Monk Meets His Favourite Shirt Inspector | Monk
After noticing a flaw in one of the shirts inspected by his favourite shirt inspector, Monk is convinced that something is wrong. To clear up any doubts, he goes to the factory where she works.
From Season 4, Episode 10 'Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show' - Monk investigates the death of a model after his favorite shirt inspector's son is accused of the crime.
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The Official Channel devoted to the brilliance of DI Adrian Monk; the defective San Franciscan detective, whose OCD is both a blessing and a curse. We'll be posting the very best moments from the show so, like Monk, you'll never miss a beat.
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  • Lungi Adeshina
    Lungi Adeshina

    I’m here because of Corona, Monk wipes everything

  • Julio César Yáñez Santander
    Julio César Yáñez Santander

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> I had to read the letter... (I also read the vanity cards from the BBT) A prop at the end, the second paragraph is just a copy from the first...

  • Furyan Auror
    Furyan Auror

    I see the copied comment on this video is about the fan letter. It's cute that you all feel the need to copy shit in hopes of likes Really shows how pathetic your lives are 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • KingUnKaged

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="317">5:17</a> That's a pretty flimsy basis for starting an investigation Monk, the signs are bright red with striking white font specifically so that people recognise their meaning without having to read them.

  • zerocooltx

    Monk randomly started popping up on my youtube feed for no reason and I am not mad at it.

    • C Below
      C Below

      Same dude same

    • MrLordDarlington

      I'd literally never heard of this show, but one day I was watching nine-nine clips, and it suddenly started recommending me monk.

    • Ivan Hu
      Ivan Hu

      Same. Somehow the DEsofts algorithm knows me better than I know myself.

    • Calmgoodfire

      Yea only thing that’s missing is psych clips and burn notice

  • Auntie Semite
    Auntie Semite

    THANK YOU for including the Season and Episode in the description. S4E10. It would be great if all uploaders of shows did the same. The youtube link doesn't work however.

  • Heyguy23

    "Quest I'm already on a quest"

  • Michelle John
    Michelle John

    Where are the full episodes ??????? Some one help please

  • Uncle Pablo
    Uncle Pablo

    and to this day Pablo still cant read

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude

    It doesn't make sense that he can't read English, unless he also can't read Spanish. He clearly speaks both. I call bs. I can't speak Spanish very well but I can read it much better

    • Tim Bawden
      Tim Bawden

      Illiteracy is a real thing- you can speak without knowing how to read. You can even be bilingual if you are taught to speak only through words. He likely can't read Spanish, or at least not all that well. Mexico has a 95ish percent literacy rate which means 1 in 20 adults are functionally illiterate. It is a bit of a stretch but I wouldn't say impossible.

  • YouEclipseAll

    I wish it can make more seasons it’s my favorite show

  • Lily Raimey
    Lily Raimey

    Natalie looks like if you mixed Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Swift.

    • Ryan Irwin- Diehl
      Ryan Irwin- Diehl

      Natalie is a hottie

  • Alex Lao
    Alex Lao

    I miss Monk!!!

  • FlyHyland

    Typical Monk writing everything twice. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a>

  • Roy G Biv
    Roy G Biv

    Natalie's got it going on here.

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    Isn't Mexican written in the Roman script, same as English?

    • Goumy Hadrien
      Goumy Hadrien

      Aditya Sharma Mexican, really ? Oh boy, Americans...

  • HaphazardP

    "Listen Maria, I only have 5 shirts left."

    • MsRESPECT90

      "Here's the thing Maria"

    • Agent J
      Agent J

      Such preference as a way of life, does come with costs.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      HaphazardP 🤣

  • Pam LB
    Pam LB

    That’s a CTRL C and CTRL V job on that second paragraph.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast


  • Valka Solidor
    Valka Solidor

    I loved this episode! Now I must revisit it. Thanks for another bright moment in my chilly day.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Valka Solidor It is a good one!

  • David Heffron
    David Heffron

    I haven't seen this episode. $5 says the flatmate did it.

    • Noah Hirvela
      Noah Hirvela

      My money is on shirt inspector #4

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      David Heffron 🤣 Guess again!

    • Phenku Singh
      Phenku Singh

      It was the butler. It is always the butler.

  • Rey Wisteria
    Rey Wisteria

    Did anyone else get the feels when the woman ended up being named Maria like the Maria in that one movie with the Green Parrot? The guy who plays Monk also plays the guy character who helps the green parrot get back to Maria.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      I just realized the other day Tony Shalhoub was in Paulie. How weird!

