Simon JDS

Simon JDS
Simon JDS

  • Milan

    2:34 - 2:55 .. "Where's the gold? He's betrayed us - the containers are filled with THAT!" *Targo throws piece of metal on the table and gets shot by Katya afterwards*

  • Milan

    "Look, if you have to shoot me, then you go ahead and you SHOOT me but I HAVE to answer this phone, ALRIGHT?!" "I'm here" "And McClane?" "Well, he's on his way - you know, he's kinda out of shape." "The rules applied to both of you - I'm afraid this is non-compliance; goodbye" Then you just KNEW shit was about to go down :O

  • Milan

    "Inspector, phone!" "Not now" "Walter... I think you better take this" Epic scene and movie


    Monk in der Corona Krise oh je

  • Tony Vu
    Tony Vu

    My uncle introduced me to Jackie and took me to watch this in the theater. Ive been a fan of Jackie since. Sadly, my uncle died in 2001. Even though hes gone, my memory of him lives on every time i watch a Jackie movie, new or old.

  • BladeCrossEXE

    Star Wars meets Robotech music.

  • Dejan Đorđević
    Dejan Đorđević


  • Nora Belhomme
    Nora Belhomme


  • Kevin Paçalıoğlu
    Kevin Paçalıoğlu

    I would like to see this films: Spaceballs II: The Search for More Money Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II Asshole One: A Spaceballs Story Prince Valium: A Spaceballs Story

  • Manga Mania
    Manga Mania

    What's the name of this song and the artist?

  • Reuben Guttenberg
    Reuben Guttenberg

    Like my raincoat

  • treguard1982

    Always loved hearing the bum note by one of the clarinets

  • sfregiatore_m

    How can a parody be one of the greatest movie of all time?

  • José René Cepeda García
    José René Cepeda García

    Simon says

  • lajos juhász
    lajos juhász

    he did die hard and died not

  • fluffy boom
    fluffy boom

    this is the best song in the entire movie...

  • Scott Myers
    Scott Myers

    I’ll take the cleavage... I mean, Special.

  • Jim Lyons
    Jim Lyons

    As john pull man as President declares Earth's Independance day. Further much much much much further in the universe , his half brother saves Druidia .

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez

    Tell him to comb the desert! Do you hear me!? Comb the desert! Sir, do you think we're being too literal? No, you fool. We're following orders. We were told to comb the desert, so we're combing it. Found anything yet!? Not a thing, sir! How about you!? Nothing yet, sir! What about you!? We ain't found shit!

  • Ace_04

    *Come back you fat bearded BITCH!*

  • Georges Gondard
    Georges Gondard

    Good version of Mossolov's Iron Foundry, conducted by the late Michael Kamen

  • Smashup Mashups
    Smashup Mashups

    970th like!

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood

    At 1:29 you can hear a bird

  • John Dick
    John Dick

    fornajt je lespi

  • Tyler Tilwick
    Tyler Tilwick

    What?! You went over my helmet?!!

  • HappyConsoleGamer


  • T D
    T D

    This soundtrack does not suck... suck... suck!

  • Enzo Montero
    Enzo Montero

    This song makes feel like leading a revolution

  • NoviRanger83

    Formula One introduction Music!!

  • Uerbe35


  • Rohan Stormbanks
    Rohan Stormbanks

    Of course its a Great Movie when Bruce is in action....

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez

    This is a parady movie not a serious film so there is no reason remake it,unless they want to make a sequel to poke fun at the newer sci fi movies

  • Алекс Йорданов
    Алекс Йорданов

    When Hitler comes to power. 4:34

  • TheCool20364

    Damn I was 8 yrs old when I saw this movie plus the music is soo much better than now memories

  • Kelly


  • Solomon Johnson
    Solomon Johnson

    I need an extended version of this man

  • History Buff
    History Buff

    Boy someone had fun

  • Eduardo Polonca
    Eduardo Polonca

    Mell. please. be continued!!!!!!

  • Stevens 1966
    Stevens 1966

    Nicht meine Musik aber irgendwie total gut

  • Ferenc Tóth
    Ferenc Tóth

    Amazing Majestica cover:

  • Aaron Edwards
    Aaron Edwards

    Good Afternoon My name is Aaron Edwards and I've been watching your movie Everysnice I was in my teens and I really appreciate you playing this music

  • Garrison Goldberg
    Garrison Goldberg


  • The Advanced Star Gaming Show
    The Advanced Star Gaming Show

    May the Schwartz be with you

  • Not Chuck Productions
    Not Chuck Productions

    After rise of skywalker I feel we need a Spaceballs sequel

  • Sea Captain
    Sea Captain

    Who would like this to be the US Space Force official march?

  • J Meezy
    J Meezy

    SpaceBalls: The DEsofts channel

  • Princess Marshella Horman
    Princess Marshella Horman

    Universal Studios theme park background music in a nutshell.

  • Tim Etter
    Tim Etter

    Nunchuck music

  • Robert's Video Madness
    Robert's Video Madness

    Dear me what those things coming out of her nose? Spaceball’s? Oh shit, there goes the planet!

