Fabio Wibmer - Osttirol Is My Playground
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This is the brand new video from Fabio Wibmer.
It was filmed over the period of 3 months in Osttirol and it features probably one of the best street trials riding in the web.
Osttirol is one of the most beautiful places and it was just a dream to ride and film in this awesome scenery.
To see how much effort we put in this video watch the behind the scenes clip with big crashes and fails.
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Want to know what protection, bikes, parts and camera equipment I use? Here is a list of all things bit.ly/1QwCvpc
Super thanks to OSTTIROL for making this video happen! Video wouldn't have been possible without them.
Music by
The Family Crest - The headwinds
The Family Crest - Love don't go
Early Morning Rebel - Hold on
Their music is amazing, so make sure to check it out on iTunes
Filmed byHannes Berger
Edited by Fabio Wibmer
Filmed on the Nikon D800
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  • Benjamin Ricaplanca
    Benjamin Ricaplanca

    awespme fabio wibmer

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