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  • Four Season
    Four Season

    4:38 begins best part

  • F A R I D
    F A R I D

    4.4M Likes vs 2.2M Dislikes

  • koolkiwi77

    Now it goes downhill...

  • jeremycelaya122

    I officially like this one now cuz the 2019 rewind

  • Alejandro Wong
    Alejandro Wong

    ta chulo

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique

    🇧🇷Brasil 🇧🇷 tá aí??

    • Flip Br
      Flip Br

      Sim mano SIM PELAMOR DE DEUS

  • isabel DeArresemartin
    isabel DeArresemartin

    This was honestly a good rewind

  • Yuan Yuan
    Yuan Yuan

    remember when rewinds were actually good? yeah. me too.

  • hsxuxh be dhf
    hsxuxh be dhf


  • Imanoob_max5 Max
    Imanoob_max5 Max

    I say FGtv Duffy I say KSU I say azzyland I say dan

  • saffy taffy
    saffy taffy


  • فاطمه رتبورترز
    فاطمه رتبورترز

    في ريبوترز؟؟؟؟ ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Nikhil Singh
    Nikhil Singh

    DEsofts drama was entertaining(paul brothers❤) No pubg & fortnite Mumble rap emerged Ed sheeran was on top Justin sang despacito Illuminati conspiracies Taylor changed her style Katy rocked short hair 1D solo careers Rise of marshmello Floor is lava Mans not hot Stay a minute Sit down be humble 2017❤🤘🏻

  • benicio villarruel
    benicio villarruel

    que asco

  • Singing_ production
    Singing_ production

    guys join us channel 👈👈👈🙏thanks a lot hava many nice videos

  • LUCK. Sir
    LUCK. Sir

    I mean cool

  • LUCK. Sir
    LUCK. Sir

    Cook vid

  • R Kiyo
    R Kiyo


  • Shaun Yoong
    Shaun Yoong

    Hahaha guys remember when we thought this was terrible?

  • sherylsssgaming life
    sherylsssgaming life

    Um where's Iamsanna if jelly where sanna


    Nothing is VIRAL anymore Nothing is super fun or hype Where is CONTENT Man I miss the good old days

  • emperor jules
    emperor jules

    best rewind but still extremely trash exept for shrek music

  • Daisy Girl
    Daisy Girl

    My two favourite youtubers are at the interview! 😘❤

  • Pacific Gaming
    Pacific Gaming

    Animaters part was best part the onely good part i will say

  • Patricia Martinez
    Patricia Martinez

    Donde esta linaaaa

  • mia _sky 749
    mia _sky 749

    2020 anyone 💜💛💚💙? This is the best DEsofts rewind every

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker

    Fidget spinners aren't even popular anymore.Also, WHO THE FREAK ARE 90% OF THESE PEOPLE!?!?

  • The Weird One
    The Weird One

    Cringe :\

  • XxMikeyplaysxX 0
    XxMikeyplaysxX 0

    😂 Anthony Padilla

  • James Cruz
    James Cruz

    Who's whatching on 2020?

  • Philip Sacaguti
    Philip Sacaguti

    I think the only one we won't miss in this rewind is Jake Paul

  • Labeeb Subair
    Labeeb Subair

    who's here cause of carter sharer's new video

  • princesssharai

    Some of you are ungrateful

  • Amanda Mountain
    Amanda Mountain

    When fidget spinners was a thing...

  • Kurt oyuncu726
    Kurt oyuncu726

    Çok kötü ablamınki güzel

  • rgonzac 8
    rgonzac 8

    Solo di like por fargan

  • aj Pranav
    aj Pranav

    Just bcz of despacito.....Likes are more.

  • VSW RPs
    VSW RPs

    Even DanTDM Has Just In The Slightest Almost Got More Subscribers Than These Guys.

  • VSW RPs
    VSW RPs

    This Is Only Good Because Of KSI.... Plus The Like Ratio

  • VT21

    I think , this was the last time DEsofts got more likes than dislikes........:)

  • Abigail Ong
    Abigail Ong

    Dan was danisnotonfire in this even after changing his branding😂😂

  • Ellie _
    Ellie _

    Shut up people this was great, you ungrateful bishes, look at the rewind of 2019 and then you'll see

  • shahid alfaruk
    shahid alfaruk

    Where is fecking pwedipie

  • ********

    thank god we have a comment section otherwise i might not know what year it is. *smh*

  • Amber Awesomeness
    Amber Awesomeness

    I only came here for the animators

  • Simunul Franz F. Petalio
    Simunul Franz F. Petalio


  • God_of_War


  • Esme Chavez
    Esme Chavez

    People make fun of you or call you names do not stand for that because you are powerful you are you and you can be yourself and you have the power to change the world and change how people think about😊😊❤️❤️❤️

  • Boston Terrier
    Boston Terrier

    Wanted to be a DEsoftsr. People said by the time you get on DEsofts might not be a thing anymore. Made me cry a bit....

  • Eyup Dandan
    Eyup Dandan

    263 youtuber..

  • Samirha Kaled
    Samirha Kaled

    1:40 FELIPE NETO 😀

  • Nagwa Zaky
    Nagwa Zaky

    I think this is the best rewind ever

  • Nooby Gaming
    Nooby Gaming

    Congratulations DEsofts!!! You actually made a rewind in the recent years that has more likes than dislikes! Good job!

  • EditBySteve

    I love the animators part at the end...

  • Naomi Waite
    Naomi Waite

    I feel like everyone really doesn't care about the rewinds and are pretending to hate them because everyone else does

  • lovelyfurball88

    this video aged horribly

  • lovelyfurball88

    nooooooo not despacito im dying what is this music please stop just give me uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *dies*

  • •Little Lion•
    •Little Lion•


  • JustDragonBall

    We need to do this again I actually got nostalgia thrills

  • The real Thanos
    The real Thanos

    The last one that was liked more than disliked