Monk Solves a Murder While Gambling | Monk
Monk is in Las Vegas to investigate the suspicious death of a woman in an elevator. But in the middle of the investigation, he is asked to help Randy who just lost 35k gambling.
From Season 3 Episode 14 'Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas ': While in Sin City for a bachelor party, Stottlemeyer enlists Monk to prove that the death of a woman wasn't accidental.
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  • kisnei tube
    kisnei tube

    One of my fav scene.

  • Dante Diep
    Dante Diep

    Is that old man cop Buffalo Bill from the _Silence of the Lambs_ film? Edit: Oh whoa! It is!


    Are you kidding me! you ended the video before the last scene! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger

    Blackjack is such a rigged game and there is no way anyone could do that without a LOT of luck. Even if you make statistically the best decision every single time, you still have a less than 50% chance of winning.

  • אריאל גולני
    אריאל גולני


  • TheDarkMaster1989

    Remember this scene even after all these years.

  • haytham ghareeb
    haytham ghareeb

    Where can we watch more full episodes ?

  • The Scourge
    The Scourge

    Natalie needs to slow her role a bit, just because she worked at a casino back in 1912 when a tuna fish sammich costed 5 cents... Doesnt mean people need your advice on every move they make.

  • Jay jay dynomite
    Jay jay dynomite

    Love monk... yet. I literally did something like this first time & last I ever sat at a Black Jack table lol... somehow, I kept splitting and pushing, something like that... really didn’t know exactly what I was up to. Believe it or not, when I would make a wrong hand move or something the dealer would ignore it or look at me and say “ you didn’t mean thAt, you ment to stay..” wow, he was cool! I had piles of chips across the table. Unreal...people were surrounding me and my buddy, it was like a movie! THEN, they changed dealers and boom, lost it all even faster! Wow, no telling how many thousands I had and lost it because I couldn’t walk off. Never did it again, it’s a scam. Or if your winning, leave with the dealer change!

  • Mango T
    Mango T

    I always wished that Natalie and Monk would have gotten together at the end of the series. Her and her daughter were always so kind to Adrian.

  • Kuziwakwashe Chikwete
    Kuziwakwashe Chikwete

    Reccomendation Gang where u at

  • Amani Lee
    Amani Lee

    In other words: no capes! (Or scarves)

    • The Scourge
      The Scourge

      She forgot about thunderhead... No capes!

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac

    Always wanted to smash Natalie. She was a real piece.

  • tarael86

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="344">5:44</a> Ok, Joker! Geez!

  • Alee

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> What a bad dealer. He doesn't event take the chips of the player.

  • Mr Shah
    Mr Shah

    I need me one of those cocktail waitresses.

  • Mark Bottomley
    Mark Bottomley

    If only monk could look into Donald Trump and his friend's.

  • Killian

    What about a spoiler alert???

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude

    Damn she thicc

  • Oh look It is a cat
    Oh look It is a cat

    HIT ME!

  • billiondollardan

    I always thought Monk's sidekick girl was HOT

  • Quintín Rodrigo Franco Chavez
    Quintín Rodrigo Franco Chavez

    He is a G-E-N-I-U-S!!

  • Topher TheTenth
    Topher TheTenth

    Monk says "You had less than 2 minutes". Trouble is, people can hold their breath for 3 minutes if they have to. So you can't kill a person by strangling in 2 minutes. Maybe if you get lucky they will thrash around enough to use up their oxygen sooner. But Brolin's character is shrewd enough that he wouldn't concoct a scheme that required him to think "Then if I get lucky in the elevator, it won't take her 3 minutes to die". No, he wouldn't do it. Best case is she's UNCONSCIOUS and dies on top of the elevator-cab.


    Did he dide? :)...My wife loved Monk. I only saw the one episode where he's tied up and it looks like he's going to break out but he was shuffling the chair back to fix the blinds! ...LOL...Funny stuff...Someday, I'll binge watch it...

  • TheSteelStallion

    I still think James Brolin is a dead ringer for Christian Bale.

  • Alex Lao
    Alex Lao

    Wow. Loyal friends 👬

  • QBAN2010

    A lot of unrealistic aspects to the blackjack scene. Dealers don’t respond to verbal commands such as hit, stand, double down or is all based on hand signals or adding more chips to your original bet in a place the makes the dealer know what you are doing. The most realistic thing in the scene was the annoyed player sitting at first base... that was accurate !!!

  • SmexyRula

    the casino would have his ass on the street after two hands

  • Potwierdzone INFO
    Potwierdzone INFO

    Does Randy play the Sodapoppin's role in this episode?

  • Chefboyarbriii

    This reminds me of such sweet memories! In elementary school my grandma would wake me up early to watch this in the mornings on usa network 🥺🥺such good times .

