Monk In The Courthouse | Monk
Summoned to jury duty on a minor robbery case, Monk finds himself in bigger trouble when the girlfriend of Escobar, the most wanted man in the United States, tries to help her lover to escape from the courthouse.
From Season 4 Episode 16 "Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty" - Monk must sit on a jury to hear the case of a minor robbery and finds himself drawn into a larger mystery.
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The Official Channel devoted to the brilliance of DI Adrian Monk; the defective San Franciscan detective, whose OCD is both a blessing and a curse. We'll be posting the very best moments from the show so, like Monk, you'll never miss a beat.
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  • Movie Hermit
    Movie Hermit

    "Let's have a little _privacy"_ *Proceeds to lower the blinds without closing them shut*

  • Shyamsundar Rajan
    Shyamsundar Rajan

    Boy Mia took the break up with Charlie bad

  • Joseph McCracken
    Joseph McCracken

    Like a woman could overpower a man. Gtfoh!

  • BioYuGi

    Why did ten people let a single woman tie them up when they could have bum-rushed her?

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore

    She took down a cop with heels on

  • aware

    When you fail only because the blind was uneven

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      RouT3R 🤣

  • Splaticus Blah
    Splaticus Blah

    I hate Randy Newman and switching the music to this awfull Randy song was bad.

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    "Would you chew my Juicy Fruit?....I'd chew my Juicy Fruit so hard"

  • Robert Allard
    Robert Allard

    Emmanuelle Vaugier, one of Charlie Harpers many girlfriends in Two and a Half Men.

    • Ryan Irwin- Diehl
      Ryan Irwin- Diehl

      She was married to Chuck Lorre I believe

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      She made our “Hes the Guy” Segment on our podcast this week!

    • Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller
      Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller

      And also Hayden Christensen hot step mother that raped him, wait that didn't come out right, y'all know what I mean though right?

  • Kathy W
    Kathy W

    At 2 minutes the woman opens the express box with keys and leaves them in the door but then they are in her hand.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Kathy W good catch! 👍🏼👏🏼

  • Sheerluck Holmes
    Sheerluck Holmes

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="253">4:13</a> - security guard no longer lying on the floor unconscious behind the woman with the long black hair.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Sheerluck Holmes nice catch! 👏🏼

  • SuperVstech

    This scene has the FIRST REALISTIC FACIAL APPLICATION OF DUCT TAPE!!! I hate it when the movies show a little piece of tape on the hostage’s mouth and pretend it will stay...

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      SuperVstech Hmm never thought of that!

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude

    She can hold me hostage any time she wants

  • william strode-willis
    william strode-willis

    For a show about a man obsessed with details they caught the crash pad in the dumpster

    • Jonny Drogba
      Jonny Drogba

      The criminals were using the dumpster to escape. They put it there to cushion their fall.

  • Pedro Martell
    Pedro Martell

    Yeh no way that cunt planned all that

  • DreadGodsHand

    I laughed so hard when monk tried to fix the window shades instead of free her. LOL

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      DreadGodsHand 🤣

  • Malkeus Diasporan
    Malkeus Diasporan

    The plots in this show were so over the top. There's never an endgame to them, beyond the initial crime.

    • MrDefault08

      @Malkeus Diasporan My reply came out a little intense- I figured since you were here, you must at least appreciate the show, so I didn't mean it to sound like you outright hated the show. I was more trying to defend the fact that in practice, how much entertainment could one possibly get from having OCD Monk in the usual crime scene? As wacky as these episodes "criminal master plans" are, you can at least admit that the end goal went above most viewers heads and it is nevertheless entertaining to see Monk routinely deal with it. So I guess in short I meant something more along the lines of, "Aww cmon, they aren't THAT bad are they?"

    • Malkeus Diasporan
      Malkeus Diasporan

      @MrDefault08 I like Monk, he was the only saving grace of the show. My beef was with the incredibly stupid and convoluted plans the villains came up with which were doomed to failure from the start.

