut, hat man das Gefühl alles ist möglich

  • SuperVHSchannel

    1600 people could be arsed to click dislike !?!?! WTF is there to dislike ?

  • sleep owl
    sleep owl

    I am vomiting and will never ride bicycle again i swear😬

  • Nathan Barnes
    Nathan Barnes

    I can’t even adjust my rear derailleur!!

  • Mister Scofield
    Mister Scofield

    When she says, she‘s home alone

  • Micael 201
    Micael 201

    Big rider!!

  • vincent dubois
    vincent dubois

    So Mr Wibmer how is your trip in Paris ? Great ! Just not enough stairs !

  • bpwnz

    The big 25 stair set is huge, but imagine someone doing it on a skateboard desofts.info/hd/video/Za19fIunr5ucsZw

  • Hans Peters
    Hans Peters

    Also kein Problem, wenn du vorne einen Platten haben solltest. ;)

  • kavin mahu
    kavin mahu

    Warning: These kind of act leads to death, so careful. 🙄🤣🥺😜