  • Bigga Winna Crapsa
    Bigga Winna Crapsa

    Guy got the same two tens in a hand about a dozen times, lol.

  • Brett Snyder
    Brett Snyder

    Now that I've clicked on the video, can you PLEASE take this off my list of recommended videos? Thank you

    • Previously Known as Marina Yanchuk
      Previously Known as Marina Yanchuk

      Brett Snyder Clicking is a bad idea, now they are going to recommend more videos from the show

  • David Willborn
    David Willborn

    Leland was Buffalo bill in silence of the lambs

  • Jared

    That dealing was atrocious.

  • Pancake

    Watched one Monk video, now down the rabbit hole...

  • Sjrick

    I found this show years after it debuted and just devoured all of them. The one thing that i loved was Natalie. She is the perfect wife.

  • WalterLiddy

    How awkward for the murderers if anyone on any floor had pushed for an elevator. Ding! And there they are with their makeshift pulley.

  • WalterLiddy

    This would take FOREVER. Even counting cards, he only makes the odds slightly in his own favor. Starting with a few bucks it would take probably days to do this at best.

  • ivano

    Season, episode?

  • Sarah Anhäuser
    Sarah Anhäuser

    Just bought the complete Show on iTunes, sadly it is just SD :/ Gotta love Monk

  • Lodogg 3323
    Lodogg 3323

    Lmao... I learned my lesson young. Was up $800-900 or so, ended up losing $400. Which, now it doesn’t sound like much... but at the time I was broke private in the Army and that was a whole paycheck.

  • pryodiablo

    Gotta say, I fucking hate how the fuckers cut these clips. Like the murder was the least interesting part of this story.

  • Bri Ba
    Bri Ba

    Pretty sure the Casino would bounce him long before he wins the money back

    • Jacky Adcock
      Jacky Adcock

      I think a few lucky first timers are considered good for business.

  • Denis

    Buffalo Bill looks weird with that mustache.

    • Brett Six
      Brett Six

      Just imagine him alone in his office listening to “Goodbye Horses” and Monk walks in.

    • Nymphonomicon

      He shaved it off in one episode.

  • Jared Hamilton
    Jared Hamilton

    I always love Stotlemeyer’s first idea of an intervention is to shoot the guy, here against Randy and at least twice against Monk.

  • Gregory Schmidt
    Gregory Schmidt

    Another thing that Hollywood consistently gets wrong about gambling, is that you can have an edge over the house (as in being a very good card counter), and STILL lose big on any given session. Just because you have an advantage does not mean you can sit at a table any time you want and start raking it in. Professional card counters can go on horrendous losing streaks, but they play through them, knowing that in the long term they will win more than they lose. But it's total Hollywood fantasy that card counters can just sit down at a table and start winning big, every time.

  • KryptikGhost

    man... monk is one of those shows i wish i could forget then rediscover for the first time again.

    • TheGoldenRule

      KryptikGhost same

  • Shinning Games
    Shinning Games

    For a super hygienic guy, I’m surprised he touched those chips

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt

    That's the 'Las Vegas' set. haha

  • Are we not entertained?
    Are we not entertained?

    Stupid script. Poor acting. Nothing here.

  • Michael Schweigart
    Michael Schweigart

    How much money did he end up winning?

  • Jose Namaste
    Jose Namaste

    They would kick him out so quick

  • Omar Ben Sassi
    Omar Ben Sassi

    all the comments are like : Monk vs Columbo but the winner is : Patrick Jane

  • mookateer

    stfu woman

  • IlllIII IIlllIII
    IlllIII IIlllIII

    DUDE DONT STOP THERE! I wanna know if he won or lost it all to the house getting a black jack D:

  • golden balls
    golden balls

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> that Simon Cowell from AGT?

    • MikeTheGreat


  • Eidenhoek

    Counting cards is easier *with* more decks, assuming they don't shuffle them.

  • Inscipio

    I know it’s a show, but is no one gonna talk about how monk counted 10 decks while explaining/solving a murder?

  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder

    You got a new fan, You fuckers! It took you weeks, recommendations, but you did it! Fuck me, For missing out this bit of television!

  • shanerz789

    Well fuck did he win?

  • theendofit

    As a side not everyone card counts your an idiot if you dont. Want proof? If you need a 5 and theres already 4 5s on the table you would be an idot to bet on another 5 showing up. Card counters are just better at it.

  • Klep Trep
    Klep Trep

    Fun Fact, the killer of the week is Thanos' Dad.

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri

    This was such a good show and the actors playing the characters were spot on.

  • Snaggle Toothed
    Snaggle Toothed

    Why was Monk discharged off the force? Did they see him evening out the length of cocaine lines, at a drug bust, and assume he was preparing himself some drugs of abuse??? Irregular sized coke lines would drive him nuts!