    • Nevir202

      Dare Run ya that’s the movie, never realized that was the same guy, I’ve only seen it once. 🤣

    • Dare Run
      Dare Run

      Pretty sure the movie is named Paulie, for anyone curious. It was made in 98' iirc. I used to watch it as a kid all the time.

  • Gan Len
    Gan Len

    The mom from Fools Rush In 😆

  • Mr. Carroll Ware
    Mr. Carroll Ware

    I wish their were still new episodes every week.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Mr. Carroll Ware You and me both! We do have new episodes though 👍🏼🤣

  • Ebizzill

    For a 3 year resident, his english is really good!

    • joeguy1092

      Ebizzill I’m guessing you’ve never been to Tijuana almost everyone there have decent grasp or understanding of the English language

    • Ebizzill

      @joeguy1092 but this is Mexico tho...

    • joeguy1092

      A lot of countries teach English as a second language starting from day care. When I first stared traveling I was surprised too.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Ebizzill Plothole?

  • Chaim Falkowitz
    Chaim Falkowitz

    Like here for monk 2

  • Will G
    Will G

    . The Spanish word for "alarm" is "alarma" No way in hell that someone who can read and speak Spanish wouldn't understand ",alarm" It's a LAUGHABLE plot device. The people that write these shows are total morons.

    • mister kluge
      mister kluge

      nah man, only partial morons, we who comment on the plot on youtube are full morons

  • Chris Eubank
    Chris Eubank

    This assumption that he didnt know what the door meant is really stretching it.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Zorant0Zero Also a good point.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Chris Eubank I thought it was a bit too. But he really wanted those shirts.

    • Zorant0Zero

      Not really as it is possible he wouldn't know that the door itself is alarmed just because one word was similar. Especially after having committed a murder and trying to escape.

    • Will G
      Will G

      Especially since "alarm" is " alarma " in Spanish!!!!

  • kioinde cox
    kioinde cox

    I love it when monk solves cases like this

  • Vojtech Pilar
    Vojtech Pilar

    From the Desk of Adrian Monk Dear Inspector #8, I wish to express my deepest and warmest thanks for your stunning performance as clothing inspector. It's a pleasure to deal with someone who possesses such artistic integrity. Your job aptitude is something to be admired and inspired by. Every item which passes your inspection is impeccably produced and presented. The buttons are perfectly straight. The stitching is even and sturdy. There are no hanging or pulled strings, marks or wrinkles. The finished product is perfectly folded. (the second paragraph is a copy of the first paragraph) Thank you again. My appreciation knows no bounds. Sincerely, Adrian Monk

  • Yarett Arroliga
    Yarett Arroliga

    Inspired capitalized? By.(period)Every (also capitalized) what hack wrote this?

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Yarett Arroliga So not Monk!!!

  • Claudinéia Borges
    Claudinéia Borges

    Amoooo monk

  • xlxcrossxlx

    Monk would never use that font, or repeat an entire paragraph : / And the justification on the right side would be full, not back and forth. That annoys me and i'm only partly OC(D)

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      xlxcrossxlx I figured he would handwrite it!

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> "You might feel better if you focus on your work" lol

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Monk with the total disregard for the situation! 🤣❤️😂

    • Nakirami Hibiscus Shomobers
      Nakirami Hibiscus Shomobers

      This floored me lol

  • erika gbn
    erika gbn

    please just stream on netflix :(

    • tomie 09
      tomie 09

      just watch it on 123movies lol

    • twistedmetalplayer21

      It was on netflix till they removed it

    • 4Horsemen of The Apocalypse
      4Horsemen of The Apocalypse

      @Meep Changeling I refuse to support streaming devices, I just want the whole collection on Blu ray.

    • Meep Changeling
      Meep Changeling

      @erika gbn There is no reason to not have Amazon Prime since it also nets you free shipping on like, everything ever.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      erika gbn I know that would be awesome!

  • john christina
    john christina

    They repeated most to the letter to make it longer.

  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja

    where can i watch monk series full epsodes?

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Yes, Amazon Prime is the only way! Amazon has the whole series for cheaper on DVD if you don’t pay for Prime.

    • FifthofEleven

      All 8 seasons are on Amazon Prime video. Love that this channel uploads entire scenes.

