Eric "Butterbean" Esch - The Legendary Knockout Machine
The World of Boxing!
Part 1 -
Well, the time has come for the return of our big hero Eric Esch to the big screens. After the first part of Butterbean knockouts in boxing, many wanted some more meat and blood and asked for the second part...
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    AP AMVs

    Dream fight : Butterbean VS Andy Ruiz

    • Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin
      Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin

      The fuck are you people talking about Butterbean like hes a credible boxer for? He was just a circus act, knocking out jobbers. He has no chance against any remotely decent boxer, let alone a world champion.

    • John Beer
      John Beer

      @Tinman 83 put the same active ingredient list of products from your vet

    • Kev Blah
      Kev Blah

      @Anonymous Man On the Playstation maybe - by-bye times in reality.

    • Kev Blah
      Kev Blah

      Oh that would've been a good one!

    • VERSACE Molly Whopped Me
      VERSACE Molly Whopped Me

      Fuck off

  • marcus asck
    marcus asck

    Not real fighters.

  • Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight
    Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    Tyson Finnish him quickly lol but the bean is a legend 😎


    THE BEG BE 😊😳🐑🐰🐷🐴🐼🐢🐵🐵😒🐰🐰🐷😳😊😳😒


    Maybe he could defeat tyson...

  • Just A Thought
    Just A Thought

    My man looks like custom fighting game character

  • rowan henry
    rowan henry

    Why he's so hard to knock out is because he's a brick wall

  • Terry Cannon
    Terry Cannon

    Massage in thiland

  • King Louie5th
    King Louie5th

    I’d like to see him fight King Kong Bundy lol

  • ชนณ์ ธนัชฏ์
    ชนณ์ ธนัชฏ์


  • TheCelticTiger

    he is fighting bums with trash records!

  • tero sandroos
    tero sandroos

    butterbean vs mike tyson..12 sekunts and bye bye mr butterbean..

  • James Evan's. Sr
    James Evan's. Sr

    He is basically the fattest one punch man

  • Grandmaster Flash
    Grandmaster Flash

    Original Butterbean

  • Jimmy The Pirate
    Jimmy The Pirate

    Tyson is training for 2020 exhibition fights, why can't he do 4 rounds with Eric Esch? THAT would be an epic exhibition card!

  • Peter Florino
    Peter Florino

    Thanks like Butterbean a lot. But not one opponent looked like a true prize fighter. For that matter neither does he. It’s fun to watch but not professional. .

  • LunaC mustCease
    LunaC mustCease

    Where's this guy's center of mass?

  • Luboš Lubošek
    Luboš Lubošek


  • Velocis Starrle
    Velocis Starrle

    Butterbean is much heavier than all of his rivals. It's unfair since the 2 boxers in the ring have to be in the same weight class! Am I right?

  • A man With his Cigarette and Coffee
    A man With his Cigarette and Coffee

    this butter is... super butter.

  • Fate

    this pillow wouldn't survive the first round againest mike tyson in his prime

  • darian

    Butterbean was just big and on drugs

  • Raymond Ashby
    Raymond Ashby

    C U N ext T ime...………… are you kidding me ??

  • Kayne Craddock
    Kayne Craddock

    The nicest guy with the hardest punch what a legend

  • AWelsh Celt
    AWelsh Celt

    Tyson - Butterbean. Now THAT would have been epic.

    • Spinnin bats
      Spinnin bats

      Tyson would have knocked him out

  • Jeff Rybak
    Jeff Rybak

    He looks like the thing without the rocky skin

  • Hasse Egelund Nielsen
    Hasse Egelund Nielsen

    Why havent he boxed against Mike Tyson ??? it would be interesting to see

  • Terry Harris
    Terry Harris

    announcer full of shit said larry holmes said that defeating butterbean was harder than defeating tyson how would he know tyson knocked his ass out

  • Travel Mongolia Tours . Com
    Travel Mongolia Tours . Com

    nice video ! good luck ! from Mongolia.

  • AngeliqueKaga

    I love Butterbean the punching machine!

  • Ricky Hadley
    Ricky Hadley

    Love the Butterbean. Why do these commentators sound like fkn robots? So annoying

  • Yahusha Ha’Mashiach Is our saviour
    Yahusha Ha’Mashiach Is our saviour

    Was mike afraid to fight the bean or was his crew scared of making the bean a very rich man?


    Tyson's manager wouldn't let him box The Bean. Even Larry Holmes said Butterbean hit harder than Tyson. If Tyson really wanted him it would have happened. LONG LIVE THE BEAN !

  • Nuka Cola
    Nuka Cola

    So he knocked out a guy Mike couldn't not. Oh it's to bad Mike ran scared that would have been one hell of a fight.

  • Bakerlang Jyrwa
    Bakerlang Jyrwa

    He's phenomenal butterbean

  • Singer & Musician
    Singer & Musician

    Don't call him legend he was just a showman with good punching power ....he was not a boxer

  • mulatto401

    I only heard of this guy from that Jackass episode 💀

    • Land Rover Addict
      Land Rover Addict

      Is Butterbean OK? LMFAO Where we going? T h e ho sp ita l

  • Alberto Junior Chavez
    Alberto Junior Chavez


  • Tom Wolfe
    Tom Wolfe

    They say that butter beans( yes butter beans) are good for your heart. The more you eat; the more you fart. Luckily, the more you fart; the better you feel. I say butter beans( yes butter beans) for every meal.

