Natalie Saves Monk's Life | Monk
Monk finds out that Dr. Scott is behind the death of another doctor. But before he can prove it, he is knocked down by Dr. Scott, who plans to kill him with tetracycline, an antibiotic that Monk is allergic to.
From Season 5, Episode 16 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Hospital" - Mr. Monk goes to the hospital with a nosebleed but soon becomes involved in a murder investigation.
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The Official Channel devoted to the brilliance of DI Adrian Monk; the defective San Franciscan detective, whose OCD is both a blessing and a curse. We'll be posting the very best moments from the show so, like Monk, you'll never miss a beat.
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  • Quesita Eliz
    Quesita Eliz

    Awwww the way he looks at her after she figured it out and stopped the drip! My heart! ❤️🧡💛🤍

  • Sean Piriyakul
    Sean Piriyakul

    When the books came out i hoped they might at least do a special or movie like psych with the changes from it or something like julie and benji doing a case as monk's protégés

  • Vishwadhika Venugobal
    Vishwadhika Venugobal

    Monk is my life

  • FoxLove Kiss
    FoxLove Kiss

    Question....How did she know MONK was in danger? Please explain...anyone?😅

    • myhr2

      Because the nurse said the name on the chart, which was not Monk's, so Natalie deduced that Monk wasn't recieving the good treatment, which is always very dangerous. She also maybe realized that his strange behavior wasn't just Monk being Monk, and that's why she rushed to stop the medication immediatly, the whole situation was already kinda fishy, going from nosebleed to full staircase accident.

  • babbisp1

    I think it would be a good thing if you found a sadder theme song from Monk to put in the end of such videos. I think it'd fit better. Just an idea.

  • The Scourge
    The Scourge

    Im changing my name to dale butterworth.

  • KupKate215

    This was honestly one of the scariest scenes from the show because of how close he came to dying. I knew he wouldn't; of course he wouldn't. But it scared me all the same.

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston

    All the nurses and doctors in the comments looking so deep into this scene😂

  • karatechick306

    I tried to stop an IV like that once, but it didn't work.

  • Aster Ginete
    Aster Ginete

    I wish I have friends like Natalie

  • diana master
    diana master

    😂😂😂😂😂Poor him!

  • FlyHyland

    I always found Series 5 hard to watch because for some reason they loved to torture Monk in that series, practically every episode he's in a terrible position like this and I hated it lol.

  • campbellscollision

    I've never seen this episode. I can't believe it. I've watched all of them 27.3 times. Or so I thought

  • linswad

    If he was admitted under the name of Butterworth, how did the receptionist know where Adrian Monk was?

    • TheDjbz

      The chart in the room was “mixed up” not the computer system

  • Jacquelyn Vlogs
    Jacquelyn Vlogs

    Brooo THIS WAS ONE OF THE CRAZIEST PARTS OF THE SHOW ahah this show always had me at the edge of my seat especially this episode 💯 poor monk LOVE THIS SHOW💗

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T

    Hey the guy from frasier

  • Uller Uprising
    Uller Uprising

    natalie is pregnant in this scene?


    Natalie best girl Best waifu

  • sld1776

    How pregnant was "Natalie" here? Damn that's a big belly.

    • V Guyver
      V Guyver

      @Relique Oz They really did a lot of good camera trickery there to hide it. You wouldn't notice normally unless you watch the show religiously or someone pointed it out. Heck, the stunt woman running to monks bed was blurred and you would think it was a stylistic touch otherwise.

    • Relique Oz
      Relique Oz

      I never notice it until i saw your comment, obviously I'm no detective 😅

  • Born in Wrong Generator
    Born in Wrong Generator

    Monk is on Amazon prime

  • VanillaLimeCoke

    That was a close one.

  • Christos Ioannou
    Christos Ioannou


  • Debbie Cakes
    Debbie Cakes

    so the doctor was trying to kill him or something?

    • Lucas webster
      Lucas webster

      Debbie Cakes yea he was

  • Sergeant RhymeSpitter
    Sergeant RhymeSpitter

    I love that she works with him so much she’s starting to get good at noticing things too

    • Alex Phelps-Jones
      Alex Phelps-Jones

      The nurse called him a different name, doesn't take a genius to notice that

  • Team Kuuki Food & Games
    Team Kuuki Food & Games

    Lol that poor nurse is probably going to lose her job. If it is reported that she didn't use double or triple identifiers before giving a medication, especially an intravenous one.

