The First EVER Scene | Monk
As Adrian Monk arrives on the scene of a horrifying murder he believes he may have left the oven on which makes the world's greatest detective increasingly more anxious!
From Monk - 'Mr. Monk and the Candidate' (Pilot Pt. 1): A former San Francisco police detective suffering from an extreme case of obsessive-compulsive disorder is called in to investigate an apparent assassination attempt of a mayoral candidate in which one of his bodyguards is killed.
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The Official Channel devoted to the brilliance of DI Adrian Monk; the defective San Franciscan detective, whose OCD is both a blessing and a curse. We'll be posting the very best moments from the show so, like Monk, you'll never miss a beat.
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  • Stephanie Fay Page
    Stephanie Fay Page

    Will there be a monk movie?

  • Umaid Iqbal
    Umaid Iqbal

    This man was trying to break into the house in home alone. And now he's turned brilliant.

  • Wade Watson
    Wade Watson

    I didn't watch this show when it was current. Began watching the reruns several years ago, and was disappointed I missed such a great show for so long.

  • 482darkknight

    A man with severe OCD manages to Sherlock many a crime, way before Cumberbatch was a thing? Marvellous! 👌

  • NMages20

    I keep forgetting Tony Shaloub (or whatever) exists until I look back and remember that I love this show

  • steve radford
    steve radford

    Do you think Mr.Monk is a little bit worried about Covid 19????????????

  • Vejsil Pepeljak
    Vejsil Pepeljak

    Monk will be the only one without corona 😂

  • flashstudiosguy

    Adrian Monk: the American Equivalent to Sherlock Holmes

  • Paramarta Iganp
    Paramarta Iganp

    People hating on Sharona but never knew about her work in 'taming' Monk at his worst time. Look at it from Monk's universe perspective. She was hired as a nurse and then turned into a PA while still being his nurse. Both are good for Monk.

  • Dice Kolev
    Dice Kolev

    Monk was predicting the Corona 20 years ago but nobody believed him... :V

  • Gregory Walter
    Gregory Walter

    Kira is the black man from deathnote

  • Kbholla

    In all honesty, one of the best introductions to a program and character in television history.

  • Donnie Cameron
    Donnie Cameron

    I love watching show he makes laugh?

    • Vejsil Pepeljak
      Vejsil Pepeljak

      Me too

  • Noah Temple
    Noah Temple

    Yeah OCD is hardly living... at least as bad as it is for me. And monk

  • Dominic Wells
    Dominic Wells

    Which one you guys think I should watch first: Monk, Numbers or Bones?

  • Katie Marie
    Katie Marie

    This is, without a doubt, my favorite TV series ever. Bar none. A perfect blend of comedy and drama with characters I really cared about. It had such an impact on me as a writer and I still come back to it 10 years later and find new things to love about it. I wish it had a proper fandom. It's one of the most underappreciated shows ever.

  • cindy lou
    cindy lou

    i thought sharona was jewish nut shes wearing a cross?

  • YouEclipseAll

    I love this show so much♥️ I love Sharona❤️❤️ I hope you make more seasons

  • Frank Holub
    Frank Holub

    "If you call that living." Such a sad line when you've seen the show and think about what life is like for Adrian :(

  • BIKarus

    Love the show, but in the first shot of the body, the actress is breathing noticeably hard

  • Z Nikolaev
    Z Nikolaev

    Please upload the Monk websiodes. Aside from the first three the rest can't be found anywhere.

  • TheSkullKlown

    I really enjoyed this show as a kid. If it was on Netflix I'll watch the hole thing. Most likely it's on Hulu

  • viana jackson
    viana jackson

    God this is my childhood


    never seen an episode probably never will, great primise i see now its a lot like sherlock holmes but with humor twist to it. not for me personaly, not sure why dont like the actor.

  • A MB
    A MB

    I love how they referenced this scene "First EVER Scene", in the last scene of the last episode of the series. We miss you Mr.Monk.

  • selin özdemir
    selin özdemir

    Monk kalp ben yaaa 😍 Adam çok iyi 😇🤩

  • Norma T
    Norma T

    I look at Monk every day on ROKU love Monk Thank you DEsofts.

  • Jay Dawg
    Jay Dawg

    Best show of the 2000s. Tony Shalhoub became my favorite actor. Still is. Brilliant.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Jay Dawg he is!!

  • niklas johansson
    niklas johansson

    My ocd gets so fucking bad watching this, borderline tourettes twitches

  • phumla mbazima
    phumla mbazima

    I really wish there was a channel where they upload full episodes...i miss this series


      Firestick. Cyberflix APP for FREE

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      phumla mbazima You can watch it on Amazon Prime if you have it!

