I'm a DEsofts historian.

  • Duru Deniz Sümer
    Duru Deniz Sümer

    I do not understand what the consept is

  • Mitchell Smith
    Mitchell Smith

    Pink guy always 😟

  • dizzie337

    still listening every single day... soo uplifting!! 💕

  • Smoke Cloud
    Smoke Cloud

    Run is the song that made me a fan of his music it hits hard imma always miss his comedy tho R.I.P

  • carl0jin

    3:56 i miss etika

  • Sniffing Hole
    Sniffing Hole

    jaylaw - the last homs

  • Anders HJ
    Anders HJ

    What if this whole thing is that George has schizophrenia and that’s why he has three characters

  • Lam Thanh
    Lam Thanh

    Come from 2020 Also Vikk stated himself that he made around 2 millions dollar just from Minecraft severs Wow... That's wild...

  • charls manuel
    charls manuel

    That franku shout by pink guy is the saddest part for me

  • Bruce Moffat
    Bruce Moffat

    That’s a recorder

  • OneCup

    Vik said in their latest video, ”Spill or Fill your guts” that he has made about 2 million from running Minecraft Servers.

  • Broken

    Whose here from sdmns latest video vik 2 mil

  • zXnoRegRetZXx 64
    zXnoRegRetZXx 64

    Remember when he put mice in a bow with a snake and watched them get eaten alive

  • Charlie Lennon
    Charlie Lennon

    ‘I don’t say that because he’s Asian, but because his music is really good’ - then just say his music is really good, no need to reference his ethnicity is there? Trying to tick some diversity box, boring.

  • Jase Wardo
    Jase Wardo

    Can I have a hamburger? A hamburger?

  • YutopianYenvel

    This is the ACTUAL DEsofts Rewind.

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    BrownBlack _

    Bruh I didn't even know he was Joji

  • sean lucky
    sean lucky

    whenhe said flute it was a recorder

  • Otaku101

    What is the name of the instrumental playing until 0:18?

  • Amani Kinywa
    Amani Kinywa

    No, Smosh, Filthy Frank, Please, no

  • Abhijeet Singh
    Abhijeet Singh

    5:27 “Very Gifted With The Flute”. I DIED

  • Diego Oliveira
    Diego Oliveira

    This dude stole your content and reddubed it desofts.info/hd/video/ZLWKenmBsIakv3o

    • Ei Jay
      Ei Jay

      I am genuinly mad. You should go addres this to him on any social media he has.

  • xX_SuperMedo_Xx


  • Nayele Martinez
    Nayele Martinez

    2:26 HEADSHOT!

  • L.C Master
    L.C Master

    It almost made me want to cry

  • JackHackBeats

    Not a flute it’s a recorder

  • leonid janeski
    leonid janeski

    I'm a spiritual lyrical individual Spiritual miracle lyrical individual Spiritual miracle individual

  • Scott Jimenez
    Scott Jimenez

    How did he do the pictures in the 1:17 (the thumbnail). What effect is that? Kinda wanna do it for my own

  • Omkar Savant
    Omkar Savant

    I love the thumbnail✨✨✨

  • Caleb Hbk
    Caleb Hbk

    Didn’t they say vik was the richest in a recent sidemen Q&a?

    • Mr Killen
      Mr Killen

      i think it might off been a joke they all laughed as if it was

  • SpetsnatzLegion 336
    SpetsnatzLegion 336

    Joji is a living legend. He’s come from music, slid into comedy and created his own universe. He escaped before the DEsofts’s family-friendly executor began to rip apart channels like this and returned to grace us with his musical genius once more.

  • HGN Slide
    HGN Slide

    This video got me tearing

  • Jerusalem Health
    Jerusalem Health

    bring back the young matis. dude cmon now.

