"Here's What Happened" | Monk
The ex-wife of the famous TV star Brad Terry (Billy Burke) was murdered while he was talking to the press. Even though no one believes he could possibly be involved in the crime, Monk is convinced he murdered his wife.
From Season 2 Episode 12 'Mr. Monk and the TV Star' - A T.V. star charms Monk's entire team with the VIP treatment. But Monk is convinced he murdered his wife.
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  • Kandi Klover
    Kandi Klover

    This is the official channel. Please you should put the closed captions!!!!

  • Paul T
    Paul T

    Want to know how to prevent Coronavirus? Be like Monk.

  • 22dallas1

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="234">3:54</a>

  • MVB 3773
    MVB 3773

    The world needs monk back

  • soSAMuk's UK slot channel
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel

    Does he not have to have his rights read?

    • diehardrvdfan22

      I think by Season 2 it's just assumed that they say the whole thing offscreen.

  • Alec Newman
    Alec Newman

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> he smashes the glass from the inside of the door, youd be able to tell that from where the shards end up on the ground

  • Shareware Wizard
    Shareware Wizard

    can you imagine if that yoga video ended up getting sold off at some evidence auction or something and someone's got the video going and they're relaxing and centering their spirit and then EEAEAAUAAUAUUHAHGHGHHHH

  • whiteribbonman1

    Thumbs-Up #2.8K-PLUS I happily am Sunday morning early 15 March 2020! Time will tell if I am re-addicted to Monk.

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    "Would you rough up my bad guy?....I'd rough up my bad guy so hard"

  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez

    Haven’t seen the show but didn’t the cops suspect anything when they saw the door’s glass outside?

    • Ghost De Razgriz
      Ghost De Razgriz

      They questioned it yes. Luckily they're really bad at their job so they didn't there was anything substantial their.

  • mierpub8lam

    Stroh is always killing women!

  • MrCaptainA

    It's sad how Brad Terry ruined his own life out of sheer greed, just because he didn't want to share royalties/alimony money with his ex-wife anymore. Killing her forever ruined his reputation, got him sent to prison, and got his show cancelled just after it reached its 100th episode. If he hadn't let his desire for wealth outweigh his common sense, he would still be free and the star of a popular, long-running TV show.

  • John Nino
    John Nino

    Lol imagine trying to have a relaxing yoga time then suddenly, earrape! 😭😭

  • Al Foster
    Al Foster

    killer broke the glass outward instead of inward Monk woulda got that right off.


    I understand it's a comedy as it should be because if it was a real event a proper cop would have the answer in 3 seconds. A good comedy though.

  • Niyat Tekle
    Niyat Tekle

    Wait why would he kill his wife?!

  • JuaronTheMan

    I wish Monk and Sharon’s woulda become a couple at end lol but the series finale was great

  • Toby Holland
    Toby Holland

    The killers in Monk never really seem all that upset about getting caught. Like they're getting a speeding ticket or something mildly inconvenient.

    • King Midas
      King Midas

      I think the most logical explanation is that while they have a sense that they've been found out, everyone knows they will have a trial relying on what is often either one piece of evidence or a convoluted story. If they come right out and admit they've been caught they're definitely going down, if they try to keep it up despite things looking grim, they still have a chance, even if the police themselves are now convinced he's guilty

  • The Real Blackhawk56210
    The Real Blackhawk56210


  • 4Horsemen of The Apocalypse
    4Horsemen of The Apocalypse

    Didnt Bones also do a Blood Bullet?

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude

    I like her as his assistant. Nothing against the other girl, but this was was always a lot of fun imo

  • Pedro Martell
    Pedro Martell

    Blood bullet lol?

  • Pedro Martell
    Pedro Martell

    I don’t enjoy it but it’s my job

  • Dragonking 109
    Dragonking 109

    The blood bullet, how come that wasn’t on Mythbusters. Or if it was, does anyone know because I don’t.

  • ThatCoolKidYouKnow

    Holy crap, when monk punched the guy at the end. I lost it laughing.

