PART 1 - Top 10 Idiots Who Challenged Professional Fighters
I am counting down 10 regular guys who decided to challenge professional fighters. They actually thought that they had a chance to beat somebody who has perfected their craft over many years.
Top 10 regular guys / idiots who challenged professional fighters - PART 2
Spanish Channel:
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  • Dean

    Holy shit, he just walked up and attacked him from behind. Thats disgusting

  • Balson Naoshekpam
    Balson Naoshekpam

    Mad man

  • Scorpion - GET OVER HERE!!!!
    Scorpion - GET OVER HERE!!!!

    I remember that first one 😂😂😂 fuckin brilliant and that second one the bully gets schooled aw jesus that zellanov is a total bawjaw who in their right mind at that size is gonna call out wilder and threatening the mans daughter... got what he deserved

  • James Cole
    James Cole

    Side kick, side kick and were done.

  • Gavin Allison
    Gavin Allison

    Remember if you get your ass kicked and you can get back up you haven’t lost anything. If you’re paralyzed from the waist down or you’re dead, then you’ve lost something.

  • Buck_shot419

    Gotta break some eggs to make an omelet.

  • mike force
    mike force

    Zelenoff is clearly mentally ill. there is a vid where his mother says he's on an anti-psychotic. he needs to be in a mental hospital, not getting brain damage from thinking he can fight.

  • CGMe

    You bring up a guy's daughter? Maye a good way to get a fight, but it's also a good way to get murdered.

  • Martian J
    Martian J

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="313">5:13</a> duuuude those mirrors in the back are just waiting to slice someone's throat 😬. You get punched the right way you'll fall out of the ring, straight into a bloody death.

  • Equixilion Quasar
    Equixilion Quasar

    11. Jake Paul gets knocked down by Floyd Mayweather

  • James Golder
    James Golder

    Damn man why would you say shit about wilder and his family wilder would've killed this troll and the guy in no 3 who knocked that clown out by kicking him in the head I would not fuck with him either

  • Bison X
    Bison X

    Wilder carried the camera man out of the way

  • Young G
    Young G

    #6 thats just disrespectfull.

  • Vin Joaquin
    Vin Joaquin

    Now fight 53 year old mike tyson.

  • Nahian Hasan
    Nahian Hasan

    Wtf why is charlie not charged? He literally threated with murder? And how come none of the 162 matches, no one managed to cause permanent head injury

  • Pukes

    This is why they have weight divisions Zzzz.... No one is gonna say you're a pussy just cause you fight at a lower division. That's as dumb as saying Mayweather is a pussy because hes not heavyweight.

  • Jagwar X
    Jagwar X

    Imagine if Jr was there when Charlie sucker punched mayweather The coroner would think he was involved in a industrial accident

  • Daygomadmaxx Day
    Daygomadmaxx Day

    I’ll knock wielder stupid ass out for praying on the weak

  • Craig Bennett II
    Craig Bennett II

    The big Japanese guy vs the lil guy, gotta respect the fact that he doesn’t give up, so not ready but damn respect

  • thisismolloy

    I’ll fight Floyd for 20 mill

  • Generation Elevate
    Generation Elevate

    That's an even better video with that Charlie guy where a younger amateur boxer beats the shit out of him. Then chokes him out at the end.

  • S.k.S

    No beetlejuice vs Floyd mayweather? In my opinion Floyd mayweather is an idiot for challenging beetlejuice cause my man beet is 6 foot tall and weights 200 pounds no chance fam.

  • Gerald Brewer
    Gerald Brewer


  • 💉Sick Boy💉
    💉Sick Boy💉

    "Rambo" was shit all around. No technique at all, spastic footwork, and no stamina to match, so he gasses quick. Edit: I was an amateur considering pro before UFC blew up but there was no money in Kickboxing really, at least not enough to compare to the damage. I'm not an idiot, so I'd train, since I'm out of shape, then go with a couple amateurs to get some practice in again before I even thought about taking any pro fighters on. These challenger's don't have a fuckin clue...

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    That Charlie dude is dirty as hell. Always trying to attack people when they turn their back.

  • eric devore
    eric devore

    Bj Penn I'd take that ass whooping just to meet him.

  • Kenny Ryan
    Kenny Ryan

    I would love to beat the shit out of that idiot that said he's the best after getting beat, and then runs away like a coward. That guy needs a good beating.

  • letter doggo
    letter doggo

    When you fight you don't have to be strong you just have to be smart

  • Conor Clark
    Conor Clark

    6.20 whata guy

  • Dillon Rodriguez
    Dillon Rodriguez

    I'd fight Charlie!

  • keith byrne
    keith byrne

    Fair fucks..A coward is definitely worse

  • Grimm Jo
    Grimm Jo

    Wilder is average too just heavy handed

  • Drr Dank
    Drr Dank

    The kickboxers were having a fun spar. The big and small dudes were both smiling

  • Steve Carr
    Steve Carr

    I would be willing to fight no professional boxers. I have trained in a boxing gym, and love boxing, but know I can't fight for shit! Wilder should have killed that punk, calling out his daughter, that's a mugs game.


    That's what happens when another idiot films horizontally. You don't see shit...

  • Ashutosh Teotia
    Ashutosh Teotia

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> , people behind are like wtf when Charlie declared himself the winner. 😂😂😂 That guy's reaction is just same as like me😆

  • ciaridah

    That wilder punch had a very good snap to it sheesh. I felt that all the way here in dallas

  • Christochat

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="454">7:34</a> fool's not even in in fighting stance

  • Ognjen Radosavljevic
    Ognjen Radosavljevic

    imagine thinking you can go against Wilder, one of the strongest if not the strongest punch in modern boxing

  • Ryan Rai
    Ryan Rai

    Ownes a gym in saitama what more can you expect

  • Marcus McCloud
    Marcus McCloud

    Getting in a fight at school is scary cuz if you don’t do really well you’re gonna get clowned on forever even if you got taken by surprise or slammed by a big dude.

