Adrian Interrogates a Suspect With OCD | Monk
What happens when Monk interrogates a suspect who has OCD as well?
From Season 3 Episode 15 'Mr. Monk and the Election ': Natalie's campaign to be elected to the school board is interrupted by a sniper. Monk's life is endangered as well when he begins to investigate.
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The Official Channel devoted to the brilliance of DI Adrian Monk; the defective San Franciscan detective, whose OCD is both a blessing and a curse. We'll be posting the very best moments from the show so, like Monk, you'll never miss a beat.
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  • Iakwe2you

    The crumbs disappeared without anyone cleaning them up... I wish crumbs would do that at my house. Also, how did either of them manage to sit there with all those crumbs on the table and not try to clean up?

  • Shmuel Yosef
    Shmuel Yosef

    quite possibly my favorite scene (in terms of funny).....although i do love monk talking about nudists..

  • stuart124

    I'm going out to get donuts, anybody want one?

  • Chaz Redman
    Chaz Redman

    Pisses me off that he wasted an entire box of donuts except for one bite


    The real victim in this episode was the donuts?

  • whiteribbonman1

    I spent almost the entire video laughing.

  • Swedish Otaku
    Swedish Otaku

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't waste them!

  • Someone

    Is this a prequel to Red Dragon or something?

  • FocusFanatic

    Nobody does that with a fresh box of donuts. Nobody in real life.

  • Ein

    They're both wrong, you're supposed to do it in circles so it doesn't leave streaks.

  • windpunkYT

    Only 2 Monks can ruin donuts for a cup

  • Randomfully Wonderful
    Randomfully Wonderful

    lol, eat all of them.

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    "You want my donut?....I'd want my donut so hard"

  • Eva Wambani
    Eva Wambani

    All those donuts.. 😢😩...

  • Burnt Zapato
    Burnt Zapato

    "I'll see you in hell Harold" - Adrian Monk

  • welshpete12

    I thought donut crushing is illegal in Los Angeles !

  • Slam Dunk
    Slam Dunk

    i never knew squeak was in this show

  • Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner

    Jesus. Talk about an inaccurate portrayal of ocd.

    • Velvet Penguin
      Velvet Penguin

      OCD isn’t one universal diagnosis, it has many variations.

    • Xien Tau
      Xien Tau

      I dunno, I've met a guy who pretty much did all of that.

  • QuirkyShiny

    Man, American interrogations are BRUTAL. I would've confessed to anything after that unrestrained donut-violence.

    • SireVivitan

      that's how they catch crooked cops.

  • Theeduckie

    Holy snot Leland KNOWS monk and knows how he thinks with the explanation of donut organization

  • Janus Hunyadi
    Janus Hunyadi

    such a waste of a good box of donuts.

  • Centurion Wizofid
    Centurion Wizofid

    One donut. F - that is so funny and epic! Cheers

  • Hoopyy

    "Let's do the polygraph anyway to be sure" is the biggest joke here.

    • Randomfully Wonderful
      Randomfully Wonderful

      lol, it was genuine, but Monk is never wrong when he's in his right mind.

  • Shmuel Yosef
    Shmuel Yosef

    I'm an exceptional shot. My favorite minicharacter on the show

  • Michael Edmunds
    Michael Edmunds

    I died a little inside when he crushed the donuts 😭

  • MK Duke
    MK Duke

    These 3 are hilarious together 😜😝😆

  • Bearded Mythos
    Bearded Mythos

    Captain: Now it's one big donut! Me: So...are you gonna eat that?

  • Dan Jimiez
    Dan Jimiez

    Would be a nice skit,saw plus ocd people

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude

    If I was a cop I would marry a woman that knows how to make donuts. Then I would pimp her out to the other cops. Stonks! 📈💵🥯

  • Robert Montoya
    Robert Montoya

    Have you no shame?

  • Pedro Martell
    Pedro Martell

    That’s a waste of donuts 🍩

  • seinfan

    See what you did?

  • Sarah A A
    Sarah A A

    Have you no shame 😁

  • joe bob 47
    joe bob 47

    this was such a great series.

  • Connor J. Eves
    Connor J. Eves

    First clip of Monk I have ever seen and now I'm starting the show- instantly hooked? He always solves the case 😎

  • Alex Lao
    Alex Lao

    Donut 🍩 massacre!!!

  • No More BS Please
    No More BS Please

    The writers messed up. The two have obvious differences, the donuts, the windows, ect. So why would he not misspell the name? For being "so much alike"? When they clearly aren't.

  • Gary Profit
    Gary Profit

    God I want a donut right now 😂

  • micjakes1

    Tim Bagley is so funny.

  • The Scourge
    The Scourge

    One big damn donut

  • DrChico Boom
    DrChico Boom

    Haha, I just watched this episode last night. I then see this video today. Funny episode.

  • Nymphy JK
    Nymphy JK

    OCD is where you have the need to repeat everything every day exactly that same OCPD is where you have to perfect everything, like say there's a jar of m & m's a person with OCPD will put everything in order by color. There is a difference I'm not sure if you can have them at the same time as I do not know a lot about the two things but I do know that difference between the two.

  • Renzo Light
    Renzo Light

    funny tv show

  • bertmustin

    The donuts didn't put the lotion on its skin.