    • Sharikacat

      @Snaggle Toothed Bits and pieces over the seasons, culminating in the finale. Leland mentions to either Sharona or Natalie how he used to be different. Dale the Whale taunts Monk with information about the murder. He comes across some of his wife's things and becomes deeply sad. I think there are some flashbacks that show him being normal. It's huge to see how Trudy's death impacts him. The final two episodes tie into that case, and you see Monk pushed to a degree you wouldn't expect possible.

    • Snaggle Toothed
      Snaggle Toothed

      @Sharikacat And there's an episode devoted to that or do we learn of it over several episodes, with little bits of Monks backstory being revealed during other investigations? This is one of those shows that I totally missed, when it was on. That unsolved murder of his wife sounds very dark for an otherwise whimsical drama.

    • Sharikacat

      He wasn't nearly that bad until his wife was murdered. The trauma of that and being unable to solve the case hit him harder than you can imagine. In the end, he was willing to kill or die in order to solve it.

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter

    I like these new monk clips so official I do like official ❤👍

  • Radosław Badurski
    Radosław Badurski

    - I mean HOW are you doing? - OOOOH, I'M GOOD! I'm- I'm okay... I'm okay. E P I C XD

    • djmocha7

      Nice recovery. Hahaha..

  • Carmencita Vettori
    Carmencita Vettori

    I love Monk.

  • Valka Solidor
    Valka Solidor

    I just love this show, and starting to watch these clips lately I realize that I need to go back and start viewing episodes again, but I think I know why I've been reluctant about it for years. As my mom got old and needed help I moved back in, and for all of the years that Monk was on broadcast tv this was a rare show that we enjoyed watching together, and soon after those times alzheimers started to take control and there wasn't much joy left. These shows were a treasure. To the cast and most of all Tony Shalhoub I love you! And also envy you, since I had a crush on Brooke Adams ever since seeing her in The Dead Zone lol.

  • Frank T
    Frank T

    How he is going to prove all that speculation?

    • Frank T
      Frank T

      thee maxx , the suspect should know all Monk have was speculation without physical evidence and won’t hold up in a court of law :)

    • thee maxx
      thee maxx

      The same way he always does: The suspect figures he's busted so he admits everything.

  • PwnishR

    I need Mr. Monk, I have $77,000 in college loans I need to get rid of...LMAO

    • Patrassanu

      @Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction I hate to say it bud, but no, you cannot in fact learn everything on the internet... Also, there's only a few online, college-level courses out there. Try waltzing into your dream job interview with "x degree" only to explain you learned it on Wikipedia or something of that nature. Yeah right :/

    • Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction
      Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction

      @PwnishR Goes to show how college is scam now and days. Since the internet has all the info you would get from books, it is not needed. You pay more money than the money in a job college is suppose to help you get.

    • PwnishR

      @Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction Student loans are no laughing matter young man...sometimes it takes a lifetime to pay them off. So sad...

    • Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction
      Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction

      What a scam

  • Cak Redi
    Cak Redi

    *Bring him back on Netflix!*

  • 27 Aristocrat
    27 Aristocrat

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="272">4:32</a> How every gambler feels. Love this episodes, shows how Love, Morals, and Sympathy confuse us.

  • Ricardo Zeroth
    Ricardo Zeroth

    When he said I never gambling again as long as I lived Wanted to bet 1000 buck Sorry I died laughing

  • Kruppt808

    To think that Buffalo Bill was right in front of Monk the whole time.

  • Team Kuuki Food & Games
    Team Kuuki Food & Games

    My family and I used to watch new eps each week on USA ^^ those were the days.

  • Chesscom Support
    Chesscom Support

    Gotta say, Natalie is absolutely adorable!

    • Joe Mac
      Joe Mac

      Wife material. I'd throw away condoms for that.

  • Zach

    This is actually season 3 episode 14 not 15

  • Tankkizzle

    I'm on the gulf coast casino market, so where can I find cocktail girls in those outfits? Asking for a friend...

  • John Nastrom
    John Nastrom

    Who do you think was a better detective -- Columbo or Monk?

    • Omar Ben Sassi
      Omar Ben Sassi

      patrick Jane

  • Saeedat A
    Saeedat A

    Monk, the Mentalist, and Psych are all the same show but each main character has a different personality.

    • encycl07pedia

      ​@Saeedat A You're right. I'm sorry for being a dick to you.

    • Saeedat A
      Saeedat A

      encycl07pedia Yes, because EVERYONE should know they are made by the same people right off the bat.


      Dr Gregory House joins the show

    • Oaf

      They’re all Sherlock

    • Sheerluck Holmes
      Sheerluck Holmes

      They're all modern versions of Sheerluck Holmes, with a twist so as to not make it completely obvious.