    • MrDefault08

      @Malkeus Diasporan Its an OCD detective with a fear of almost everything a detective would encounter (and does) yet maintains the respect of a full time nurse that becomes something of a detective herself. If you were ever looking for realism(believability) you were in the wrong place to start. Its not always about endgame and progressing plots, sometimes it is nice to have entertainment (which it is) that centers obscure, wacky, and unlikely but interesting plots. Anyway, the show does feature something of character development for Mr. Monk regarding his wife, so its not exactly stagnant in development, but still.. its a popular series because of how Tony Shalhoub portrayed the character and how that obsessive-compulsive neat freak ironically took part in the dirtiest business as well as how his character interacted in such environment. You arent giving it enough credit!

    • Malkeus Diasporan
      Malkeus Diasporan

      @yjPlenty of tv shows make an attempt to make the plots somewhat believable.

    • yj

      it’s a tv show

  • Abraham Tse
    Abraham Tse

    “Some people will do anything to get out of jury duty.”

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Randy quote! 👍🏼👏🏼

    • Bad Cattitude
      Bad Cattitude

      That was a real knee-slapper

  • noredine

    A few broken ribs should teach that smug agent some humility

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      noredine 🤣

  • DumbStation

    The way she noticed something was wrong: crooked window blinds.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast


    • Oh look It is a cat
      Oh look It is a cat

      You simply don't see crooked window blinds with Monk around. It is Impossible!

  • sld1776

    Emanuel Vaugier... hot stuff, but not a very credible violent woman. The beating of the security dude wasn't believable at all.

  • Rene Shay
    Rene Shay

    Please more episodes! 💕

  • DeadMan the Hekatonkheire
    DeadMan the Hekatonkheire

    Emmanuelle Vaugier is extra *extra* fine.

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth

    I can't watch too many of these because there's always a point where I want to take a bat to Monk's head. He gets a knife and what does he do? Try to fix the blind. He doesn't care about his fellow man. His whole world centers around himself and his wants and needs. Yuk

    • Mr J
      Mr J

      "It's a gift...and a curse." - Adrian Monk

    • marta fernandez
      marta fernandez

      Sorry his illness bothers you. In fact it saved the all group in this episode.

    • BRYAN G
      BRYAN G

      It's his OCD condition. It straight up takes over and in real life this does happened and it's super tough for people to fight out of it.

  • Anjana Devi Kumar MHT
    Anjana Devi Kumar MHT

    We need MONK reboot!

    • Ryan Irwin- Diehl
      Ryan Irwin- Diehl

      Why ruin a perfect show?

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Anjana Devi Kumar MHT 1000x yes

    • Underworlddream

      How about a sequel where he actually meet the guys from Psych?

    • Cunning Smile
      Cunning Smile

      Here's what happened..... The show was good and doesn't need a reboot

  • Aqua

    I must know were the blinds straighten.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Aqua 🤣

    • Aqua

      @TheJessy8888 Thank you 🌹👍

    • TheJessy8888


  • Sara Sorensen
    Sara Sorensen

    The blinds! This is my most favorite Monk scene ever!

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Sara Sorensen We loved it too!!

  • Masterplanet 420
    Masterplanet 420

    I can hear gun shots a mile from my house and noooooo one heard any shots in the building 2 floors above them, and why didn’t she shoot them in the face

    • Always Severus
      Always Severus

      Working and aiming a gun isn't as easy as you think, the chest is the biggest target and your bound to really hurt them if you hit them there, it's a lot safer. Headshots are for the really skilled and she's not like a master hitmen. That's why cops don't shoot people in the legs to try and just disable them. The chances of hitting are slim, especially when the person is moving.

  • Paul g
    Paul g

    That guard was useless

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Paul g 🙄 🤣

  • Shadowkey392

    “I was saying ‘For the love of God, please don’t rip off the TAPE!’”

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Shadowkey392 🤣

  • Aster Ginete
    Aster Ginete

    So hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂 I love this show so much!

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Aster Ginete We do too!! ❤️

  • Daniel AH
    Daniel AH

    the jurors should have stomped their feet on the floor, creating a ruckus on the lower floor

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Jeremy ooo also a good point.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Good point!

    • Jeremy

      Nobody heard the gunshot. You think they'd hear stomping?

    • Daniel AH
      Daniel AH

      @Don Ireland nope, I checked

    • Don Ireland
      Don Ireland

      Feet were zip-tied to the chairs.