  • Raymond Fillingame
    Raymond Fillingame

    Besides, everyone knows you wipe glass with a circular motion, those two, I swear... And why split up the chocolate ones when you could balance things by moving ones from the outer rows inside, so all three rows are the same?

  • Faireachas Síoraí
    Faireachas Síoraí

    That title is not correct. It should be, "Adrian Interrogates a Suspect With CDO." Compulsive Disorder, Obsessive. That way it's in alphabetical order --- the way it's suppose to be.

  • Vijay Das
    Vijay Das

    what i dont like about monk they dont show the reason why crime happend

  • Artemio Rubio
    Artemio Rubio

    Oh the sweet torture I could inflict on those two 😈

  • Kidd BasedBeats
    Kidd BasedBeats

    Guys hear me out...what if Monk was the one committing all the crimes and he was just so smart, no one realized? And if you don’t hear from me, you know who did it..

  • Ujwal Tuladhar
    Ujwal Tuladhar


  • MK Duke
    MK Duke

    Nothing funnier 🙂

  • Pyro Head
    Pyro Head

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> Majoring in Donut Science is part of a Police Captain's training.

  • BETMARKonTube

    It's funny because I got OCD. That said... fiction still treat OCD like the 80's treated being gay. I' m not complaining, just an obsevation.

  • Kyle Wernli
    Kyle Wernli

    Captain after realizing he has to destroy the donuts: “I try to do ONE nice thing! 🤦🏻‍♂️”

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo

    It was a bad idea sending the captain in there since he has a short fuse

  • Gan Len
    Gan Len

    My dad loved this show. I'm still not really sold on it.

  • al videos
    al videos

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> oml they are both wrong! you clean in circular motions!

    • Paul Lee
      Paul Lee

      "He's not supposed to clean it counter-clockwise!"

  • al videos
    al videos

    NO DON'T SMASH THE DONUTS! that even made me cringe! T_T

  • Jon Targaryen
    Jon Targaryen


  • Rene Shay
    Rene Shay

    Love love love this show! So funny!

  • Aaron Padilla
    Aaron Padilla

    I like how Monk and Harold bicker like a bunch of little kids and Captain Stottlemeyer is the angry father having to separate them

  • Andrés Merced
    Andrés Merced

    That discrimination and waste of a good donuts!

  • Karol Szacilowski
    Karol Szacilowski

    at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> there are crumbs on the table at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a> they are all cleaned up... it's not the zoom of the camera, it zooms out and the table is spotless...this is real OCD

  • Shaggy

    I thought that dude was Dr Phil

  • Joshua Loreto
    Joshua Loreto

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> you can see the boom mic at the mirror

  • Snaggle Toothed
    Snaggle Toothed

    "All the cops in the donut shop say" is a lyric from which song by which band? 22.26 GMT (UK Time) Countdown has begun to see who answers first. PLEASE, if you do not not know, have the decency NOT to Google it.

    • Snaggle Toothed
      Snaggle Toothed

      @Steve Turowski And the winner is

    • Steve Turowski
      Steve Turowski

      Snaggle Toothed Walk like an Egyptian by the bangles

  • citizen kiwi
    citizen kiwi

    very insulting because no one with ocd does that unless their a asshole

    • Steve Turowski
      Steve Turowski

      citizen kiwi it's just a show

  • Mustard-Obsessed

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT.

  • Mustard-Obsessed

    OCD people are so funny to mess with! Unless they are *exceptional shots*

    • ez dude
      ez dude

      please tell me this is a joke, you wouldnt say "exposing allergic people to their allergies is so fun!" either

  • mark merzweiler
    mark merzweiler

    One of the few times Randy came off as cool.

  • John Horton
    John Horton

    I would have done the same thing as the Captain. Just made one big dam doughnut. Lol lol

  • mrawdog

    Plot twist: he knew monk would think the way he does, so he spelt natalies name wrong on purpose

    • windpunkYT

      rancorlover And even if he did it would of haunt him all day until eventually he’s force to go back and correct the spelling and Monk would of solved the case and catch him.

    • rancorlover

      But he would not go through with it and start over spelling it correct.

  • Richy Martin
    Richy Martin

    This was a great show. It's funny but it has its sweet and sad moments.

  • Mairi Stewart
    Mairi Stewart

    It's nearly 3am and I'm laughing my head off. This is great! I HAVE to get the DVDs.

  • Mairi Stewart
    Mairi Stewart

    Who's the teacher's pet?

  • Galantski

    Who's more neurotic: Adrian Monk or Harold Krenshaw? Flip a coin. Better yet, let's have a cage match or an Epic Rap Battle.

    • Clemens Bogner
      Clemens Bogner

      Krenshaw. Bedwetter till 34 and must be hypnotized for a haircut.

  • Solution Simple
    Solution Simple

    Like if you put chocolate donuts in the same groups.

  • Helloweener

    I remember this episode. Both also used to rearrange the brochures at Dr. Kroger's office in their different OCD ways. And one time they meet and see that the other one is the one who is putting it the "wrong" way all the time.

  • tipdub

    I wanna eat that one big donut

  • Rishiraj Bhowmick
    Rishiraj Bhowmick

    "Because I wouldn't"..