Campus Couple Episode 8 (Splendid TV) (Splendid Cartoon)
Splendid TV
With the kind of love Ronke and Ojo shared on campus, one would think distance won't be a barrier to their relationship. Unfortunately, Ojo fell our hands seriously. Find out how events unfold in this intriguing and captivating story.
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  • Splendid TV
    Splendid TV

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  • abu garner
    abu garner


  • xichavo nkhensani
    xichavo nkhensani

    past tense😂😂✌

  • A Time to Share Books
    A Time to Share Books

    Her numbers are saved as "past tense"😳😳😳

  • Sharon Azuokwu
    Sharon Azuokwu

    This episode touched my heart 😭😭 men are wicked honestly 😔

  • Nhyira Ashong
    Nhyira Ashong

    ronke is so naiive

  • Julie Andrea
    Julie Andrea

    Wait isn't she pregnant for him or is it lie I am telling

  • Irene Dontoh
    Irene Dontoh

    He saved her mame as "past tense"?🙆🏻‍♀️

  • zipporah wiah
    zipporah wiah

    I'm enjoying it

  • Omaricha Goody
    Omaricha Goody

    If woman curse you with her tears sorry fr you

  • G9 channel
    G9 channel

    Am from Gambia but I like the background song how can I get it

  • Mariam Karonga
    Mariam Karonga

    It's so pain, and he save her past tense ooh God😂😂

  • Afeti Elizabeth
    Afeti Elizabeth

    Hmmmm I fell for Ronke is never easy

  • Nnmasinachi Phillip
    Nnmasinachi Phillip

    Nawa for boys ooooo

  • Saeed Fateemah
    Saeed Fateemah

    I feel 4 romkey men ur too much

  • Saeed Fateemah
    Saeed Fateemah

    Sound love

  • Marie James
    Marie James

    He could have just told her that it was over. Men are disgusting The new girlfriend needs a slap she needs to know the same can happen to ber

  • Lisa Lyric
    Lisa Lyric

    Men are wicked. He saved her name as past tense😂😂😂.

  • Enyonam Millicent
    Enyonam Millicent

    Don't have enough to say. Its jxt splendid

  • Shontay Edwards
    Shontay Edwards

    Me waan grab Ronke 😠😠😠

  • Emmanuel Anason
    Emmanuel Anason

    Why lay a cause on him? Relationship is not by force, but Ojo would have been a man an told Ronke to her face that he is no longer interested

  • Noir Lily
    Noir Lily


  • Elizabeth Auma
    Elizabeth Auma

    Episode 9 please

    • Splendid TV
      Splendid TV

      Out now

  • Vidal Asma
    Vidal Asma

    Ojo the playmaker ( pass tense)🤔

  • Stephen Boateng
    Stephen Boateng

    funny paaaaa

  • Diana Albert
    Diana Albert

    When its episode 9 coming out

    • Splendid TV
      Splendid TV

      It's out

  • Donna Miller
    Donna Miller

    What's the problem? Why are you always so late with your epidodes?

  • Geneville Randolph
    Geneville Randolph

    Aaaawwww this is so sad na

  • Hellen Bamidele
    Hellen Bamidele

    Men can not be trusted

  • baba shan
    baba shan

    Taking too long for the next episode

  • Diamond Sancea
    Diamond Sancea

    Am still waiting on d 9 ooo I just can't wait to see what happens to Ojo

  • Benjamin Danikey
    Benjamin Danikey

    Why the delay

  • faithful izuchi
    faithful izuchi

    Can't stop crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 the same time i am passing through now, heart break after everything I did for him, men are heartless

  • Merline Nicole
    Merline Nicole

    Please you guys should always try to be competent to your subscribers and fans please

  • Merline Nicole
    Merline Nicole

    You guys try to put up the next episode quickly you guys always take time after you capture our minds

  • Hannah Dear
    Hannah Dear

    When is ep 9 coming out naw, it has been 1 week and naw,

  • Angeline Sadiki
    Angeline Sadiki

    Splendid .... Pls ... Release episode 9 I beg oooo I'm watching this all the way from South Africa

  • Joseph Oluwashola Emmanuel
    Joseph Oluwashola Emmanuel

    I was reading comments..... and nobody talks about the rain of curse ronke poured on ojo

  • Ayomide Oyinade
    Ayomide Oyinade

    wow, we are trending.

  • It's Addboy
    It's Addboy

    Pls the name of the copper song

  • Deland Kume
    Deland Kume

    That gate man though 😂😂😂

  • Empresse MC
    Empresse MC

    I would love for her to meet Maxwell.

  • Adaugo Gift
    Adaugo Gift

    😢😢😢 hrt breaking

  • Trisha Glory
    Trisha Glory

    Some men are wicked

  • Nguagouo Amandine
    Nguagouo Amandine

    Ronke i know how u are feeling right now cos im presenty wearing your shoes 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Cynthia Nelly
    Cynthia Nelly

    Some men are heartless

  • Cenderila Ebongkeng
    Cenderila Ebongkeng

    Na curse be that???

  • Lerato sithole
    Lerato sithole

    As for "Past tense" 🙆🏽‍♀️ iyoo

  • kemigisa rahma
    kemigisa rahma

    Eeeh this gal Ranke is a woman for sure If it was these other gals hhoo we would have watched fire as in fighting

  • Josephine Nwakanma Nwakanma
    Josephine Nwakanma Nwakanma

    Ronke you are a past tense...oh God have mercy

  • Crystal Davis
    Crystal Davis

    Season 9 oh

  • Angel Pinki 99
    Angel Pinki 99


  • China Map firestick
    China Map firestick

    Ojo u so wicked. But this girl always full of her self silly u. Ojo u a day a come

  • tete kollie
    tete kollie

    Went u guys going to upload the next part keeping us too long

  • Shee Shee
    Shee Shee

    I enjoy watching but It’s too short

  • mispah sakwimba
    mispah sakwimba

    I love Ronke's voice, She's such a cutie💛💛❤. Wouldn't mind following her on her social media platforms..

  • Samuel Antwi
    Samuel Antwi

    Am surprised Ronke's number is saved as "PAST TENSE"

  • Diana Albert
    Diana Albert

    When is the episode coming I can't wait


    can't wait for episode 9

  • Pamela Nnoba
    Pamela Nnoba

    I jst turned to Ronke jst 4 days ago. Still feels fresh .

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