Chasing Fabio Wibmer with a Racing Drone through Germany
Follow Fabio Wibmer as he rides through some of Germany's most iconic cities by bike. Translating trials tricks to mountain bike stunts, Fabio makes his way through the country with a racing drone on his tail to capture all the action as you've never seen it before.
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  • Иван Грибанов
    Иван Грибанов

    and why the laws of physics are needed?

  • Bimo arza
    Bimo arza

    Resolution of drone camera make me thinking this video is animation

  • M Rezaldi
    M Rezaldi


  • Steve Burridge
    Steve Burridge

    Go sub to MGStickman. Posts fortnite videos and more every 3 days or so so go sub

  • Mstr H.J.P
    Mstr H.J.P

    F7ck u

  • Teguh Asus
    Teguh Asus

    bikin pusing kepala itu drone/kamera muter2 mulu gak perlu di buat muter trus jg udah bagus hmmmm

  • Pedal Deeznuts
    Pedal Deeznuts

    Filming sucks

  • Gerhardus Olivier
    Gerhardus Olivier

    Wat bik is that orange bike

  • FluffyAmyBMX

    so good :o

  • Dijital Kol
    Dijital Kol

    1:02 boşuna kask takma oradan düşersen korumaz

  • Madhavan Madhu
    Madhavan Madhu

    He is really doing this noob

  • Dariel Mac Duev
    Dariel Mac Duev

    the drone pilot is just as crazy as fabio

  • Sims 4 diamond
    Sims 4 diamond

    Hamburg ♡

  • Sims 4 diamond
    Sims 4 diamond

    Ich wohne dort in der Nähe bro

    • Sims 4 diamond
      Sims 4 diamond


  • Steven Morrissey
    Steven Morrissey

    This is just unbelievable!

  • Reptilian Tail
    Reptilian Tail

    Bruh I'm thinking about the guy who's flying that drone. Absolute genius 👌

  • Isaque marinho
    Isaque marinho

    Essa câmera roda demais

  • E-Mile YTB
    E-Mile YTB

    Really insane 🔥

  • Peter Rathbone
    Peter Rathbone

    great stuff but really hard to watch

  • David Rak
    David Rak

    Amazing drone pilot!

  • Angelo Dasso
    Angelo Dasso



    Why did this video kinda look like a video game, especially the first 15 seconds?

  • Claudia Hassler
    Claudia Hassler

    Wer kann das so gut wie Fabio🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤟👍

  • Сергей Иванищев
    Сергей Иванищев

    Работа оператора круче чем катка байкера

  • K Mcbiker
    K Mcbiker

    Ok the camera spinning kind of ruined it. Nice riding though.

  • Merce des
    Merce des

    Wow! Ich liebe es!!!🤩 Einfach nur unfassbar wie er fährt und die Kameraaufnahmen sind toll! Selten etwas änliches gesehen. Fesselt von der ersten bis zur letzten Sekunde! Unglaublich!👁👁👍

  • Elite_Master _GM_
    Elite_Master _GM_

    What's that bike

  • 24 Mtb
    24 Mtb

    There were way too many spinning camera angles😒 I have a major headache now

  • Thomsen Müller
    Thomsen Müller

    Jetzt kaufen sich lauter Kinder Koffeinhaltige Limonade!

  • Aidan Duffy
    Aidan Duffy

    This makes me so dizzy!

  • Caleb Annis
    Caleb Annis

    Probably one of my favorite vids

  • Steven Crudgington
    Steven Crudgington

    Vomit inducing camera work

  • zalebz

    I follow Fabio's channel and this edit is so terrible in comparison to the footage he posted of the same rides

  • lkfh1

    Bitte nochmal so machen Find es sehr gut ihn fast immer aus jedem Winkel zu sehn Fabio mach weiter so bin Fan

  • Cycle guruji
    Cycle guruji

    what a talent of camera man wow😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

  • Oliver Bußweiler
    Oliver Bußweiler

    Sauber Fabio!!! Sau Geil!!!

  • Sheeba Joy
    Sheeba Joy


  • Maks play
    Maks play

    This is very good and drone too cool


    So Siick 🚵‍♀️💨💯🔥🔥🔥

  • peter renner
    peter renner

    camera overkill