  • Thor Hammer
    Thor Hammer

    The best Boxer forever

  • ingo riedlinger
    ingo riedlinger

    thousands of times better to watch than Wladimir klitschko. who can only put his huge upper body on the opponent and hold on. that washout

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Haha what about his Jackass performance? “Is Butterbean ok?” Jonny Knoxville. 😂😂😂 Big respect to BB.

  • Jesse Cole
    Jesse Cole

    These challengers just didn't know the secret to beating Butterbean. You jab his belly until while he tries to keep his trunks from falling down. After exactly 10 punches, he waddles back on his heels and falls on his ass. KO in the 1st. Don't get cocky though, now you've got to figure out the secret to Great Tiger.

  • Bigdubb62 PELtech
    Bigdubb62 PELtech

    i think its the pep talk fighters give themselves before the bout "hes just a novelty act... hes just a novelty act..." but does it help? haha i sure enjoy Esch's fighting style! like a brick wall that throws bricks back at you!

  • Tyler La
    Tyler La

    So butter bean calls out Tyson but Tyson never fights him?.... pretty clear why there was never a fight

  • Magnum Opus
    Magnum Opus

    Butterbean would've NEVER beat Tyson💯🖕

  • Dencil Dean
    Dencil Dean

    Whatever happened to butterbean

  • Dennis Cano
    Dennis Cano

    Worst boxer

  • David Cripps
    David Cripps

    Did he ever fight any top fighters? It seems like his opposition were all journeymen.

  • Velocis Starrle
    Velocis Starrle

    The only boxer in the world that can defeat Butterbean is the longer-reach japper that can keep the distance and never let him in until the end of the fight.!

  • Velocis Starrle
    Velocis Starrle

    Just like Mike Tyson in which he knows how to deliver his whole body weight to his punch!

    • Raymond Ashby
      Raymond Ashby

      TOTALLY agree - especially his right hook, which is like a fullen-laden freight train at full speed, on full steam.

  • Preahchunpehnwong

    I never knew he was this good.

  • jermy

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> CRONA TIMEE

  • Grant Novak
    Grant Novak

    When a man that big moves that fast you run

  • meme king22
    meme king22

    eric esch vs mike tyson

  • The Gorn
    The Gorn

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> did Butterbean low blow?


    Myke tyson Vs. Butterbean

  • 4D bullshit Patroll
    4D bullshit Patroll

    Butterbean vs Tyson would have been the most awesome fight ever regardless of Butterbean's confidence at the time. In fact, getting in the ring not thinking you can win is not worth it anyway. I would at least say that Butterbean's jaw was harder than Tyson' s though.

  • John Yohann
    John Yohann

    This guy looked like The Thing. Or an animated boulder.

  • John Yohann
    John Yohann

    I think I could take him. Shopping.

  • Derrick Connolly
    Derrick Connolly

    Most boxers backed you up. Got you in the ropes. Nobody could back the bean up. The bean was a headon collision.

  • Sacir Kursani
    Sacir Kursani

    Was ist pandemik

    • Kuini Naicola
      Kuini Naicola

      veronicaVererua NakarawaVererua

  • AngeliqueKaga

    I love BUTTERBEAN...He's awesome!

  • L Daws
    L Daws

    I remember when this dude ko'd steve-o in a pawn shop lolll

    • Big D
      Big D

      D Laws they literally had to call in an ambulance as knoxville was completely shook after like three punches

    • Ray Preseau
      Ray Preseau

      That was knoxville that he nearly killed

    • Jason C
      Jason C

      It was johnny Knoxville that he knocked out not Steve o

  • M W
    M W

    Great video and great commentator

  • gizzy2403

    Watching him makes me hungry 4 som cornbread!

  • imbees2

    Butter bean was the bomb.

  • imbees2

    I used to love butter bean.

  • Froze Rekmeyata
    Froze Rekmeyata

    Butter Bean sure was an anomaly in boxing, guy looks like a sadly out of shape couch potato, but don't mix it with him! I think Butter Bean should have had a rematch with Tyson.

  • Ken Saber
    Ken Saber

    Butterbean vs Muhammed Ali. Who would win?

  • IxUr LiFe
    IxUr LiFe

    Butter bean the machine 💯😂😂

  • William Rackham
    William Rackham

    Heavy hitting obesity knocks out series of sadly desperate jobbers.

  • Derrick Connolly
    Derrick Connolly

    Say what you want about the bean. The man was a force. Head like a bowling ball. Lefts and rights as fast as he could throw them. On the chin or the ribs you was going down. For a obese man. Frightening. No wonder the four round limit. Jesus

  • Mooniiiy

    Dream fight. Butterbean vs Mike Tyson.

    • Daniel Safreno
      Daniel Safreno

      Hell yes, it would be epic.

  • leongt1954

    Larry Holmes was 53 years old and butterbean still lost

  • dellstudio10

    I’ll fight butterbean... when I’m ready to die.

  • Harry Prater
    Harry Prater

    With over 60 wins and most by can he not be one of the Greatest..????

  • ANGELO Vlog
    ANGELO Vlog

    157 wins ??? 1 defeat

  • Jesse Cole
    Jesse Cole

    Larry Holmes: Defeating Butterbean was harder than defeating Iron Mike. Really? You actually defeated Butterbean. Mike dropped your ass to the canvas in 4 rounds after using you for heavy bag practice. How was the guy you beat "harder to defeat" than a guy who mercilessly pummeled you? Liar.

  • Geani Tsucuneli
    Geani Tsucuneli

    Personal I believe Tyson was afraid of ERIC>

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