Street Riding with Danny Macaskill, Martin Söderström & Fabio Wibmer
What a fun ride!
So much fun riding with these two legends in Innsbruck!
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  • Rômulo Assis
    Rômulo Assis

    The best..Fantástico

  • Δημητρης Αγαθος
    Δημητρης Αγαθος

    it' s a fun

  • dickens rivers
    dickens rivers

    no egos..just good times......would have been too much goodness for me if Hans Rey were there

  • Some Things
    Some Things


  • Team Garske
    Team Garske

    Danny’s a gnarly old boomer 🤘🏻

  • Adam Sandburg
    Adam Sandburg

    For some reason the tail whip at 2:15 looks like a double tailwhip

  • Panglima tujuH
    Panglima tujuH

    You are legend

  • Khuseyn Karimov
    Khuseyn Karimov

    Где такой же байк купить?ссылку дайте

  • Thomas berndt
    Thomas berndt

    #DannyMacaskill #FabioWibmer DuettMovie #Escape3

  • Tim Günkel
    Tim Günkel

    Ich war genau da auf Klassenfahrt.. Saß auf dieser Bank, wünschte ich hätte euch getroffen

  • Ben Winstanley
    Ben Winstanley

    Great video thanks guys

  • Ben Winstanley
    Ben Winstanley

    Epic ! Legends indeed epic creativity! So wish Martyn Ashton was still riding

  • Phongsak Sivanunvong
    Phongsak Sivanunvong

    2:29 can you teach me in a video you do that it so amazing!

  • Alba García
    Alba García


  • Luke Hunter
    Luke Hunter

    What kind of bikes do they have?

  • Azlan Khan
    Azlan Khan

    Salute to camera man

  • Pyrocut Films
    Pyrocut Films

    Krass! 👌🏼

  • Jorge Hernández Salat
    Jorge Hernández Salat

    Los reyes de la bici!!!

  • ChaosLeo _55
    ChaosLeo _55

    Hallo Fabio Ich danke dirvür das foto heute , -, es würde mich freuen wen du nochmal sowas wie excape1-2 machst

  • Ian Dog
    Ian Dog

    What was more impressive than the riding was the sheer number of high fives, insane.

  • sầu rieng
    sầu rieng

    Anh ấy chạy hay quá ai hấy hay cho 1 like ^_^

  • SirPlsCalmDown

    The helmet is instant street cred...

  • Ian Purcell
    Ian Purcell

    I thought Danny was good until I saw fabio in action. Fabio is far better.

  • mathias similien
    mathias similien

    You coule play horse but on a bicycle

  • Jayr Cacayan
    Jayr Cacayan

    Ilike ah bike bmx

  • SᾗeàX

    Name of Your Bike PLZ♥

  • Julio Jones
    Julio Jones

    What kind or “style” bikes do these guys ride? Are they dirt jumpers? Are they trials bikes? I’m serious... any info would help.

  • Catalin Pop
    Catalin Pop


  • Docentoff

    Что это за город?

  • Raleighburner15 Hynes
    Raleighburner15 Hynes

    Basicly copying bmx

  • TrAz

    UFO SPOTTED 4:17 😂

  • davidariel colodrero
    davidariel colodrero

    The best video that I saw... Fabio and Danny together its amazing... you are very crazy... good luck guys dron Argentina I always follow yours videos...👍👍👍

  • liveby faith
    liveby faith

    Awesome skills...

  • The Vlad
    The Vlad

    Where are you from bro?

  • The Ezer
    The Ezer

    Model and type of BIKE PLEASE

  • The Ezer
    The Ezer

    What is bike's name? Please!!

  • TrueRaiin

    Findet man irgendwo dein bike so wie es ist zu kaufen?

  • WHITER- Alexius
    WHITER- Alexius

    3 m yeeeeeeeee yooooooo

  • sonny rico
    sonny rico

    I cant even come close to there goof off riding. That huge launch up that ledge fron that tiny bump was .... indescribable

  • JE V
    JE V

    So much skills in one place.