"I Love Both My Hands" | Monk
The mafia boss Salvatore Lucarelli needs Monk's help to figure out who murdered some members of his family.
From Season 3, Episode 5 "Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather" - The West Coast godfather Salvatore Lucarelli asks Monk to find the gunman responsible for the murder of some members of his family.
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  • The Warrior
    The Warrior

    Fat tony😂😂...remember the Simpsons?

  • Movie Hermit
    Movie Hermit

    Everyone's talking about the fish heads regrowing, while I'm stuck on the fact that the Boss wasn't wearing gloves

  • freezaplanet419

    Anyone notice the Italian restaurant has French flags?

  • nanka2002

    let me tell you clean boy....

  • seinfan

    Mr. Bookman

  • fairlyliterary

    I don't think there's much of a fish inconsistency and more like there are two fish

  • Lily Raimey
    Lily Raimey

    This was the ep when he was in a cult, right?

    • Daniel Barrera
      Daniel Barrera


  • Matthew Miles
    Matthew Miles


  • FlyHyland

    Oh, I remember this episode it had one of my favorite lines in the entire series: Sharona: 'Why do you have to call him Fat Tony? Why not.... Big Tony?' Gangster: 'We've already got someone called Big Tony.' Sharona: 'Who!?' Gangster: 'Big Tony!'

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T

    Isnt that louis litt taking pictures in that van?

  • Lori Wolfcat
    Lori Wolfcat

    2 white dudes with a Mexican-looking bodyguard, tryin to be Italians. 🙄 Ugh, why wouldn’t they just get De Niro and Al Pacino??

    • ReZgar

      @Lori Wolfcat can ya not do math? You yourself said "Italian, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, English, and French." thats 7.. so realistically hes more along %14 italian not even 25%. an actor having -14% Italian blood doesn't make him better at portraying an Italian... he has just plaid an Italian in so many roles you associate him as an Italian.

    • Lori Wolfcat
      Lori Wolfcat

      ReZgar O_o I don’t know why you claim he’s so little Italian when his grandfather was. Just look it up. And even if he was 1% Italian, that’s still his heritage. If you’re 1% Native American, you should go out and explore maybe what tribe you are, but the trouble is, figuring out the specifics is hard when it comes to tribes, especially since Americans were ambushed by Spain, and conquered by the English. It’s similar to trying to find out if you’re Aztec or Mayan. Apparently there Is a difference because some Latinos don’t like one or the other. And you don’t Claim to be Anything, you are. No matter if you explore your heritage or not, you still have it. If you’re 1% Native American, whether you know explore it or not doesn’t make you more or less what you already are. I’m proud of my heritage, and for people who either don’t care to explore, or don’t know about doesn’t make them any less than what they are. If you’re 1% Native and you Don’t explore it, it’s sad and disappointing, but they’re still 1% Native. I think what you’re referring to is being 1% and Faking pride for luxuries. Taking advantage when you wouldn’t care in the first place. Being an ethnicity is something you can’t change, but if someone is Faking pride for it to gain something, then that’s just sad.

    • ReZgar

      @Lori Wolfcat de Niro is quarter Italian and was born in USA... Aka not Italian. It's like people that are .0000001% native American who have never been near a tribe claiming they are native American...

    • Lori Wolfcat
      Lori Wolfcat

      ReZgar Half Italian is still Italian, dude. I’m part Italian, but I’m still Italian. And shows like House, or Monk, where the main character doesn’t have a proper family background, it doesn’t matter. Like the show never brings up what ethnicity House or Monk is. Hugh Jackman, I never understood why he didn’t wanna show his Australian accent, but we don’t even know anything about Canadians, so anyone can play that. Hugh Laurie’s actually English, but when it calls for an English person, they should get one and just like an Italian person. Robert De Niro can actually have multiple roles because he’s Italian, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, English, and French. In acting, I understand that sometimes authenticity isn’t always available, but I wish they could’ve at least found actors who looked Italian. One mindwarping piece of trivia for me was finding out Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad was actually Jewish! He looked straight up Mexican! And it’s sad I fell for it cuz I’m Mexican! Haha but that’s what I’m saying. I just wish if it was cuz they couldn’t get an Italian, I wish they found actors who looked it at least.

    • ReZgar

      I'm going to add de Niro is not Italian, his dad is half Italian... He has just played so many Italian characters you associate him with Italian.

  • alfa-psi

    The Mafia's boss previously had a job as library detective.

    • حسام ستارك
      حسام ستارك

      Thanks man it would've taken me all night trying to figure out where i saw him

  • shakur laflare
    shakur laflare

    Sounds like we’ve got ourself a jacker

    • legofan370

      The *real* reason why he goes through so many wipes. 😉😂

  • Ivy Okeyo
    Ivy Okeyo

    Jesus is that you? The way the fish and fish heads keep multiplying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ivy Okeyo
    Ivy Okeyo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> no fish head on the board, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> fish head magically appears on the chopping board 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • fairlyliterary

      There's two fish

  • Thomas Moeller
    Thomas Moeller

    Funny that there was an episode where Monk was the continuity police and in this scene there are more than a dozen continuity errors. Nice nod to another episode.

    • fairlyliterary

      @Fuzy2K thanks.

    • Fuzy2K

      @fairlyliterary Mr. Monk and the TV Star

    • fairlyliterary

      Which episode?

  • Lee Banning
    Lee Banning

    What if your hands don't love you.

  • Daniel LaRusso
    Daniel LaRusso

    Omg how many times did him chop that fish's head off...

    • Knowbody


  • mengume

    The fish inconstancy bothers me

    • fairlyliterary

      There are 2 fish 😄

  • elizabeth nekesa
    elizabeth nekesa

    Please upload on Netflix. Please all the seasons!!

    • SwineCraft

      Amazon Prime has all the seasons of Monk

  • Uller Uprising
    Uller Uprising

    bookman tropic of cancer

  • Steve Turowski
    Steve Turowski

    This show never got dull!

  • BIGhappyG33

    Merry Christmas Monk

  • Paramarta Iganp
    Paramarta Iganp

    Please make a compilation of Randy’s “brilliance” The Terminator theory The sentient egg eating robot Etc

    • Steve Turowski
      Steve Turowski

      Paramarta Iganp Randy and Jesse Pinkman could be brothers

  • Florina Baftijari
    Florina Baftijari

    This channel makes me the happiest on earth and I'm so thankful you post these videos AAAA

  • Brian Ellinger
    Brian Ellinger

    I think red Jimmy was left handed


    Just make sure you return your library book on time.

    • Deity V
      Deity V

      I have to return some video tapes

    • Juliana Rose
      Juliana Rose

      ZEZERBING the one & only library cop

    • Jessie Higa
      Jessie Higa


  • Rg Bb
    Rg Bb

    Is it me or that fish's head keeps regenerating

    • Fuzy2K

      Not many people know about Hanna-Barbera's live-action work...

    • Apocalyptic survivor
      Apocalyptic survivor

      @Kay Des 1 head no head 2 head no head...

    • KittyMan

      Maybe he was looking for a cleaner cut.

    • Tarah Senatus
      Tarah Senatus

      I just saw that too.

    • Sim Vig
      Sim Vig

      I just noticed that

  • Anton Smith
    Anton Smith

    Yes! Keep uploading I will watch them all!

    • A Rose
      A Rose

      ^^what he said!!

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael

    Thank you for this channel!

  • Paramarta Iganp
    Paramarta Iganp

    Fat Tony