  • Frodo H
    Frodo H

    Copy of Columbus the tv serie from 80s

  • Michael Barrutia
    Michael Barrutia

    This show is so good I'm going to have to watch them again.

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Michael Barrutia Definitely!

  • Team Kuuki Food & Games
    Team Kuuki Food & Games

    This was a family occasion every week to watch a new episode of monk :D before DVR was popular I think, and there was no "on demand" lol

    • Molly Petry
      Molly Petry


    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Team Kuuki Food & Games the good old days!

  • Crusader Cicada
    Crusader Cicada

    I remember watching this show with my brother it was the only time we actually got along

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters

    Talkin' about pilot lights in the pilot episode. Nice touch.

  • Chi Nguyen
    Chi Nguyen

    Dear Monk (DEsofts Channel), If you're going to add timeless Monk scenes to DEsofts, may I suggest adding the epilogue of Mr. Monk and the TV Star? In it, Marci Maven goes from becoming Brad Terry's fan to Mr. Monk's fan, much to Monk's annoyance. Please respond. Sincerely, Chi Nguyen

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin

      I hope they respond to this polite comment

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 9

  • Lily Kuebler
    Lily Kuebler

    _why youtube why_

  • Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson

    Literally my favorite show... EVER! i am beyond ecstatic to be brought back to a show i watched as a child. Definitely going to have to go purchase every season and rewatch this!

  • Richard Cordero
    Richard Cordero

    In retrospect, this scene started my love for MONK.. And is why MONK will always be TOP 5 TV SHOWS of all-time in my book...

  • No wankers allowed
    No wankers allowed

    I used to hide under the table from the religious knocking on my door or hiding in the cupboard

  • Shadowkey392

    How awesome would a Monk X Sherlock crossover be?

    • Undercooked Bat Soup
      Undercooked Bat Soup

      Monk is technically Sherlock Holmes + Raymond (from Rain Man)

  • Glurgi

    So was the oven on or not?!

    • Katie Marie
      Katie Marie

      I think it was. He reference forgetting to turn it off it in the last episode.

    • keepdancingmaria

      It's been so long since I watched that episode, but I believe that it was not on.

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte

    i love monk

  • Darkwintre

    Did they ever reveal who did that? EDIT: Oh its THAT episode! So this is linked to the case this episode is supposed to be about?!

    • Darkwintre

      @Nobly670 didn't recognise the episode initially then i remembered that I had seen the end of this episode just not the start!

    • Nobly670


  • Blake Young
    Blake Young

    Nice to see tax payers money well spent with all the cops just standing around 😏

  • Dan Jakeway
    Dan Jakeway


  • The Streakster
    The Streakster

    This is probably the only show I have really ever enjoyed

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      The Streakster It really is a fantastic show!

  • Overkin

    so was the gas on or not ?

  • Amy Ii
    Amy Ii

    Watching Monk was a stress relief for me. And I still enjoy watching its old episodes until now. I wish Monk could make a return to TV

    • Steve Turowski
      Steve Turowski

      Amy Ii I hope they do bring monk back! They could have Trudy's daughter as Monks partner

  • DistrackXmusic

    So I came with Brooklyn nine nine to him

  • David Steinle
    David Steinle

    Monk passed away in the universe of the show. If they reboot, Natalie (now married to Steven Albright) and Julie should be the leads as a mother/daughter team, Stottlemeyer in his old role in SF, and Randy and Sharona in Jersey. Neven Bell would be there for the characters as a sounding board. OR Molly (Trudy's child with the corrupt judge) would be the "Monk", having changed her last name to honor Adrian.

    • William M.
      William M.

      You will have to refresh my memory here. I looked it up and could find nothing to confirm that the title character died in the show. Can you show me when this took place? I'm assuming near the end of the final episode? Thanks.

  • Justin Platt
    Justin Platt

    Does Anybody Remember At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> That’s Bitty Schram Who Also Played Evelyn Gardner From A League Of Their Own

    • Donnie Cameron
      Donnie Cameron

      Who does remember the monk i do.

  • Ferenc Tóth
    Ferenc Tóth

    What? He remembers everything. He does not remember whether he switched off the Stowe?

    • Gamer Raichu
      Gamer Raichu

      well actually he didn't switch off the stove, Sharona did. He's not 100% sure if she actually turned it off or not. It is amazing how he can be so decisive with his cases though.

    • Slaangor

      It's not about remembering or not if you have that disorder. It's about "but what if I am wrong?" And from there on you snowball to "...and because of that my house WILL burn down." It's a damn curse.

