Urban Freeride Lives 3 - Fabio Wibmer
Urban Freeride is back! Lyon to Paris, Let's Go!
► Check out the Behind The Scenes Documentary "To The Limit" here:
English Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimiten
Deutsche (german) Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimitde
Huge thank you to CONTINENTAL for supporting the high speed journey!
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  • Fabio Wibmer
    Fabio Wibmer

    Get the Behind The Scenes Documentary here: English Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimiten Deutsche (german) Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimitde

    • Dr.Carry

      @Joel Kirby hi :)

    • Joel Kirby
      Joel Kirby


    • Srisab Gautam
      Srisab Gautam

      Which bike are you using ?

    • Dr.Carry

      hosd da do nix do wiasd mim schädl auf dem eisnstempn aufkemma bisd? war ziehmlich augenregion wosd einedonnerd bisd oder? greeez noch äsdareich ! :)

  • David Schmidl
    David Schmidl

    Fabio wann kommt der 4 million limited edition Fabio ich bin dein größter Fan und ich will den 4 million limited edition noch bekommen bevor sie aus verkauft ist

  • David Schmidl
    David Schmidl

    Wann kommt der sick series 4 million limited edition

  • David Schmidl
    David Schmidl

    Wann kommt sick series limidet edition

  • David Schmidl
    David Schmidl

    Wann kommt der 4 million sick series limidet Edition

  • Wadim mettler
    Wadim mettler


  • No Name
    No Name

    Пролайкате типа что-то умное написал. :)

  • Game Force
    Game Force

    I'll move to france... There is only downhill

  • Axel Gamer
    Axel Gamer

    Producer-How many go pros do you want? Fabio-YES!

  • rost mrs
    rost mrs

    7:01 сказали по русски „ты чё здох”

  • Ege Marangoz
    Ege Marangoz

    Wer fragt sich auch wie oft der schlauch oder reifen vom Fahrrad geplatzt ist

  • big guy
    big guy

    He deserves a like

  • Fitri Doang
    Fitri Doang

    Velg nya kuat bener yak

  • 최성영

    SAMSUNG 삼성


    uuups! jetzt habe ich mich angeschissen und angepisst vor angst! toi est fool!

  • كرم نزهان العزاوي
    كرم نزهان العزاوي

    حلو ززوورر


    booah! scheiss krank aldaaaa! respect racer!!

  • Надежда М
    Надежда М

    Damn, I'm scared watching this!

  • blubby 200
    blubby 200

    When he has to go back uphill :'(

  • praveen dubey
    praveen dubey

    Which bike did you use

  • Raul G
    Raul G

    Quando tu novia te dice que esta sola en casa

  • 27 RDX
    27 RDX

    5:08 😮

  • Binh Ho Van
    Binh Ho Van

    I'm your fan

  • 찍찍 jjickjjick
    찍찍 jjickjjick

    최고다, 최고!!!!

  • Sundance DiGiovanni
    Sundance DiGiovanni

    This man is not a human.

  • StarKeks92

    Oh it was fun fast gestorben

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones


  • king ecat
    king ecat


  • Adela Vereget
    Adela Vereget

    My favorite part is when he say hello

  • NPT Music
    NPT Music

    Это когда опаздываешь в школу

  • Gordon Farkas
    Gordon Farkas

    One of the most impressive, things I've ever seen. This is Ken Block on a bike !!

  • Shiva Kalyan
    Shiva Kalyan

    Need to buy that bycycle

  • Jahongir Mingqulov
    Jahongir Mingqulov

    I am very glad that humanity has achieved a result. You pretty boy bro🤘🤘😎😉

  • Jahongir Mingqulov
    Jahongir Mingqulov

    Я очень рад что человечество достиг на это результат. Ты кравчик братан🤘🤘😉

  • Алена Жебженяк
    Алена Жебженяк

    Привет hello

  • Mason Rapley
    Mason Rapley

    How many tubes went bye bye

  • Freeride Forever
    Freeride Forever

    Another option for a spot like 1:37 is the wall ride. Scores a few better than a dead sailor.

  • Rbx_King Roblox
    Rbx_King Roblox

    How many cycle u broke in this vid?



  • Yogesh Kumar
    Yogesh Kumar

    You are mad!!!

  • Prince Gray
    Prince Gray

    Idol give me full sus sta cruz!

  • Sankalp Sg Hemasundar
    Sankalp Sg Hemasundar

    How do you ride down the stairs? Won't the tires burst? Do we need a bicycle with suspension to do all these jumps and landings?

  • 69 Tingz
    69 Tingz

    0:38 how did that not hurt

  • all in one youtuber
    all in one youtuber

    Which cycle you have used?

  • PsychoSimp

    Flying down stairs on a dual feel awesome alot funner than you would think

  • AsunderPenny

    wheels: no hell no *c h e c k m a t e*

  • Leidy Marin
    Leidy Marin

    Oye fabio monta mas videos me gustan mucho

  • Leidy Marin
    Leidy Marin

    Hola fabio me llamo Jerónimo tengo 9 años y me gusta mucho tus videos hago algunas piruetas tuyas y la ultima vez me lastime

  • Vilma Ruiz
    Vilma Ruiz

    Imagine doing a wrong step

  • crvena zvezda solunac
    crvena zvezda solunac

    Tfq 😂🖐🏼

  • Neurtalized

    step 1: watch this and get motivated step 2 : go out with your bike to replicate this step 3 : fall horribly on stairs and go to hospital

  • seth skills 99
    seth skills 99

    You should look both ways when you cross the road

  • Bob Wadding
    Bob Wadding

    This is so cool!

  • Raph Rider
    Raph Rider

    You are the best Fabio🤘🤙

  • Caner Uludüz
    Caner Uludüz


  • xNoaY

    Weis irgendwer wie das Lied heißt😅?

  • Sean Colvin
    Sean Colvin

    Unbelievable, pure talent and drive and as your title says pushing it to the limit. Love it Fabio!

  • Mirza Mohammed Raza Official
    Mirza Mohammed Raza Official

    Omg!! Breathless!!😱 I Love That Boy 4:13

  • Allie Taylor
    Allie Taylor

    And yes I do speak Spanish

  • Allie Taylor
    Allie Taylor

    Hola amigo cómo éstà