Patriots vs. Eagles Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2019
The New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • Eikamvir Singh
    Eikamvir Singh

    Why are the d line standing up and not in stance on the patriots

  • Gabriel Johannson
    Gabriel Johannson

    I'll say what everybody's thinking. Superbowl Patriots.

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez

    San Francisco 49ers vs New England Patriots in super bowl 54

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez

    New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl 54

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez

    If New England Patriots don't win the super bowl 54 I am not going to like the nfl no more

  • Jjacob8600

    cant believe i missed this :/

  • Vihaan Shahi
    Vihaan Shahi

    like patriots comment eagles

  • Marcello Cristiano
    Marcello Cristiano


  • Stefon Diggs
    Stefon Diggs

    Am I the only one who is incredibly confused by how NFL quarterbacks can throw absolute dimes downfield yet they can't hit a reciever 5 yards away from them on a dump off screen pass?

  • lahoucine ATIK
    lahoucine ATIK

    Beautiful T-shirt see

  • Christian Gehr
    Christian Gehr

    Who thought this was the super bowl

  • BandwagonCelticsFan

    Imo, Foles was so much damn better than Wentz, just from the games I saw, (not an Eagles fan, but Foles was great), miss him as an Eagle

    • Teofimo Stan Account
      Teofimo Stan Account

      The Almighty just bc Vick said that doesn’t mean it true. Just like his remarks of wentz yesterday aren’t true. You can sit here and say this & that but the reality is foles fits our system better than wentz does. Is wentz more talented? Sure. That Doesn’t mean he a better fit to us than foles though

    • The Almighty
      The Almighty

      Nick Foles is not a good starting quarterback Michael Vick said it in 2013 that's why Nick Foles was able to have those stats in that year cuz he was not the starter ring a bell he was not the starter in the 2017 season the Eagles were still winning without Nick Foles don't forget Carson Wentz had 33 touchdowns in only 13 games more than Nick Foles and Donovan McNabb can ever get oh and how is Nick Foles working out in Jacksonville yeah that's what I thought not a good starter it's like 2014 all over for him it's a pattern

  • Dak 4
    Dak 4

    Imagine losing to the Patriots by 7 points

  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215

    I been said Philadelphia kept the wrong quarterback...!!! And yall can say all the nick not doing good all you want nick played with back ups and still won game's. This red head step child can't win to save him momma 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The meme squad 694321
    The meme squad 694321


  • 5xNFLMVP PeytonManning
    5xNFLMVP PeytonManning

    If the patriots can beat the Eagles than i cant imagine what the Patriots daddy Seahawks will do to them

  • mrgpc333

    Nate gerry nice missed tackle..ends up picking up 40

  • Robert Schwartzback
    Robert Schwartzback

    If I threw a wrench at Wentz do you think he would flinch?

  • Spencer VanStraten
    Spencer VanStraten

    Two yard Tommy is lucky the Pats have a tough D, because hes not very good anymore.

  • Angel Machuca
    Angel Machuca

    Hope the Pats first round pick will get more stats next week.

  • Len Halz
    Len Halz

    Wentz literally lost this game... That fumble before the half was just bad. We can't always expect a receiver to bail out Wentz in the 59th minute of every game because he does something to put us behind the 8 ball with bad throws, sacks of fumbles.

  • #العربي _ريأكشن
    #العربي _ريأكشن

    اشتركوا بقناتي

  • Allan Virimai
    Allan Virimai

    Eagles should have kept Nick Foles and retired Wentz, he is too old and slow now.

    • Tity Bangb
      Tity Bangb

      Imma just report your comment for harrassment because this comment is retarded.

  • Angelo Vertulfo
    Angelo Vertulfo

    "How many times do you wanna get sacked?" Wentz: *yes*

  • Bailey McClain
    Bailey McClain

    2:04 bars

  • Donavin Fontanez
    Donavin Fontanez

    You all sound miserable in the comment section, it was a tight knit game. Now I do not believe in the whole "QB vs QB" narrative, but you can say Carson Wentz out played Tom Brady.

  • Bradley Wendling
    Bradley Wendling

    Eagles get put down thats right

  • Kenny LC
    Kenny LC

    This is one of the things that annoys me: at 2:57 Jalen Mills was beat but the was underthrown. Stop pounding your chest. Stop acting like you made a great play. Yes, you knocked the ball down but you were beat and it was a bad throw. On top of that, you should have had the pick. Stop celebrating ok plays.

  • Karthik Kumar
    Karthik Kumar

    Why is it that when a defense makes a good play, opposing coach does a good job it’s the Celebrity QB fault and idiots that are not smart enough to be a doctor, teacher, business professionals etc get to tear him apart!! I mean you make MY money and I have no say!!! WTF

  • Josh Stallworth
    Josh Stallworth

    "Unlike Agholor"

  • Chase Balazs
    Chase Balazs

    As an Eagles fan, I'm happy to see our defense playing like this. However, our offense (receivers) needs to make some plays.

  • Mr T
    Mr T

    Come on philly


    philly could have won if agualor caught it

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    Hey Lane Johnson, how does 5-5 sound? Doesn’t sound like “fun” to me 😂

  • Thomas Crowley
    Thomas Crowley

    Polar opposite of SB 52

  • Korey Miller
    Korey Miller

    Seattle is going to get 3 turnovers this sunday.

  • less kiss
    less kiss

    Eagles defense difficulty: All Madden Eagles offense difficultly: Rookie

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Catching babys unlike agholor ......

  • planetrob555

    The edits/cuts on these videos are way too hard. Even two more seconds would make a huge improvement.

  • Anthony Mann
    Anthony Mann

    Dink and dat all game long

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac

    You can't blame Philly's defense

    • less kiss
      less kiss

      I'm calling it right now, once Brady retires they wont be making the superbowl every year.

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