*NEW* MAP + SUPER RARE CHESTS!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #710
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Here's Episode 709 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it!
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  • BCC Trolling
    BCC Trolling

    Remember to send your new Fortnite clips to the link in the description to be in our next video! :D

    • Orbit Boomer
      Orbit Boomer

      @Diamond Gamingeeeee

    • Diamond Gaming
      Diamond Gaming

      Pins and hearts their own comment what a loser

    • Kirace Lol
      Kirace Lol

      7:42 ?

  • Aniya Corprew
    Aniya Corprew

    Hey AJ like so this boy AJ like fortnight so much can you delete fortnight who ever make your fortnight stop make

  • Aniya Corprew
    Aniya Corprew

    Boy AJ like fortnight so much

  • Yolanda Cardenas
    Yolanda Cardenas


  • Jessica Boyd
    Jessica Boyd

    That chest is not rare I get at least five a match

  • Slxiy YT
    Slxiy YT

    0:50 is what u came for ;)

  • G4B bgmarseille13
    G4B bgmarseille13


  • m benis
    m benis

    2:55 OdaiCuNicolas

  • Commando

    0:57 is what you came for Use code bcc in the item shop

  • Marcin Jurkiewicz
    Marcin Jurkiewicz

    Uhhh cool

  • Jack Hammah
    Jack Hammah

    I find the rare chests every day

  • Undercover selaras
    Undercover selaras

    I got clickbaited

  • Fapek Brawl Stars
    Fapek Brawl Stars

    Now if someone is from season 1 chapter 1 then he s double og lol

  • Axell Milado
    Axell Milado

    1:10 him breaking the stuff rhymes with the music

  • Game Zone
    Game Zone

    ## Plis Subscribe My Chanal | COD game Review - @t ##

  • Displaay

    Who else likes season 11? I am an underrated PC player

  • Epic Nastalgia cartoon man
    Epic Nastalgia cartoon man


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    The fake noob

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    The fake noob

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    The fake noob

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    The fake noob

    English 👇

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    The fake noob

    Italiani 👇

  • Riot Ninja
    Riot Ninja

    At one minute and 8 second they put this clip just to get the 10 minute mark lol

  • justin

    Does anyone else agree that this game looks like creative destruction now?

  • Anthony HD3
    Anthony HD3

    Do more season throwback clips for season 1-7

  • Gael Suarez
    Gael Suarez

    RIP old map 😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭

  • Cara O'Neill
    Cara O'Neill

    I got 21 kills and one and got the rare chest4 times

  • jackiuN

    0:49 is what you Came for!

  • Ich bins marvin
    Ich bins marvin

    This Clips 🙄🙄🙄🙄👴👴👴

  • Paul Doppler
    Paul Doppler

    Blyat Nice video

  • TTV coke
    TTV coke


  • Hoang quan Pham
    Hoang quan Pham

    At 1:01 make sure to hit the like

  • Krishna Nandagopal
    Krishna Nandagopal

    The first clip was not funny cause it was a bot (season 1 has bots)

  • Dominic DeCaprio
    Dominic DeCaprio

    Bcc is getting worse

  • Andre Kratochwil
    Andre Kratochwil

    So schlechte klipps hab ich noch nie gesehen

  • laUerK

    There is more of the blue chests

  • IhavePrisma Wow
    IhavePrisma Wow

    Wow some more idiots in the top comments trying to ask for likes

  • Bryce Glover
    Bryce Glover

    0:59 is what you came for Use code “BCC” in the fortnite item store ❤️❤️

  • N1trO M0NK3Y
    N1trO M0NK3Y

    1st clip was a bot