  • Caroline


  • Moises Valadez
    Moises Valadez

    Disney, If you really care about making money, make SPACEBALLS 2: THE SCHWARTZ AWAKENS!!!!!


    Dark Helmet: "I see your Schwartz is as big as mine" I remember LMAO to that line a pure classic movie from Mel Brooks.

  • TonyKanameKuran

    0:50 - *BOOM!*


    Muito bom, adoro essa trilha sonora, filme sensacional

  • Marian Moesinger
    Marian Moesinger

    You know your brother was an asshole. XD

  • jiggus figgus
    jiggus figgus

    Dawn Raid at Fort Knox for the 80's

  • deagleoneone

    Wo zur Hölle sind wir, Paris?!

  • deagleoneone

    Außer Betrieb?! Scheiße, selbst in der Zukunft funktioniert nichts!

  • deagleoneone

    Es gibt keinen besseren Film.


    nice music

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez

    Wait, you forgot to get married! Would you stop!? I know Prince Valium is a pill. But you could've married him for your father's sake and have a headache for the next 25 years.

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez

    Do you know what you've done!? Yes, and I'm glad! Glad glad glad glad glad! I wonder if she's glad.

  • Reo M.C.
    Reo M.C.

    Spaceballs The DEsofts Comment

  • Batman

    -princess receives gun to shoot. I can't use these things. Zap!!! Headshot miss. "My hair? My hair? He shot my hair!" princess proceeds taking out the entire platoon lock and load rambo style. Soilders all dead instanly. Bart: Holyshit!!!!!

  • Voxton 23
    Voxton 23

    You surprised me again McClane.....

  • JHardyExTReme

    Had this movie on VCR when I was little and I absolutely fell in love with this song as a kid. Hearing it now really takes me back

  • Lex 451
    Lex 451

    Je peux t'arranger ça si tu veux, tu sors de ce trou à rats les mains en l'air et je te quarts un ou deux lingots dans la paillasse !! )

  • Rich Lester
    Rich Lester

    Fuck em. Let em cook.

  • Gio Jiovana
    Gio Jiovana

    Gods! It's Fort knox

    • Davider

      Ha! It's for tourists!

  • Anty Nio
    Anty Nio

    Simon, I've seen your videos of soundtracks and I think that we are brothers of songs ;)

    • Anty Nio
      Anty Nio

      Excuse me, but some of my playlists are forbidden.

  • Summerof08'

    This song is everything 🔥😭

  • Johnny Allright
    Johnny Allright


  • SnappyPenguin566

    "But I thought this was a currency exchange." "Oh, I think we'll go straight with the withdrawal."

  • jo zoo
    jo zoo

    This is THEE fucking soundtrack


    legendary movie

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez

    You have the ring. And I see that your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let's see how well you handle it.

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez

    Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez

    How many assholes do we got on this ship, anyhow!? Yo! I knew it, I'm surrounded by assholes. Keep firing, assholes!

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez

    May the Schwartz be with youuuu!

  • EmmettXIV

    This movie and theme is one of my favorites of all time. A diamond in the rough

  • Caïus Romus
    Caïus Romus

  • Sherbet_Bomb

    This movie ruled.

  • Stephen Sanders
    Stephen Sanders

    Spaceballs is a great movie

  • Lee Cooper
    Lee Cooper

    One of the leading chants/songs of Red Star Belgrade supporters...

  • Redstreak 94
    Redstreak 94

    I got a Star Wars Galaxy Edge advertisement before this.

  • ladyfire44

    I'm the bearded lady. Who are you, one of the freaks!!!!

  • maxismax100

    TRUMP 2020

  • MacArthur Clutch
    MacArthur Clutch

    I think he's dead my drar.

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis

    This theme is soooo 90s

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis

    I use to listen to this opening song when i rented the vhs back in 96

  • Marijke Zijlstra
    Marijke Zijlstra

    Mir kommt das so bekannt vor. Es gibt noch n Lied mit der Melodie. Weiß jemand wie des Lied heißt? (Also mit Gesang)

  • Sweet Brooklyn
    Sweet Brooklyn

    I own this soundtrack on album from the 80's! Still play it in 2019! Yeah... I'm old. Lol

  • fleetwoodsucks

    Dr strange love?

  • M0nkeyb0mber 339
    M0nkeyb0mber 339

    I love this movie AND IM GLAD!

  • Erick Chavez
    Erick Chavez

    Please, whats is the name of this track?

  • The Half Blood Prince
    The Half Blood Prince

    I play this every morning when I'm getting dressed for work.

    • Aditya Saha
      Aditya Saha

      @Neeraj Joshi ok prof snape.

    • Neeraj Joshi
      Neeraj Joshi


  • Roserta Avakin
    Roserta Avakin

    5 march is my birthday

  • Maya K.
    Maya K.

    Geilstes lied aller zeiten

  • Goog Googleman
    Goog Googleman

    please somebody make a remix or extended version of this!

  • JoshHunts ZombiesGaming
    JoshHunts ZombiesGaming

    When you are almost late for work and you drive straight through rush hour traffic