  • Mathew Garcia
    Mathew Garcia

    When u call a recorder a flute

  • Krrrimmi

    VH-1 Presents FILTHY FRANK. 📺🐒

  • Naqib

    bonus fact: this is one of joji's earliest uploads, even before he created DizastaMusic desofts.info/hd/video/h8Btpnihja6X4H4

  • Bogart

    Joji?filthy frank?pink guy? Who cares?? He will still be the namba 1 who made me happy, til this day

  • Yonael Zeamman
    Yonael Zeamman

    Best rewind

  • Hakuru15

    Yoooo the editing of this video is lit 🔥

    • Hakuru15

      JayLaw yeyeyyeyeey

    • JayLaw

      This was a prototype... you may wanna see ive upped the editing game since

  • Shi-Tao Chang
    Shi-Tao Chang

    "boss, i have the cancer"

  • Bodhi Hilberdink
    Bodhi Hilberdink

    He never really hid it..

  • Xtekz

    Music that makes sense. Love it!

  • ImaMonaKnight

    Love You Men Soo Much***



  • Stella GS
    Stella GS

    Man I always knew this guy was oddly intriguing behind his crazy stuff, I remember when I played his medicine remix on repeat because he almost hadn't released any other "serious" music, needless to say I'm so proud of how far he's come

  • Sabrina Angel
    Sabrina Angel


  • Jarrod Ball
    Jarrod Ball

    05:27 That's a recorder, you bitch

  • Rivendel

    Ok don’t forget his Aussie as well.

  • Sinekel

    ok but when berleezy dropped his diss track ...

  • Filming Stuff
    Filming Stuff

    These pussy youtubers or artitist wich are not but have no place in music

  • joejoe hart
    joejoe hart

    so much better than the real youtube rewind 2019

  • Omaira Morales
    Omaira Morales

    Esto es lo que nos merecemos

  • mikeday66

    That feeling he's my age. 😂😂

  • Strasser Skeip
    Strasser Skeip

    Would it be possible to make new channels themed around this type of content? :0

  • I'M GOD
    I'M GOD

    He should be named Joji Mercury

  • László Juhász
    László Juhász

    he had a bad childhood got bullyed thats why he started doing youtube in the firsts place

  • Jack

    And now DEsofts are trying to delete his videos. Selling out their original creators again.

  • Tyler Jeffery
    Tyler Jeffery

    "So enjoy and please don't subscribe." That's how you should end every video 😂😂

    • Tyler Jeffery
      Tyler Jeffery

      Oh shit my bad 😂 This is my first video of you I've watched but I did subscribe because you can't tell me what to do.

    • JayLaw

      I do end every video like that

  • Seveny


  • Gu Ka
    Gu Ka

    I born on the day dat youtube born

  • 菲菲 butterfly波妞
    菲菲 butterfly波妞

    Where is this video4:14

    • JayLaw

      Claire Wineland

  • K.G. Hungerman
    K.G. Hungerman

    And now the Beast has over 30 million subs

  • Hannah Stanley
    Hannah Stanley

    *eats vomit cake, eats hair cake, wraps dead baby mice in tortillas* People: *this guys a genius!*

  • Ikkei Sato
    Ikkei Sato

    I ducking hate that people know about Joni before filthy frank. Filthy frank shaped modern shock comedy. He shaped the fundamental form of the modern DEsofts, I cringe so hard seeing these people who go “ohh wow never knew he was so crazy

  • Uliks Zeqiri
    Uliks Zeqiri

    I think there is somewhat of a resurrection of of old youtube or just normal people like joana cedia

  • Jimin’s jams
    Jimin’s jams

    I watch him since I'm 6 or when I had my first iPad like 2008 now its emo fade but still Joji is my fav following by kpop ow,o

  • ITz_AmBeR_demon

    Yes I love how you put people that died people who swear people that are gay ,bi and people that are not the most know

  • Just Awake
    Just Awake

    Wow. Didn't know you had been Shouted out by both Mr. Beast and Logan(idubzz too). Goes to show how great you can become.

    • Just Awake
      Just Awake

      @JayLaw All OG DEsoftsrs.

    • JayLaw

      After rewind there was a lot more. Casey, Keem, Maxmoefoe and a few other also gave me a shout out so that was cool


    4:04 who was she

  • Just Awake
    Just Awake

    I'm Glad your Channel is doing good. Will you do another easter hunt with the ad revenue as prize? Or something along those lines?