  • al videos
    al videos

    I'm so sure this chick takes down a cop.

  • Dulaya Saennok
    Dulaya Saennok

    Love this episode. It's inspired by the movie 12 Angry Men.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Dulaya Saennok I said that on our podcast this week!! Someone else noticed too 👏🏼

  • Hurricanelive

    Bu... buh... what about the blinds? The blinds! buh buh buh buh.... bammidy bam ba bam bam bam!

    • K Lilly M
      K Lilly M

      Monk fixed them, definitely

  • Christian Unger
    Christian Unger

    But... but did they straighten the blinds? For God’s sake I must know, DID THEY STRAIGHTEN THE BLINDS???

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast


    • Christian Unger
      Christian Unger

      TheJessy8888 thank you, I’ve just been taken off suicide watch thanks to your sharp eyes.

    • TheJessy8888

      04:21 look just behind monk

    • Jet The Bret
      Jet The Bret

      Christian Unger, yes

  • Drake Loki
    Drake Loki

    Either that guard was incredibly weak and sensitive or he was just pretending to be knocked out and didn't give a s*** there is no way that would have been enough to knock him out. I've taking a harder hits working construction or when I've worked at Assisted Living Center from the elderly.

    • a•muse

      Drake Loki She was a professional. Her crime boss boyfriend would not risk having an amateur rescuing him in court building like that. Plus if I was the guard I would have pretended to be knocked out as well. Not worth getting your life wasted for a job like that. At best your name is listed in small print as a reference to the case, a nobody that people would skip right over to get to the crime boss’ story.

    • Drake Loki
      Drake Loki

      @a•muse I don't know if she was meant to be a professional killer I know her boyfriend was, and that doesn't really change her stunning attack was pushing the guy about a foot and a half. At the very least I think we can both agree that the scenes just badly choreographed

    • a•muse

      Drake Loki But those are accidents. She is a professional killer who hurting people is her main objective here. That means she has the plan and the knowledge of how to disable a person with minimum effort and with the least use of force. The displaying of force doesn’t tell much about the impact the security guard would have felt being hit by a professional killer. In fact, it only confirms that she is dangerous and lethal.

    • Drake Loki
      Drake Loki

      @a•muse she got like next to no momentum when she tried to slam the guy's head against the wall, and that was enough to stun a guy. I fell off of scaffolding, falling into pits usually holding material like a pan of cement cinder blocks and bricks that I would try to make sure didn't break or spill so would land on me and I've even had stuff drop from a roof and hit me in the head, not to mention any accidents while using a sledgehammer or pry bar and none of that stuff ever knocked me out not to mention several times where we accidentally re-enacted us three stooges bet where somebody's holding a wood plank that's like 12 ft long or so and then turns around knocking someone half the time me in the head and I was never so much as stunned, so the fact that a security guard got stunned from like a hundred pound woman basically pushing them with like a foot and a half of distance I call bulshit

    • a•muse

      Drake Loki I call BS. Your job as construction workers or elderly caregiver would mostly likely not induce professional killers to hit you. Unless of course , you are a shady individual who uses those positions as front for other shady businesses or you have a lot of money. For those reasons, your comment about the impact of the hit doesn’t apply since you have never experienced similar situations.

  • Ebizzill

    that was intense!

  • AA Dodge
    AA Dodge

    That girl beat THE FUCK out of that security guard. 🤣😂 Nice job bro!

  • Flying Solo
    Flying Solo

    Rachel, you naughty girl. Did they really need a Bettie Page look-alike with fishnets in there ??

  • Checkmate Chess Channel
    Checkmate Chess Channel

    It didn't make any sense. All his girlfriend would have to do is vote not guilty all of the time and it would be a hung jury. Wouldn't that be easier than what she tried to do?

    • Checkmate Chess Channel
      Checkmate Chess Channel

      @Lord Tzeentch Oh, thank you so much for clarifying that for me. I'm sure that there are others reading these comments who were unsure of how that works as well.

    • Lord Tzeentch
      Lord Tzeentch

      @Checkmate Chess Channel The explain in further detail, there are 3 results to a trial. 1. Guilty. They go to sentencing and the judge decides how long they get imprisoned for 2. Not Guilty. They go free and cannot be charged again for the same crime even if new evidence surfaces 3. Hung Trial. The jury cannot get enough votes for either the Guilty OR Not Guilty options, so they dismiss the jury and restart with a new jury.

