No One Can Beat a Shaolin Master and Here Is Why
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The life of Shaolin monks is a hard path to spiritual and physical self-improvement. On this path, they have to face many challenges and undergo exhausting training based on ancient traditions that have not changed for hundreds of years.
The monks train seven days a week to perfect their skills. It’s not easy to understand the essence of their lifestyle, but we will try to do it anyway. So why are the Shaolin monks so cool?

  • Clyde crimsoncrow
    Clyde crimsoncrow

    The monk desipel look like they are very sad and depressed.

  • stephon lewis
    stephon lewis

    What is this I see? Is this an M60 machine gun I see ??

  • Demon God
    Demon God


  • Ahmed Almadhani
    Ahmed Almadhani


  • somthing elseYT
    somthing elseYT

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a> holy sh--

  • michael taylor
    michael taylor

    Yah, but can they get a date?

  • michael taylor
    michael taylor

    PLEASE!!! MMA Pro's can put these Chinese monks and masters to shame, and they live and teach right here in the good old USA, no need to go to China for finding fighting secrets. *EVIDENCE* See video "One Armed Boxer vs Wing Chun Master - Xiong Chengcheng vs Yu Changhua to see a painful lesson learned by some of these claimed "Chines Masters". Also see the videos on the MMA Chinese fighter "Xu Xiaodong" who has been beating down these so-called Kung-Fu masters of China since 2017. I''m a 8 year practitioner of Wing Chun, practiced many other styles as well as several years BJJ (hobby amateur level), humbling to me as well! Food for thought, take a look

  • ll2 1ll
    ll2 1ll

    Nuclear bomb : am i a joke to you?

  • Utsav Niroula
    Utsav Niroula

    I saw Mr Bean in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>

  • Anti social
    Anti social

    lel a shaolin master was beaten by a former ufc or mma guy

  • Buska Motors Nigeria Limited Buska Motors
    Buska Motors Nigeria Limited Buska Motors

    "China:we have shaolin masters and monks as our soldiers,we are undefeatable." "USA:throws a nuclear bomb" "China:damn" EXPLOSION!!!

  • Buska Motors Nigeria Limited Buska Motors
    Buska Motors Nigeria Limited Buska Motors

    "Shaolin master::i have trained for more than 10 years,i am unbeatable" Gets run over by a truck "Shaolin master in heaven:i didn't say i was unkillable"

  • D Comiles
    D Comiles

    Chuck Norris : Hold my milk.

  • ZxcvBnm

    No one can beat Shaolin Master John Wick: am I a joke to you...

  • EdWilsonPhoto

    True masters are smart enough to run away!

  • Matty Goodwin
    Matty Goodwin

    Bet I can. Just saying no body is a match for guns. Now a fist fight that bald head gonna beat me senseless


    IPman:Hold my beer Bcs u think that they can handle much pain that's doesn't mean they r unbeatable Like when u see shaolin get hit in balls is fake they drag their balls up so they don't hit them there u guys thought a person could handle that much pain

  • Mazwie Sibiya
    Mazwie Sibiya

    I am Zulu and i challenge them 😏

  • Jan Tero
    Jan Tero

    To be honest, if u swing a hammer full force, u gonna kill that dude

  • Suryo Pras
    Suryo Pras

    No shaolin master win UFC

  • Delvin De Araujo
    Delvin De Araujo

    Bruce lee could beat a monk

  • RedPanda_13

    my grandpa is a monk... i wonder if he can do stuff like this lol ive never seen him in person though :/ only in pictures cause he lives in the other side of the world

  • Can of Pepsi Cola
    Can of Pepsi Cola

    Me:*pulls out a gun* Let's see how you will ignore this.

  • Evans Dogbe
    Evans Dogbe

    Shaolin kungfu is not a fighting style. Its a dance at best, nice choreographed movements to impress a child in movies and spiritual practice like any religion. They are not fighters. You can train all you want but no one is hitting back and when they do. This is what happens

  • Courtney Millie
    Courtney Millie

    what do they do after their graduation? like how do they live? how do they spend the rest of their lives? im curious

  • Ong Brandon
    Ong Brandon

    Oh yeah, the shaolin monks also belive in Zen Buddhism


    American Shaolin best movie. After watching that as a kid I dreamed of becoming a Shaolin Monk.

  • VRx Endz
    VRx Endz

    what about killer bean

  • Psychodrag GT
    Psychodrag GT


  • Lewis Wereb
    Lewis Wereb

    Diamond finger,iron finger, Buddah finger. Myself,I have TRIGGER finger.

  • Burrito bryeato
    Burrito bryeato

    Imagin being a shaolin monk and a bully come up at you next thing you know there balls are gone

  • Mark ivan Maglalang
    Mark ivan Maglalang

    I wish one of the shaolin monk fight manny pacman

  • A P D
    A P D

    Wow I did not know that all my heart goes out to the monks

  • Aaron Clorox
    Aaron Clorox

    After training is complete..... you realize you’re still just punching air and then you die realizing you wasted your life learning to fight yet to never actually fight.

