Fabio Wibmer - Out Of Mind
Sweet dreams are made of this... Downhill shredding on an old city bike in Saalbach and Leogang!?
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Big thanks to Saalbach for supporting this project.
Special thanks to Bernhard Niederseer for making it happen!
Check out their website: www.saalbach.com
Filmed in Saalbach (www.saalbach.com) and Leogang (www.bikepark-leogang.com)
Filmed by Manuel Nguyen
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PS: No animals were harmed!

  • flavio zaragoza garcia
    flavio zaragoza garcia

    You're a cycling god

  • Ryan Lafuente
    Ryan Lafuente

    Road bike must be good. Why don't you give it a shot?😆

  • Nerildo Costa
    Nerildo Costa

    Tinha Que Ser No Sonho Mesmo kkkk Cara Fera Na Bike

  • Louann Jones
    Louann Jones


  • Lucas Brown
    Lucas Brown

    2:16 RIP back wheel

  • Yuri Fernandes
    Yuri Fernandes

    Não a bike é o piloto

  • Hari Narayan Mr.
    Hari Narayan Mr.

    where you got this rusty cycle from?

  • Fernando Zorrilla
    Fernando Zorrilla

    That was an awesome LMFAO video...!

  • Jordan Mason
    Jordan Mason

    What a waste of milk :D

  • paxton james downerz
    paxton james downerz


  • El Maskhurhab
    El Maskhurhab

    Are you kidding me??? 😅

  • G

    How!?! Why!?!

  • AnimeBoy Tv
    AnimeBoy Tv

    Lol that was to funnn😂

  • Mk4

    It passed your "test ride" ;-)) It's a good bike.

  • Jean Pascal Wilfried Gouleye
    Jean Pascal Wilfried Gouleye

    Les humains ne peuvent rien me faire.

  • Jean Pascal Wilfried Gouleye
    Jean Pascal Wilfried Gouleye

    Les Hommes ne peuvent rien me faire.

  • Jean Pascal Wilfried Gouleye
    Jean Pascal Wilfried Gouleye

    L'Éternel est pour moi,je ne crains rien :que peuvent me faire des Hommes?

  • Romel Gonzales
    Romel Gonzales

    In the Philippines we use Fixie bike for downhill.

  • yeti78

    downhill down delicate alpine meadows will turn them into a mudslide easily. thanks for the role model. same for the "cow" joke. Alpine farmers will like that if everyone thinks their cows are for amusement of ppl. :(

  • pagli acci
    pagli acci

    I may be a millionaire this lifetime, maybe even a billionaire but i will never be able to do this!!

  • Sean Madill
    Sean Madill

    I wish I could get that seven minutes back.

  • Jah-lille Stewart
    Jah-lille Stewart

    wow thumbs up

  • Leo Santiquet
    Leo Santiquet

    No no u don't dream he is better than all of us with that bike

  • Jona Jona
    Jona Jona

    throwing a cat= dislike

  • Madrugada Inútil
    Madrugada Inútil


  • Arthur Prado
    Arthur Prado

    And you ask if you can mtb with your expensive bike...

  • Aidan Tegtmeier
    Aidan Tegtmeier

    If anyone can tell me what the first song is I'll pay you.

  • Marcelo Dantas
    Marcelo Dantas


  • Дмитрий Рандомов
    Дмитрий Рандомов

    бля фанарб жалко(*(((((

  • San Sanplok
    San Sanplok

    Wkwkwkwkwkwk jancuk

  • Eric Vandewiele
    Eric Vandewiele


  • Экшн Fishing
    Экшн Fishing

    топ чик!!!!!!

  • rossi.difonzo

    bravo! quasi come Torquato Testa (Toto)

  • Kurey

    I’m dead😂😂

  • Nour Acharki
    Nour Acharki


  • Gonçalo Silva
    Gonçalo Silva

    E agora desculpas para andar de bike?

  • S_ Farhan
    S_ Farhan

    4:10 whats song???

    • S_ Farhan
      S_ Farhan

      Ok thank's broo

    • Di7 Cyborg
      Di7 Cyborg

      Ben cocks - so lazy

  • Vlad RL
    Vlad RL

    Who would even attempt this lmfao I would be in so much pain.

  • RR studio
    RR studio

    I love 😀😀😀😍

  • juan carlos mendoza
    juan carlos mendoza