Fabio Wibmer - Out Of Mind
Fabio Wibmer
Sweet dreams are made of this... Downhill shredding on an old city bike in Saalbach and Leogang!?
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Big thanks to Saalbach for supporting this project.
Special thanks to Bernhard Niederseer for making it happen!
Check out their website: www.saalbach.com
Filmed in Saalbach (www.saalbach.com) and Leogang (www.bikepark-leogang.com)
Filmed by Manuel Nguyen
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PS: No animals were harmed!

  • Computer Scientist
    Computer Scientist

    Hello everyone, anyone song starting from 4:09 ? thank you :) NICE VIDEO FABIO!

  • Francisco Xavier D. C. Sole
    Francisco Xavier D. C. Sole


  • Saftsack _
    Saftsack _

    Typischer Allman😂

  • Ali M
    Ali M

    I SHOWED this to my bike.....its not STARTING now😂

  • Junior Da Silva Florintino
    Junior Da Silva Florintino


  • Metzger 007
    Metzger 007

    3:19 da passt die Musik net. Aber wo ander auch nicht

  • Spritual Healing
    Spritual Healing


  • Tymoteusz Gnych
    Tymoteusz Gnych

    Wher ar you from ???

    • Mani 1610
      Mani 1610

      He's from Austria.

  • narendra vishwakarma
    narendra vishwakarma

    You will do bad stunt i do more best

  • Leon Müller
    Leon Müller


  • Gopal kumar Sharrof
    Gopal kumar Sharrof

    Awesome video i ❤

  • TheThiccZucc _
    TheThiccZucc _

    Just realized that after watching this vid many times, that he was using those weird Magura hydraulic rim brakes lol

  • Hots 2
    Hots 2

    Just how the fuck it`s possible to back flip with that bike at the end??????????????????????? mind blowing skill......

  • CrispyAndTasty

    5:53 Fabio: throws away POC Glasses can afford 3000000000 of them Me: Can't even afford 2 of them

  • Aeuro TT
    Aeuro TT

    5:11 that cat was like: I’m abouta photobomb into this mans whole career

  • tejas dandage
    tejas dandage


  • Braden Christner
    Braden Christner

    0:38 move b*tch get out my way

    • Rajarshi Mitra
      Rajarshi Mitra


    • Rajarshi Mitra
      Rajarshi Mitra

      Where ar u fron

    • Braden Christner
      Braden Christner

      I don't have a problem

    • Rajarshi Mitra
      Rajarshi Mitra

      Please reply

    • Rajarshi Mitra
      Rajarshi Mitra

      What's your problem

  • Dima Potemkin
    Dima Potemkin

    Он чекнуты и в то время крутой чувак

  • Nana Apresova
    Nana Apresova

    Comon kiss the girls do like girls they mite be your girl frendm😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Ethan tran
    Ethan tran

    The definition of daredevil

  • Christian Schulz
    Christian Schulz

    Wer kuckt das Video auch 2020?

  • Paul W
    Paul W

    Look like a bad ass

  • Dambaru Nayak
    Dambaru Nayak

    Nice Cycle

  • xxefe2007xx king
    xxefe2007xx king

    die katze wie die fliegt

  • Daniel Dumitru
    Daniel Dumitru

    i wanna be like you. even though i'm 8 years old i still wanna be like you.

    • FlyingAce5

      You'll be like him. I promise

  • Танюха Розетка
    Танюха Розетка

    3:37 Oh god, u killed camera

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen

    A old bike

  • AXEL Brawl Stars
    AXEL Brawl Stars

    Is my favourite youtuber

  • Jajan Mulu
    Jajan Mulu

    Backflip 🔥🔥🔥

  • ajai muhd
    ajai muhd

    That s amazing bro

  • Андрей Вострецов
    Андрей Вострецов

    Просто охренительно!!!!!!)))

  • Jorge _PB
    Jorge _PB

    Creo q voy a desempolvar la bici de mi abuelo

  • Usman Shaikh
    Usman Shaikh

    Aache bike lap

  • Tayyab Khan
    Tayyab Khan

    i am watching in 2020 1st

  • JCM Rides
    JCM Rides

    skills 100% on that and bike 1%

  • Vero Lalo
    Vero Lalo

    0:37 was SO unnecesary... Had to thumb down for this. 👎

    • xdg hhmm
      xdg hhmm

      Feminist bitch

  • we are the musician
    we are the musician

    Really out of mind

  • Ting tong ling long
    Ting tong ling long

    the thing here is it doesn’t matter what you RIDE on but it matters that you RIDE

  • HokiePitcher22

    Who threw the cat? Lol

  • Guilherme Silva
    Guilherme Silva


  • Oanh Nguyễn
    Oanh Nguyễn

    Cho coi chiếc xe đạp nhe bạn

  • Revathy S
    Revathy S

    Not a good bike

    • SuSTv

      Revathy S that‘s the Sense of the video

  • Valdirene Pires da Silva Fernandes
    Valdirene Pires da Silva Fernandes

    Muito engraçado e raiz e maluco tbm kkkkkk

  • BeKo GaMeR mohamed adel
    BeKo GaMeR mohamed adel

    3:38 i think you destroy the camera

  • Ran Lin
    Ran Lin

    Again, it proves it's not the bike, but the rider.

  • Steffen müllinski
    Steffen müllinski

    Sehr geil 😂

  • rex yatsuhi
    rex yatsuhi

    I consume 1-2 pares or tires every month because of this dude I love this dude so much

  • Destin Josh Queja
    Destin Josh Queja

    Good music im dancing

  • Ronnie9P

    i don't see the point of the milk

  • UltraDave

    Ich liebe das Hinterrad 😂wie es sich immer so geil Verbiegt

  • El matado
    El matado

    i think that cat was like 'this human is totally outta his mind meeooowww!!!'

    • Aeuro TT
      Aeuro TT

      El matado sliding into your girls dms be like

  • Alexandre MCS
    Alexandre MCS

    1% bike 99% shit

  • Alexandre MCS
    Alexandre MCS

    coisa de americano para americano, super engraçadinho, estou me matando agora de tanto rir nossa que legal

    • Mário Júnior
      Mário Júnior

      Mano c percebeu q em 1:25 tem um br falando

  • A Trimble
    A Trimble

    Hello from Monterey, Ca. You are as real as it gets, brother. Awesome video, thank you for posting!

  • Ana paula Silva
    Ana paula Silva

    I'm sorry but u'll die. Your enemy goes with u where u go. Thanks God has mercy of ur life.stop love ur life.

  • Mani Aqaei
    Mani Aqaei

    خیلی خوب بود

  • L Wang
    L Wang

    0:36 😏

  • Biskleyt End me
    Biskleyt End me

    Music ???

  • Sonia Gull
    Sonia Gull

    nice video

  • Farhan Ab
    Farhan Ab

    4:12 what is song?