  • Aaron Clorox
    Aaron Clorox

    Let’s see them in a mma fight

  • Daanish Ahmad
    Daanish Ahmad

    well of course no one will try this at home

  • For Us
    For Us

    Vs MMA can k.o. 😂

  • Æ Kræytor
    Æ Kræytor

    These guys arent super AHhaHHha Thats a joke theyre immortal

  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a>

  • Jonathann1800 _
    Jonathann1800 _

    This 45 can 😂😂

  • Ash Gunsay
    Ash Gunsay

    Uncle of the 2 kids : "Okay we'll have a short training boys ". Mother of the 2 kids : "Boys don't hurt yourselves okay? ". "2 hrs later an ambulance came by ".

  • BigBoi Bacon
    BigBoi Bacon

    i rly wanna be a shaolin monk mut i can't coz i'm 11 and not like uuhhhh shaolin

  • Vee Kay
    Vee Kay

    Xu Xiaodong: Hold my protein shake

  • Trirat Ninphairot
    Trirat Ninphairot


  • Om Patel
    Om Patel

    Bruh He looks like mr. Bean <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a>

  • Om Patel
    Om Patel

    Bruh Thats looks like mrbean

  • MazterL

    Show me a Shaolin fighting a trained MMA fighter...

  • ex tentionz
    ex tentionz

    I didn't know krillin got tall

  • Bob Cook
    Bob Cook

    Shaolin monks are nothing. They all get crushed in MMA fights. Frauds are what they are. I can endure pain and fatigue too. Those bitches wouldn't last one day at work with me. I'll crush a Shaolin monk like a bug.

  • The Imperfect God
    The Imperfect God

    Santa Claus is real too

  • American Berserker
    American Berserker

    1: They don’t spar 2: They don’t cross train 3: They don’t stress test 4: We have no video evidence of their art every being used outside a heavily controlled environment. 5: A literal UFC champion trained at one of the temples for a year and when asked by Joe Rogan if they could fight in the cage, the guy said, and I quote “No way, they would get killed”

  • Arjun Cuanan
    Arjun Cuanan

    Lego Brick: Am I joke to you?

  • XedGaming

    is a shaolin master keeps meditating if they reach their brain to 80% he can use telekinesis

  • Money Kea
    Money Kea

    Is this the kungfu version of torture 🤔🤔🤔

  • Tanvi Sharma
    Tanvi Sharma

    Bruce lee was a Shaolin master ಠ‿ಠ

  • Haris HOT
    Haris HOT

    no buakaw a maui tai legend bet one

  • Ron D
    Ron D

    Shaolin Hocus Pocus

  • Bramble Bop
    Bramble Bop

    You can't "not breathe for 20 minutes".

  • bob dole
    bob dole

    I watched 2 Shaolin Monks get their ass kicked by an MMA fighter. Have fun looking that one up.

  • FireFacts

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="494">8:14</a> The spears don't have a pointy edge. Freaking hacks

  • Aaliyan Pirbhai
    Aaliyan Pirbhai

    MMA would destroy them in a second

  • Ralph Jethro Tumaneng
    Ralph Jethro Tumaneng

    Piece of cake that's so basic😀

  • Coy Michael
    Coy Michael

    Except for another sholon master

  • I Supply Internet Access To That Random Bigfoot
    I Supply Internet Access To That Random Bigfoot

    The monks train their fingers Girls: *Is it possible to learn this power*

    • Toxic420

      thats dank lol

  • Dana Meise
    Dana Meise

    Maybe fight in UFC?

  • Jeff Ingram
    Jeff Ingram

    Ok but they aren’t fighters - up against an MMA fighter they would be killed.

  • I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt

    Mma fighters still beat them

  • Rita Oya,Oya,Oya?
    Rita Oya,Oya,Oya?

    I've broken glass with my hands 3 times

  • John the Knight
    John the Knight

    No One Can Beat a Shaolin Master BULLET: Oh that's so sweet.

  • RobertPayne556

    DEsofts beef exists: *Laughs in Ranton*

  • Sara J
    Sara J

    Cartoonish Chinese propaganda.

  • Caster Troller
    Caster Troller

    Imagine if Bruce Lee still lives today

  • Cron’s Carrot factory
    Cron’s Carrot factory

    Imagine training for your entire life and then being shot by a gun...

  • ดาวสิงห์เงิน พิมพ์เขียว
    ดาวสิงห์เงิน พิมพ์เขียว


  • starsky dhillon
    starsky dhillon

    Meanwhile UK chicken shops continue recruiting hoodies.....

  • Aldrhei Cabasa
    Aldrhei Cabasa

    Mr bean training his balls was the funniest 😂😂🤣

  • EpicGamer League
    EpicGamer League

    Imagine if you've train this much for years while getting shot by a gun It could be a total waste

  • Active

    Shaolin Masters train 7 days a week. Damn I’m missing the 8th day of the week 😔

  • Madhusudan Mishra
    Madhusudan Mishra

    Hii guys I want make some online friends for study purpose. Reply if u also want

  • C1-1R15T14N PEREZ
    C1-1R15T14N PEREZ

    How to survive a shaolin master Be camera man