    • Just Awake
      Just Awake

      @JayLaw I hope you do. I will try to spread your Channel among my friends and family no matter how small an impact it makes. I'm currently binge watching your videos I missed over the past few months right now. The Quality never falters. Good luck. Keep the grind bro.

    • JayLaw

      Thanks. Sadly that fell completely flat on its face when i did it that i had to delete it. However now ive got more subscribers i love the idea and will def do it again when i have more views. Otherwise it just wont work 😪

  • Zach Gold
    Zach Gold

    I just wish Joji continues to do comedy at somepoint, not even on DEsofts, the guy's just so damn funny

  • furless cat with wifi trying their best
    furless cat with wifi trying their best

    I don't think that he's a Nazi. I agree that the journalists blow shit out of proportion. But that time he let the n word slip out? Yeah... I dunno. If that's something that slips out when you're mad on camera, what are you saying when the camera isn't running?

  • Estella Casas
    Estella Casas

    I love joji

  • Erika Todorova
    Erika Todorova

    This is so stupid but every time i watch a joji\filthy frank video i start to cry because his transformation is kind of like a metaphor for life: Its starts out innocent You go through puberty and do some stupid shit Your surroundings force you to change So you change

  • Joe Who
    Joe Who

    Nice 6.9million views

  • TheNickEmpire

    Run, Slow Dancing in the Dark, and Sanctuary are some of the best songs I’ve ever heard

  • yaboi Taylor
    yaboi Taylor

    People who knew joji before filthy frank shouldn't be allowed to be fans

  • Domestic pigeon
    Domestic pigeon

    Ksi has Likely made WELL over 5 million from his fights alone. And considering the possibility of another one with Jake Paul it's likely to increase

  • vortex


  • RazeEliteRize

    When smosh was actually good 😢😓

  • Riseis

    Not gonna lie you should’ve talked about Quadeca vs KSI and how he blew up

  • ThatCrazy Drunk
    ThatCrazy Drunk

    You think the first diss track was in the 1900s? Haha! In fact it was the hit song “Union Dixie” by the north during the American civil war!

  • christian andrew erazo
    christian andrew erazo

    2020 yow

  • TheNonEpicAccount

    I know him tho

  • wee bobo
    wee bobo

    Miss the pink guy 😭😭😭😭

  • Kyle Wren
    Kyle Wren

    That's a recorder not a flute

  • Evan Shaffer
    Evan Shaffer

    Hatred diss tracks are done. Logan Paul uploads a diss track

  • Tbone360boss

    When you a day to early to listen to going broke

  • This Isnt Me
    This Isnt Me

    You lied you said you wouldn't make another video like this

  • MoRpH

    literally though logan came with a new disstrack

  • HawaiiaNNatioN

    Such a good video. Very informative and well thought out. I didnt get bored and skip ahead 10 seconds like other videos. This vid is entertaining from beginning to end. I learned a bunch

  • StinkyTeethMusic

    R.I.P Etika...

  • IntR Gold
    IntR Gold

    Goes from pac and biggie to ricegum and Jake Paul 😂 em vs CANIBUS ja rule vs 50 cent ?

  • Puzzle League central
    Puzzle League central

    lets give this more likes than the the amount of dislikes on the actual yt rewind.

  • Ihtisham Hussain
    Ihtisham Hussain

    You said Idubbz diss track was the first vicious one, did you even hear any of W2S’s diss tracks 😂

  • Rod player
    Rod player

    The DEsoftsrs you mentioned at the beginning don't attempt to make music, the only release diss tracks well all except ksi.

  • shuftyy

    If you watch it in 480p the video is even better

  • サベージรɦμɓɦαɱツ૨σყ

    We weebs know know joji better than anyone 😂

  • Lebendiges Gespenst
    Lebendiges Gespenst

    In hiding, have you heard the pink album?

  • Gasoline

    Bruh das not a flute it's a recorder