  • Jesse Hickman
    Jesse Hickman

    Everyone hates that Charlie dude! Fuck that cheating coward

  • Creek

    Lol! "Side kick, side kick, and we're done."

  • Celtic Memories
    Celtic Memories

    Zelenoff is a mental case.

  • Celtic Memories
    Celtic Memories

    Zelenoff is a mental case.

  • kristianleader11

    No offence the japanese one was funny as hell! His face killed me xd

  • James Overbey
    James Overbey

    the 15 yo vs the street fighter has some sper solid head movement wouldnt be duprised if he makes a name for himself down the road

  • xXSony_ZeroXx

    I knew Charlie zelanoff was going to be on here

  • Arie Vries
    Arie Vries

    Which professional fighter i would be willing to fight? Not a single one unless he is bound and gagged and i have a loaded gun in my hands. All it takes is one punch to knock me out, no illusions about that.

  • John Shell
    John Shell

    I love when bodybuilders or guys with cut, weak bodies think they can fight. Soon as gloves go in, we’re cinsensually training and the beatings begin. “ you Ok bro?”, soon as they say” yeah I’m good”, rip their heads off again lol. Back to Planet Fitness with a cast on every limb...

  • Danny

    Any body that isn't a professional fighter and challenges, even the worst professional fighter is a fool. These guys train everyday, the only way you may have a slight upper hand is if your much bigger than the pro fighter. I have fought many times, not anymore of course, but I still wouldn't try to purposely fight one of these guys. You get what you deserve!!!

  • W M-Stroud
    W M-Stroud

    From the title and picture I thought this was a video about Deontay Wilder challenging Tyson Fury for a third fight...

  • ranjodh singh Matharu
    ranjodh singh Matharu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="319">5:19</a> like fighting in a dream. No matter how hard you hit it has no effect on the other guy. And worse, he smiles back

  • Michael Traylor
    Michael Traylor

    My dude can't understand English.

  • Steven Guevara
    Steven Guevara

    no 2: lmao!

  • Thë Kiłłër Whäłë
    Thë Kiłłër Whäłë

    Your sister's name is Omar,Racist.

  • Angry_fat_banana Gaming
    Angry_fat_banana Gaming

    You missed Alexei Ignashov vs Ex wrestler "Dr. Death"! 😂

  • Lóránt Farkas
    Lóránt Farkas

    Some people just have a death wish.

  • Old Jim
    Old Jim

    Charlie Zelenoff should be in jail. That punk is a criminal. He runs around and starts throwing blows OUTSIDE of the ring against people who didn't even know there was a fight going on. PLUS his fight game is so bad it's criminal.

  • DrifterBrizzle

    Last one gave ma good laugh ahahah

  • Enter The dragon
    Enter The dragon

    to be honest aikido is useless

  • Mega Dex
    Mega Dex

    If I had to fight one it would be a boxer that way I can crawl away after I get knocked down 😂

  • Gary p
    Gary p

    wilder is cool

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    I'd be willing to fight Manny Pacquiao if only he'd promise to train me after.

  • Roger Littreal
    Roger Littreal

    Great video... thanks.

  • aurelle champagne
    aurelle champagne

    Zelenoff has got balls and he CAN fight.

  • Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!)
    Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!)

    butter bean lmfao

  • Jim Hawkins
    Jim Hawkins

    The boxer at the start of this!?!? Wasn't too sure if he was a piss take or he thought he was the real thing!! Any boxer who wears trunks bigger than he is, will be pure comedy gold!!

  • Joe Pesci
    Joe Pesci

    #3 is Nam Phan he fought in the UFC Cmon dude

  • PsychoTrucker

    I would love to fight Peewee Herman

  • Chris Wiber
    Chris Wiber

    Say what you want about Zelenoff. He might be crazy but his wife is Fuckin Smoking Hot

  • Chris Wiber
    Chris Wiber

    Backing down from a fight doesn't make you a coward. It means that you don't need to prove anything to others. Be smart, walk away if you can. If you can't walk away, then beat that ass.

  • FREE7 MAN7
    FREE7 MAN7

    Head movement ....head movement....

  • Caleb Mashburn
    Caleb Mashburn

    That dude lost a few IQ points after that kick lmfao

  • Steven Fallon
    Steven Fallon

    Respect to pink trunks in number 6. He kept trying and took those hits until he couldn’t anymore

  • JeffTheEevee

    Charlie literally does nothing but run in most fights

  • PhantomSavage

    Somebody should try to convince Zelenoff that Mike Tyson is old and crazy and no longer in fighting shape. Convince him that he could beat him. That I would genuinely like to see.

  • kentucky windage222
    kentucky windage222

    Only one professional fighter that I would fight!? That's the one that's already knocked out!🤣🤣🤣 Those cats would kill most average guy's!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    If I'm Deontay Wilder first thing I'm going to do is have a talk with my corner man there, and tell him to mind his own fucking business if he wants to keep his job. There was no reason for that guy to play policeman, and he probably stopped Wilder from giving the fool a thrashing that he wouldn't have been able to press charges for, because Z picked the fight. The cops would have showed up and laughed at him, then got Wilder's autograph and selfies :)

  • Arc Angel
    Arc Angel

    This list is too soft Show some real power knockouts