  • Mike

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> oh no, they repeated part of the letter

    • Mike

      @Jax Pritchard oh no, you repeated this comment.

    • Jax Pritchard
      Jax Pritchard

      Oh no, you repeated this comment.

  • Steve Turowski
    Steve Turowski

    I'm gonna watch this episode tonight!

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Steve Turowski We just watched it for our show!

  • Lauren Maxwell
    Lauren Maxwell

    Is "Number 8", Sonia Braga?

  • RConnickJr

    I sort of feel like even without being able to specifically read English, Pablo would have been familiar with emergency exits and be able to piece together than the bright red sign on the door meant it was one. Sort of seems like flimsy plotting.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      #plothole should’ve mentioned this on our show

    • Zorant0Zero

      Well just because a sign is red and white doesn't mean it an emergency exit. I have seen a similar sign like that which just stated the room was the security control room (Where the plane's camera footage was)

    • Púca Arts
      Púca Arts

      Not all emergency exits sound alarms though

  • javis88h

    8 is my favorite number lol

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      javis88h Funny cause 10 is supposed to be his favorite number but 8 pops up a lot.

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth

    His selfishness is sickening at times. :(

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Yeah we actually talk about this some in our Season 1 Recap. It really is a major character flaw, but his illness is so strong!

    • wufongtan wufong
      wufongtan wufong

      It's part of his illness. He's not being intentionally selfish. He has OCD, minor things like a spec on his shirt can become all consuming. That's part of his assistant's job. To make him stop focusing on the little things and focus on bigger issues.

  • Sidney Black
    Sidney Black

    Fashion models. HA! Stupid, skinny, little twigs that only think about themselves and worrying about carbs.

    • Sidney Black
      Sidney Black

      @Mr Durva Besides. I don't think even I could survive 300+ more pounds. My skin would rip open like a seam. And pimples? Please. You use proactiv. XD

    • Sidney Black
      Sidney Black

      @Mr Durva Na. Something Edna mode would only say. Mr. Durva.

    • Mr Durva
      Mr Durva

      Let me guess. acne covered face, 300+ lbs, a face that not even a mother could love?

  • B P
    B P

    This makes my 2019. I've wanted to see this scene!

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      B P ❤️

    • Mike Rice
      Mike Rice

      made my 2020

  • V Rock
    V Rock

    I love Monk's character but why did they leave his walk stammer in the show's opening, while waking down the street.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Fairly Literary Awesome thanks! We post on Mondays so be on the lookout for new episodes then! 👍🏼

    • fairlyliterary

      @Junk Monk Podcast thanks! Will definitely be listening. I love Monk!

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      @fairlyliterary Yes! Our podcast is all about Monk! Should me available wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, we do a lot on Instagram @junkmonkpodcast

    • fairlyliterary

      @Junk Monk Podcast a podcast? About Monk? Subbed!!

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Yeah that is strange. At least we can say “Sharona hair!” 🤣

  • Charlie Chuckleberry
    Charlie Chuckleberry

    I loved this show. Totally miss when television wasnt for retards.

  • Sox4life

    Both paragraphs on his letter say the same thing

  • Debi Burke
    Debi Burke

    Its fucking adorable he made her a fan letter

  • Pumpkin

    Monk sounds like a GTA protagonist in a side mission cutscene when talking to number 8. 😂

  • Anton Smith
    Anton Smith

    Too to long to upload this. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> all glitched on his back

  • Looser _
    Looser _

    Which episode???

    • Alex Hernandez
      Alex Hernandez

      From Season 4, Episode 10 'Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show'

  • Raymond S.
    Raymond S.

    Pausing to read that fan letter shows that the last paragraph is a copy and paste of part of the first one. And Monk wouldn't end a sentence with a preposition!

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Raymond S. I noticed the preposition! 🤣

    • scifinerd17

      I think the original letter was handwritten and they typed it and accidentally copied and pasted the first part again.

    • xlxcrossxlx

      @Michael Winter lol

    • Michael Winter
      Michael Winter

      Raymond S. Prepositions aren’t things to end sentences with.

  • 111 222
    111 222

    It doesn't make sense that Pablo can speak English but can't read it. It is implied he speaks and reads Spanish, and both Spanish & English share the same script.