    • Team Kuuki Food & Games
      Team Kuuki Food & Games

      @Eric Ling If it were in real life, then for sure she would have to be very meticulous after that xD

    • Eric Ling
      Eric Ling

      The doctor literally confessed to Monk how he was sabotaging her on purpose. After that she'd probably be the most meticulous nurse on staff for a good while from fear of the near miss.

  • Cunning Smile
    Cunning Smile

    I like this doctor

  • Guy Pilotte
    Guy Pilotte

    No this elitist socialist globalist Will never be president. Its not in God's will .

  • Jon walker
    Jon walker

    All of us medical professionals watching the nurse kill him with an air embolism instead.

  • Jehanne Sto. Domingo
    Jehanne Sto. Domingo

    Wait. Why don't I remember this scene? What episode is this? I think I need to rewatch everything...

  • Ian Duh
    Ian Duh

    Wow, Bulldog got smart.

  • Sierra Eumurian
    Sierra Eumurian

    Ho my Lordy, it’s Bulldog!!!! FRASIER! NILES! MARTIN! Bulldogs’s pranks have gone too far! Stop him! StOp HiM!!!!

  • BioYuGi

    That nurse just watched her run into the room and stop the IV and apparently didn't think it was prudent to follow her and see what was wrong.

    • Cursed Khien
      Cursed Khien

      @GrimReaperNegi Nah you're just a idiot.

    • Mein Liebe
      Mein Liebe

      @Jeremy to be continued

    • Jeremy

      @Mein Liebe it's what?

    • Mein Liebe
      Mein Liebe

      If patient had allergic history, and the doctor administer the stuff, without doing allergic test, the court will get him for sure. And also,why would a doctor give tetracycline to an injured patient? it's

    • Necron681

      @GrimReaperNegi Ah the classic "you made a typo and therefore you are an idiot and your argument is wrong" tactic. He is completely right and you're an idiot.

  • HopeToTheWEAK

    This scene gave me so much anxiety. My grandfather was a police officer and you’d be surprised at how at risk Officers and detectives are. Criminals will hunt them down on off duty time etc. my grandpa could have told you tons of stories

    • Insolentish

      Your grandfather is just a criminal with a badge

    • King NateVader
      King NateVader

      True. Officers and detectives have alot of risks,none of my family are police officers but it must be great having a granddad who was a cop.

  • HopeToTheWEAK

    Love monk!

  • Lucky ASMR
    Lucky ASMR

    I have never been more nervous in my life.

  • celeryg66

    lol, good save, almost fell

  • Dr. N
    Dr. N

    Why Pump air into his veins through iv before tetracycline??? Why don't the crew analyze scenes for mistakes before finalizing them? That guy would've died of air embolism before dying of allergy to tetra

    • Mac Mcleod
      Mac Mcleod

      It is likely that the line ahead of the medicine was filled with clear saline solution

    • K L
      K L

      @Justin Kluesner wasnt through injection... that iv line was pretty long?

    • Justin Kluesner
      Justin Kluesner

      I actually asked a doctor about air embolism. Apparently it's mostly a myth. You can die from air embolism, but apparently for it to actually do that, you'd need a needle about a meter long.

    • kinkajuu1

      coulda been the new nurse being bad at her job lol.

    • Kipruto Bett
      Kipruto Bett

      I don't think they had a medical consultant not being a medical show. Wait till you watch Grey's Anatomy. I guess you are a fan of CinemaSins

  • voya

    That guy was also a doctor in House. Is it safe to entertain the idea of Monk and House being in the same universe?

    • Tom S
      Tom S

      He's also Bulldog in Fraiser, we need this new universe mapped out

    • richard

      What the tiitke of monk episode

    • King NateVader
      King NateVader

      @fairlyliterary Pliz give us a link to the crossover u wrote... I also write fanfic and stories on my notebook 😂

    • aki akiii
      aki akiii

      @fairlyliterary link to the fanfic pls

    • fairlyliterary

      Completely safe if you aren't that doctor at least lol. I once wrote a crossover where House and Monk meet. Complete disaster 😂

  • csm bright
    csm bright

    Love for the bulldog

  • McDude

    Whenever Monk was in danger I always got anxiety

    • Gxcha_Milky


    • KemaJ Johnson
      KemaJ Johnson

      Happened to me as well

    • Quentin Lennox
      Quentin Lennox

      plot armor always protects

  • River Face
    River Face

    That's a LOT of tension.