  • Saul Newman
    Saul Newman

    blood bullet

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin

    Tony Shalhoub is a really underrated actor.

    • Thomas Martin
      Thomas Martin

      Winning an award doesn't mean you can't be underrated still.

    • Ryan Irwin- Diehl
      Ryan Irwin- Diehl

      He won Emmys for this role he’s not underrated at all

  • A T
    A T

    Omg the time when we couldnt binge watch any shows. We always had to wait till next week to see what happens next 😄 love the 90s! No one was in a rush for anything 🤣

  • Savant Slacker
    Savant Slacker

    I just noticed after watching a few of these clips back to back. Most of Monk's deductions don't have actual proof and would be thrown out in a court of law. Yeah the screams are identical but unless they had the actual tape or at least digital files showing he did slice that scream then it's circumstantial at best. All the culprit has to do is not confess and deny all charges.

  • C harlie
    C harlie

    I'm watching zoo on Netflix right now. He's such an amazing actor and such a crazy show.

  • The Gaming Knight
    The Gaming Knight

    Who can think up a murder like this? Or the blood bullet one, how would that one work anyway?

  • US

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="217">03:37</a> “AAAH! What are you doing?!?” <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">03:42</a> “AAAH! What are you doing?!?” <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">03:58</a> “AAAH! What are you doing?!?” <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="250">04:10</a> “AAAH! What are you doing?!?” <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="296">04:56</a> “AAAH! What are you doing?!?” <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="307">05:07</a> didn’t have “AAAH! What are you doing?!?” Disappointing

    • Ryan Annis
      Ryan Annis

      @Roody Tooty I was going to post the same thing, thanks for beating me to it. hahaha

    • Roody Tooty
      Roody Tooty

      It sounded more like "HOOOOA"

  • boniface kibet
    boniface kibet

    I get scared when Monk is solving a case but I love it

  • Kenny Fordham
    Kenny Fordham

    I'm a big Monk fan, but this case was solved on very flimsy evidence. 1) Since that tape wasn't examined prior to the murder, there's no way to prove that it altered by the husband. 2) And if the tape was found to be altered, there's no direct proof that it was the husband who altered it. 3) One evidence is recovered, it has to be treated carefully. You don't stick it in your jacket pocket and throw it around. If that VCR ate that tape, the whole case would have been ruined. 3) A questionable altered tape isn't probable cause for arrest. The tape has to be taken to a lab to verify that it has been altered.

  • Biorythym

    Hmm he broke the window from the inside, wouldn’t anyone be able to tell it wasn’t a break in because the glass fell outside?

    • The Gaming Knight
      The Gaming Knight

      The door was open... inwards.

  • civillady13

    But the glass from the broken window was outside. Shouldn’t it be inside if someone was breaking in?

  • Filosofo Tacio
    Filosofo Tacio

    first thing they would've done was looked at the blood pattern his shirt though..

  • Me And mine
    Me And mine

    I miss Sharonas legs...

  • Snail Man
    Snail Man

    jesus fuck the execution of that woman was like from assassins creed

  • Anita Calloway
    Anita Calloway

    Why are you only showing the ones with Sharona? What about Natalie?

  • Herbivore The Carnivore
    Herbivore The Carnivore

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> I want to know what editing software has a hacker-esque loading screen whenever I do a simple task

    • Zekium

      I love the small detail "Show this dialog in the future" on the loading screen.

    • Roody Tooty
      Roody Tooty

      everything mundane looks cool when you add a loading bar.

  • Sugar m18
    Sugar m18

    Oh hi Bella’s dad from Twilight! (Yes, Billy Burk played Bella’s dad from Twilight)

  • m b
    m b

    Who watches this show?