    • Sean Williams
      Sean Williams

      I agree. You may not know how to spell certain words but the alphabets and phonetics of both written languages are similar enough that being able to read and speak Spanish and speak English should make you maybe 80% able to at least read English (for the vocabulary you have) and then infer what you can't read directly (the words that come out sounding too different to immediately identify when applying Spanish pronunciation rules). To demonstrate this, take a chunk of English text and go to Google Translate (Spanish to English), paste the text on the Spanish side and then hit the speak button. It comes out in a Spanish accent and the words are pronounced a bit strangely but you can understand it quite well as the mispronounced words are close enough. This was just a poorly thought out plot point to give Monk a reason to take the case.

    • Willyjum

      @Haxleygv you're telling us all you can't read señor? It's the same alphabet, you just gotta sound it out differently for a few letters.

    • Mr Durva
      Mr Durva

      It's very likely, my older brother can't read English but he can drive a car, use a phone/tablet, and program a TV just fine

    • Haxleygv

      I speak Spanish and English but can’t read or write in Spanish

    • michelle burke
      michelle burke

      What about the 2 year old that speaks English but doesn’t know how to read? See where I’m going with this?....

  • Charles Dixon
    Charles Dixon

    It's 2021 still watching this

    • Paul Lee
      Paul Lee

      Who's the president?

    • Indianapolis Jones
      Indianapolis Jones

      @NZSooz I like what you did there, just trying to get a jump on everyone else.

    • Charles Dixon
      Charles Dixon

      Still the same crime is up more mass shootings trip to mars getting closer trump is president

    • fairlyliterary

      How's the state of the world in 2021? We good?

    • NZSooz

      @Comrade Lenin Yeah right - if you say so

  • Sit n Spin
    Sit n Spin

    I miss Sharona.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Sit n Spin You and me both!

  • Peak Nonsense
    Peak Nonsense

    The only time in history a mother uttered "My son isa good boy he isa innocent" and the son wasn't guilty.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      ​@twistedmetalplayer21 Hahaha! Well, I didn't really elaborate. But yes, sometimes we put other things in our Plot Hole Segment. Like "oh how convenient" things and "stuff we noticed" etc.

    • twistedmetalplayer21

      @Junk Monk Podcast I dont think you know what a plothole is... That isnt a plot hole, just a common stereotype of when a mom says that.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Yeah that was kind of a plot hole we had on our show.

    • HopeToTheWEAK

      Peak Nonsense Exactly what I thought. When she said that I thought “yeah that’s what they all say.”

  • ben sumen
    ben sumen

    First one in 2020 watching this

    • TheOctapad

      No I’m first est

    • Tamara Smith
      Tamara Smith

      It's still 2019 here in the U.S. (eastern coast). You must be way on the other side of the world. 🙂

  • Mikey Forrester
    Mikey Forrester

    this channel made me download 4th season

  • khathu Madzhege
    khathu Madzhege

    Letter is repetitive

  • S

    How I said... Her son is in trouble ^^

  • Dan Magoo
    Dan Magoo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> Hah, they padded the letter by repeating most of it twice. Monk would never do that.

    • 690PingPong

      Oh wow

    • Xyre154

      He thought his letter would be more meaningful if he wrote it as a sonata.

    • a•muse

      Dan Magoo The inspector probably doesn’t know how to read either like her son.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Dan Magoo 🤯

    • Team Kuuki Food & Games
      Team Kuuki Food & Games

      Good observation, detective ;o

  • Andrea Lopez
    Andrea Lopez

    If you read the fan letter, the second paragraph is just repeat of Monk’s first paragraph 😂😂

    • PinkPixel Productions
      PinkPixel Productions

      That was the first thing I did when it went over the letter

    • ty b
      ty b

      @khathu Madzhege this wasn't made in the 50s...this redundancy can be a representation of his OCD

    • Mac Mcleod
      Mac Mcleod

      and only fans of Monk would probably notice it.

    • khathu Madzhege
      khathu Madzhege

      They had no idea about pause when they wrote that part

    • khathu Madzhege
      khathu Madzhege

      I did and it is

  • dewoiski

    This is the episode with Malcolm McDowell right! Not one of the best but still fun nonetheless!

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Accurate on both counts!

    • Brandon Allen
      Brandon Allen

      Correct. He plays the fashion designer.

  • Paramarta Iganp
    Paramarta Iganp

    Funniest part of this episode is when Natalie runs the catwalk. The designer was like : " hey that's not my design!"

  • Kei Hunter
    Kei Hunter


    • diehardrvdfan22

      One hundred and seventy seventh.

    • PinkPixel Productions
      PinkPixel Productions


    • Chunkkrink