  • Anne G
    Anne G

    As a nurse I'm screaming.. "Prime the line b*tch!" Damn I love Monk

    • Numbered

      @chris gast I think it's referring to getting rid of all airbubbles before injection, if an airbubble goes into your blood stream your blood vessels can explode.

    • chris gast
      chris gast

      What is "prime the line"?

    • Chugargonfan

      Lol at "I love Monk"

    • Mr Morris
      Mr Morris

      Lol at prime the line bitch

  • Heliane Guedes
    Heliane Guedes

    Pena QUE não é dublado

  • Gamer Raichu
    Gamer Raichu

    That smile he gave her at the end was touching.

  • Talat Yiğen
    Talat Yiğen

    Perfect scene.

  • King NateVader
    King NateVader

    Dr Davis Scott was a great villain

    • MrBiggles53

      King NateVader Or should I say, Dr. VON Scott???!!!

  • King NateVader
    King NateVader

    Adrian Monk,Shawn Spencer? They're the best detective main protagonists of USA Network shows. I can't seem to get enough clips of Psych and Monk 😂😅😊. Keep uploading!

    • Calmgoodfire

      Y’all be forgetting about burn notice it’s pretty good

    • krishnaa balaji
      krishnaa balaji

      They ended psych with reference to Mr. Monk

    • King NateVader
      King NateVader

      @Dhita Pertiwi Looks like we share the same taste in crime/mystery dramedy 😂

    • Dhita Pertiwi
      Dhita Pertiwi

      Oh my God you love the same combo as I do :(

    • King NateVader
      King NateVader

      @bucci ramos true

  • Cheryy Pie
    Cheryy Pie

    Dude is that real account ı dont believe my eyess

  • Marti mills
    Marti mills

    Ummm, ok.. the tetracycline isn’t the problem... he would have died of an air embolus!!!!! Where my nurses at!!!

    • Marti mills
      Marti mills

      Zachary Ware you too!!! 😊🙃

    • Zachary Ware
      Zachary Ware

      @Marti mills Ohhh thank goodness. Yeah she is just being a little toxic and maybe she had a bad day. It's the internet, she probably wouldn't be able to stand there and tell that to anyone in person. Have a great day marti.

    • Marti mills
      Marti mills

      Zachary Ware not you... it was for Montana doctor

    • Zachary Ware
      Zachary Ware

      @UCIE26omiaHVfNmHQGTu6IVw sorry thats not what I was inferring and most definitely not trying to be little you, just making a small joke.

    • Marti mills
      Marti mills

      montanadoctor maybe you could have taken the opportunity to say “hey marti air in the vein isn’t a problem, but in the artery it is” but instead you chose to try to belittle me... that’s not cool “ER doc! For 35 years and clearly no bedside manner” Don’t try to be a human! Or anything!

  • FischPlayer HD
    FischPlayer HD

    Who else was waving their hands around xD

    • FischPlayer HD
      FischPlayer HD

      @Justin Coleman Yeah we get it -_-

    • Justin Coleman
      Justin Coleman

      A deaf person

    • Justin Coleman
      Justin Coleman

      An airline marshaller

    • Justin Coleman
      Justin Coleman

      A mime

  • Emilia B
    Emilia B

    Ohhhh Natalie is sooo sweet to him 😍😍 I think Traylor looks a little bit pregnant😍 does everybody know If she was pregnant at this time ?😍 This is soo cute 😍😍😂

    • Vive.Vive

      Noma Khumalo shut your ass up

    • Robert Weniger
      Robert Weniger

      Noma Khumalo because Traylor Howard was pregnant during the season but either she or the production team didn’t want the pregnancy or the baby to be written onto the show since they were already done writing the season by the time she got the news, so they found ways to hide her growing physique while filming

    • Candy Jam
      Candy Jam

      @Noma Khumalo They only commented based on opinion and based on the shots which were done very careful to hide her figure. Something extremely common in filming when a core character actress is pregnant. Just because yo ass is insecure doesn't mean it's an attack on all women.

    • Noma Khumalo
      Noma Khumalo

      Why would you comment this. This is why women feel so insecure about their bodies.

  • A Rose
    A Rose

    I swear these onions are no joke ....

  • Raymond Chung
    Raymond Chung

    How did she know again?

    • ladyanime100

      Monk would have likely informed her of his allergy and of the case of a dangerous doctor in the hospital but not who. Natalie knew something was wrong when the nurse asked how long she has been working for Mr. Buttersworth, quickly knowing the nurse meant Mr. Monk.