    • EmilyRose

      Meeeee Liberaldemokraten Everyday

  • King NateVader
    King NateVader

    It's a jungle out there Disorder and confusion everywhere No one seems to care Well I do Hey, who's in charge here? *_Mr Monk_*

  • Haze The Space Commie
    Haze The Space Commie

    I watch one monk video and now my recommended videos are plagued with this shit

  • Keiji Johnson
    Keiji Johnson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a> - It was here when I actually just yelled out loud, “OH DANG! I remember this sequence!” I remember watching this before leaving for high school one day... But I don’t remember the kill itself being that gruesome. I mean Jesus...

  • LAN Master
    LAN Master

    I couldn't hear the audio i had to turn it up

  • LostSpider

    and where is the proof?

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth

    He wasn't read his rights. :( I've never seen Bella's Dad look so young. What year was this?

    • Kenny Fordham
      Kenny Fordham

      They didn't have to read him his rights. He wasn't asked to say anything. Only BEFORE questioning, do the rights need to read be read.

  • 5610winston

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> Notice he puts his hand over his face and temple the way Columbo did.

  • Bajan Mum
    Bajan Mum

    1: Sherlock 2: Columbo 3: Monk

    • Edgar Perez
      Edgar Perez

      And then Patrick Jane

    • welty69

      and Psych!!!

  • Brandon Allen
    Brandon Allen

    I keep forgetting that the captain was also Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.

    • Kandi Klover
      Kandi Klover

      Aaaand now I'm gonna keep remembering naked dancing whenever I watch the show. Hopefully I forget too.

    • Anshuman Kher
      Anshuman Kher

      Oh yeah

    • Brandon Allen
      Brandon Allen

      @HeraldOfOblivion3825 That's correct, Ted Levine plays Buffalo Bill and Captain Stottlemeyer.

    • HeraldOfOblivion3825

      Wait... WHAT?!

  • Erik Kral
    Erik Kral

    Is monk on Amazon prime?

    • Jakayla Griffin
      Jakayla Griffin

      Erik Kral yeah

  • Green 33
    Green 33

    That's right! Fuck'em, Mr. Monk!

  • jace888

    Wow. And I thought The Red Wedding was bad enough!

  • No wankers allowed
    No wankers allowed

    Except the glass is on the outside because he smashed it on the inside pushing the glass out

    • motodog242

      The door was already opened, which is even more suspicious when you see where the glass is when the door is closed.

    • rishabh anand
      rishabh anand

      the door opened in, so when he smashed the glass, it ended up inside the house, looking like a break-in.

  • Prachetas Nayse
    Prachetas Nayse

    Ah yes. The Monk. Ending everyone's careers before it was cool.

  • Prachetas Nayse
    Prachetas Nayse

    Ah yes. The Monk. Ending everyone's careers before it was cool.

  • Elastas Lastine
    Elastas Lastine

    I was so in love with this series. I was there for the series finale too. I remember that day was well spent in anticipation for the reveals and the closure.

  • bbgunp

    I want to ask why he murdered her, did she know something that would of ended his career, did she have a affair or something?

    • Steve Turowski
      Steve Turowski

      bbgunp The show was about to go into syndication and if he divorced her she would get half of his money

    • Zach

      I think she would have ended up with half the money he would have made from his show or something.

  • Jawa Gang
    Jawa Gang

    my favorite part of this whole video, is at the end monk covers his hand when he "roughs him up". Amazing lmao.

  • John DeOtte
    John DeOtte

    I miss Monk.

  • Grand Catsmama
    Grand Catsmama

    I love Monk! I love how Monk figures out how the murder was done. My late husband was the type of person who could watch a mystery or one of the Law and Order shows and figure out who did it in the first 10 minutes. I have to wait till the end of the show or book to know who and how it was done.

  • Petra Publications
    Petra Publications

    This was one of my favorite episodes. Especially the fourth-wall break at the end.

  • James Landon
    James Landon

    "Don't be afraid to rough him up. He's the bad guy."

    • Bad Cattitude
      Bad Cattitude

      I forget what it's called, but they used to handcuff a suspect, put them in the backseat with no seat belt, then drive like a maniac so they bounce around in the backseat.