    • Summer Schultz
      Summer Schultz

      He may remember but it makes him paranoid anyways lol

  • Kai Alias
    Kai Alias

    damn, you post monk this year, I get this recommended by youtube and now, I need to rewatch everything now.

  • Philip Bull
    Philip Bull

    Oh boy I'm gonna be stucked to this serial for some time .

  • BFKC

    "Check the computer." Thanks, living legend.

  • BFKC

    No-one - not even the audience - would have really thought anything about this is strange if that sidekick woman wouldn't always have overreacted. Actually sort of bad writing on that front.

  • Ace 1o7
    Ace 1o7

    Okay I am going to say it, I prefer Sharona more than Natalie. I loved how she pushes him to be better and not babying him, and she stands up for herself. Natalie was great, and she was a sweetheart, but Sharona was real!

  • Ben

    Sharona is really hot...

  • Ajarthis

    The best episode is the one Monk tries to set his hand on fire after he discovers he shook hands with a leper

    • Steve Turowski
      Steve Turowski

      Ajarthis I think the best part of that episode was when Monk was hanging on the cliff and didn't want to grab the leper's hand 😂 my nephew and I were laughing so hard that we were crying!

  • Proud_Fangirl

    If you like Monk, follow @monkposts on Instagram (sorry for the spam)

  • avi Kicky
    avi Kicky

    Mr. monk was legacy 🖤🖤

  • Evendo Sean D'mello
    Evendo Sean D'mello

    i have no idea why youtube was directing me to this from Brooklyn nine nine.

    • Doktor z Hor
      Doktor z Hor

      This is even better.

    • Buttergolem


    • flashstudiosguy

      Maybe it was telling you to watch a better class of show....

    • BlankPuddle02

      All of you are reading way too into why it was recommended, the real reason is because youtube felt like you might enjoy it okay? Deal with it

    • K Lilly M
      K Lilly M

      Both are crime dramas

  • greta cruz
    greta cruz


  • Jeong Soo Yun
    Jeong Soo Yun

    I'm not a person who loves to wait episod by episod, series by series but I DO want to see the whole series on TV again please!!!!!

    • Merri Cat
      Merri Cat

      Amazon Prime

  • Perfectionist Taeyong Treeps
    Perfectionist Taeyong Treeps

    I hate this Assistant tho😏

  • immortal

    Love this show i wish the show could continue.

  • K Kampy
    K Kampy

    I wished they would have had an episode entirely taking place before Trudy was killed.

  • L. Salisbury
    L. Salisbury

    I wish they'd reboot this show!

  • Emma McAllister
    Emma McAllister

    I've seen this show all the way through like twenty times. I love it!

  • Eddie Arnold
    Eddie Arnold

    Greatest show of all time with one of the greatest actors of all time.

    • Ryan Irwin- Diehl
      Ryan Irwin- Diehl

      Tony Shalhoub is a great actor but idk about one of the greatest ever

  • Markos H
    Markos H

    Welcome to DEsofts! I loved the show, particularly the early seasons when the mysteries were truly mind-blowing

  • Champagne Sylvie
    Champagne Sylvie

    By the past I had TCO, and I loved to watch this serie, because this actor is sooo great! as a TCO person in's a very good actor

  • Josiah Loving
    Josiah Loving

    Like if you still watch monk in 2019

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast


    • Steve Turowski
      Steve Turowski

      Josiah Loving I'm currently on a rewatch! Last night I watched the episode Mr Monk is someone else!

    • Ahmad Copeland
      Ahmad Copeland

      I do now

    • Justuraveragewhovian


  • Xanthippi Kipou
    Xanthippi Kipou

    The greatest TV show💟💔

  • will10024

    It's like Columbo meets the Mentalist!

  • Corey Mullis
    Corey Mullis

    One of the best shows ever made, and for the fact, I've have OCD for over 35 years, it brings me temporary relief. Thank you Monk

    • Nathaniel Offer
      Nathaniel Offer

      I don't have OCD but for some reason I feel I am Monk and I've felt it from the very first time I saw the show. I really relate to him

    • Junk Monk Podcast
      Junk Monk Podcast

      Corey Mullis Aww that’s amazing. ❤️

  • Chaim Falkowitz
    Chaim Falkowitz

    They need to make monk 2

    • L. Salisbury
      L. Salisbury

      A reboot was promised but has yet to surface! Tony Shalhoub recently said if they wait too long he'll be playing Monk's father!

  • Outside

    Great opening, piss poor ending