  • Nakirami Hibiscus Shomobers
    Nakirami Hibiscus Shomobers

    Monk .... Coolest series ever.

    • King NateVader
      King NateVader

      Also Psych... That's also super-cool

  • konan madeleine
    konan madeleine

    Monk is adorable

  • T.J. Read
    T.J. Read


  • Larry the lobster
    Larry the lobster

    This is still my favorite detective show

  • Just address me as King
    Just address me as King

    What exactly gave it away for her to stop the poison? The nurse calling Monk the wrong name?

    • ukkr

      @R van bergen Apparently, the doctor took the easy, hard to prove approach, and gave him a temporary anestetic, that prevented a lot of movements. STILL, it IS amazing that his HANDS were so strong, and he could move his head. The eyes are a bit different, and MAYBE I could understand that.

    • ukkr

      @Marlon Antonio Carbonell Rodriguez Actually, monk wouldn't know what happened. And the doctor would NOT have made a mistake there. Every tiny mistake would be signing his death warrant. What he COULD do instead, and probably did here, was merely SWITCH charts. It is TOO easy for that to happen, and anyone could have done it and, if checked against a computer, it would show all is fine. In fact, they could have simply switched patients! But that is yet ANOTHER reason why they should have ASKED MONK, or at least checked the armband. Changing the armband is harder to do, and the doctors might not even have access to the equipment AND, if they did, it could ALSO implicate him.

    • ukkr

      What I don't get is that he was CLEARLY trying to communicate something to her that was IMMEDIATE AND VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! She worked VERY hard to IGNORE him! She LITERALLY had to STRUGGLE, and vioilate some of his rules, to try to get away from him! MEANWHILE, though the patient was conscious, NOBODY tried to confirm his identity! ALSO, there is SUPPOSED to be an ID tag, and NO check was done by ANYONE! Especially since that nurse was new to the room, and Natalie had JUST found this out, BOTH should have done this. AND, if I were natalie, I would want to check the chart ANYWAY! I mean a family friend just had all of this happen, and he never told her. As to WHY natalie did that? Maybe she grew a few more braincells, realized that there was NO way ANY of this could be good, and that ANY treatment with drugs, or operations would HAVE to be adverse, maybe realized, FINALLY, that he kept saying LOOK, HELP, THIS IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND MUST BE DONE NOW!!!!!!! IT HAS TO DO WITH THE IV!!!!!!!! and at least stopped the flow. if it were ME, I would have done that, pulled the tube out, and caused such a ruckus that they would HAVE to come in, or try to arrest me AND, if I couldn't, I would report them to the nearest police station, via 911,and then the nearest TV station, and have dozens of people breating down their necks asking WHY and HOW!

    • Pat Terson
      Pat Terson

      @KupKate215 You'd think so, but in real life in the UK, a doctor named Harold Shipman murdered loads of patients before he was caught and locked up.

    • KupKate215

      Weren't they both suspicious of the doctor by this point? For some reason I always assumed she knew then that the doctor was trying to kill him.

  • Ndirangu Gichuki
    Ndirangu Gichuki

    Why does the bad guy always say what he is going to do 😂😂😂

    • The Greendalewitch
      The Greendalewitch

      Does rule nr 6 on the villain overlord list mean anything to villains these days?

    • Marisa

      To create drama

    • DasNetzwerk

      Also with the door being clearly open for everyone to hear.

    • ThatRandom Player
      ThatRandom Player

      Also in this instance he wasnt to blame for the plan failing He made sure that he could gloat and get away with it BUT NOBODY EXPECTS THE ASSISSTANT

    • Paramarta Iganp
      Paramarta Iganp

      Because it makes it easier for the audience to follow the plot.

  • Erin MS
    Erin MS


  • Arch Fey
    Arch Fey

    Thank you for uploading these, Monk is one of my favorite series and I miss all of these.

    • Hollowleg Jake
      Hollowleg Jake

      I went back and re-watched all of them and it was amazing! (Amazon Prime video)

  • H. Rose
    H. Rose

    I cried while watching this scene.

    • Sunflower 1111
      Sunflower 1111

      Me too

    • SiKoran7

      i got you, he is always in pain because of Trudy also

    • H. Rose
      H. Rose

      @xiolana ❤

    • xiolana

      I got emotional too.

    • H. Rose
      H. Rose

      @SiKoran7 because I love Mr Monk SO MUCH, and the way he was trying desperately to ask Natalie for help is heartbreaking 💔, ah that Smile in the end 4:56 😭❤.