    • SeikiBrian

      @Checkmate Chess Channel You're not making any sense. The US government has never had the ability to try someone over again for the same crime; it's called double jeopardy, and is prohibited in the Constitution. From your very first post it's been clear that you don't understand the legal system.

    • Checkmate Chess Channel
      Checkmate Chess Channel

      @SeikiBrian Well, it's better than the gov't having the ability to retry anyone for as many times as they want to.

    • SeikiBrian

      @Checkmate Chess Channel The government *can't* always retry someone; only if there is no verdict in the first trial. What you seem to be suggesting is that in the case of juries not coming to a consensus the accused should simply be released. What kind of justice would that be?

  • lNetorare Doujinshi
    lNetorare Doujinshi

    Love this show, love it more in small bites~

  • David Craig
    David Craig

    I was unable to watch the series 'cuz he drove me nuts, but I love the short versions.

  • aki akiii
    aki akiii

    I love that Monk's first priority is to fix the window blinds

    • Suha Mohammed
      Suha Mohammed

      I was sitting in a coffee shop when I saw this scene and I had to hold a very loud laugh with tears it was so hilarious 🤣 🤣

    • Overpowered Underpaid
      Overpowered Underpaid

      Bruh, it’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seemed to care but he did.

    • Red Viper
      Red Viper

      I thought he was going to cut the restraints of his fellow juror. Then I was like, “AH COME ON!”

  • aki akiii
    aki akiii

    I love how she knew something was wrong just by seeing crooked window blinds

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast


    • D. C.
      D. C.

      It was extremely odd, have you ever seen an office window with the blinds askew? You haven't have you? - I'm Monks other brother.

    • Steven Baldi
      Steven Baldi

      That's exactly what I thought. LOL

    • Emperor Elite
      Emperor Elite

      @chris gast earlier in the ep. Monk was yelling from it.

    • 1997lordofdoom

      @chris gast She sees Monk on that window in a previous scene when she is with Randy down stairs. It's the iconic, No idea? No ID scene.

  • BirbTortillaMSM

    I miss this show.

  • Princeton Music
    Princeton Music

    The background music really made this scene

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Princeton Music 🎵

  • Caio Cabral
    Caio Cabral

    Essa série precisa voltar!!!

  • EmilyRose

    I was watching this episode yesterday haha

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      EmilyRose 👏🏼

  • Riya Reddy
    Riya Reddy

    Why haven’t I seen this episode before

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      It’s a great one! Our highest rated episode on our podcast so far!

    • Paramarta Iganp
      Paramarta Iganp

      Riya Reddy it’s a good episode. You can imagine what the other jury feel locked in a room with Monk haha

  • Prasha Ranasinghe
    Prasha Ranasinghe

    Nikki from carbon took a wrong turn after helping player beat darius

  • James Wenick
    James Wenick

    Hey that hostage was a dad in a house md episode

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      James Wenick Really which one?

  • Paramarta Iganp
    Paramarta Iganp

    I wonder how a lawyer would defend her in court. There are 10 eyewitnesses and one of them happens to be Monk.

    • Karyth

      If i was a lawyer and was forced to defend i would try to reduce her sentence by saying she feared for her life, which is about as good as that would probably get

    • bertmustin

      You only keep her off death row but she's going away for the rest of her life. Miquel earned a one way ticket to a Supermax prison.

    • Paramarta Iganp
      Paramarta Iganp

      CommandoDude Just like Gal Tucker said “pick pick pick”

    • CommandoDude

      "Mr. Monk, please explain every detail of the case" "Here's how it happened..."

    • H Yu
      H Yu

      You don’t attack in court, plead guilty, then throw yourself at the mercy of the court during sentencing. No getting out of assault on a bailiff. You acknowledge guilt but say you were brainwashed by the mob, the mob threatened your family, you grew up abused. See clarance Darrow actions in the case of the perfect murder

  • Markleahy3346 Leahy 99
    Markleahy3346 Leahy 99

    Love this scene

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Markleahy3346 Leahy 99 It’s a great one for sure!