    • Archsteel

      This joke has aged like a fine milk.

    • Reverie

      @Grand Catsmama ah yes the gold ol days of rampant police brutality, we love america

    • Mad Friend
      Mad Friend

      @Grand Catsmama yea good thing they never got the wrong guy

    • Grand Catsmama
      Grand Catsmama

      My late husband's father was a police officer in the 60s and 70s, back then they had no problem roughing up the bad guys. Dana told me how his father would bring the guy in with some bruises and say "he hit his head getting into the car". Oh the good old days of police work.

  • Nienke Timmermans
    Nienke Timmermans

    galaxy brain

  • BioYuGi

    Apart from the failed logic of a blood bullet actually managing to survive the explosion of the gun firing long enough to impact somebody, how stupid is it to literally kill somebody with your own DNA.

  • YouEclipseAll

    I miss this show❤️ I love Sharona💞💞

    • Vidar Haarr
      Vidar Haarr

      Natalie ftw!

    • Steve Turowski
      Steve Turowski

      YouEclipseAll It's on the Heroes & icons channel on Thursdays from 11am to 7 pm. Also I've seen it on Hallmark channel.

  • Aaron

    Great for the show and what not but I seriously doubt this would hold up in court without the tape.

  • MortalBLAST

    "its a jungle out there" and still is 2020.

    • Nicholas E Miranda
      Nicholas E Miranda

      MortalBLAST it was 2019 because this comment is 3 months old

  • The Schmi!
    The Schmi!

    *Murders exist* Monk: I’m about to end this man’s whole career!

    • Calmgoodfire

      Monk walks in a room and says I know what happened Murderer:starts swearing

  • David Benner
    David Benner

    Obviously, it was her husband.

  • boiledcrap

    Using digital equipment to edit a VHS. Today that feels like using photoshop to make a cave drawing on a physical wall.


    Columbo was the best but Monk was right behind him...

    • Account for Comment
      Account for Comment

      @Robert Corbett This episode is a clear homage to Columbo arrest of Leonard Bernstein. Without Columbo, Monk would not exist. But your taste is up to your preference.

    • Account for Comment
      Account for Comment

      The lieutenant is an old-school detective without the bad attitude. Monk is a comedy show with a detective framework. Nothing so far beat Sherlock Holmes, the BW ones, not the fangirl version.

    • Robert Corbett
      Robert Corbett

      Columbo sucked.

    • Rene Shay
      Rene Shay

      Monk is like an updated version of Columbo.

  • The Pharo King
    The Pharo King

    You can't punk the Monk! 😁🙂😁🙂

  • Biorythym

    Motive please?

    • finris1

      His television show was about to be syndicated by having 100 episodes, meaning a lot of money that he would have to split with his ex-wife due to the terms of their divorce. He didn’t want to lose millions.

    • xlxcrossxlx

      He was sleeping with Anthony Hopkins' wife?

  • A Rose
    A Rose

    😮 wow good one monk🤗

  • iluvdissheet

    I love Tony shalhoub! I even liked 13 ghosts bc of him. Sad but true 🤩

    • iluvdissheet

      @Tanuki Man Almost forgot about that. Of course he would fall in love with the alien! 😊 Btw....is that the same actress in dodgeball? 🤔

    • Tanuki Man
      Tanuki Man

      What about his turn in “Galaxy Quest?”

  • Ivie E.
    Ivie E.

    Never gets old

  • mgkpraesi

    Zero proof. Case closed. A classic Monk.

    • Vladimir Zhivanevskaya
      Vladimir Zhivanevskaya

      His only defense was "some random guy did it"--seeing as there's no evidence of anyone else being there, along with him having means and motive, that doctored tape would kill him if he went to trial, as it's his only alibi for not being in the house when she was stabbed. He'll take the plea for 25 years with parole, if he's smart.

    • Samuurai

      mgkpraesi As long as theres enough to convince the district attorney to launch a trial, and then enough for a jury to find him guilty, there’s “proof”